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  1. 1) Zero teleport (stackable) - swap position with enemy, health of previous become damage to subsequent. (dmg do not stack. 5 is max number of stacks) 

    2) Dimensional collapse - AoE, release dimensional pressure with white bright light in large area around him  (stacks earned with zero teleport convert it to damage multiplier for ability)

    3) Restoration protocol - change status from broken to fixed 😉

    4) Orokin armor - put warframe into energy armor, have opportunity to use only exalted fists and abilities.

    passive: taking damage to health reduce warframe armor but increase sprint speed.

  2. I use frame depend on situation and i use weapon for same reason. 39 different frames in game so if we have 3 weapons for each frame is like 117. Capacity is super tiny. I cant even make pool for my self. I don't talk about helping other player. This is make me unhappy.

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