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  1. Chains of Harrow: Update 21.2.0

    Yes, because it is a priority, and I got another issues solved in a similar fashion. DE does listen.
  2. Chains of Harrow: Update 21.2.0

    Come on. Can we please get Quick Thinking fixed? It has been staggering brutally since U21 and if this is a feature, it renders the mod absolutely useless. Every patch notes be like:
  3. Coming Soon: Devstream #96!

    When can we see the Nightmare version of the Jordas Verdict talked by Scott in 2015? I am still waiting for Trials to get the content they deserve and not get less attention than conclave.
  4. The issue is that your calculator will be close but not entirely accurate and it isn't your fault. DE uses Bias to determine drops based on perameters we do not know. More about drop chances and bias can be found here: http://warframerng.cu.cc/
  5. New Update exceeding console's Hardware

    Maybe it's what DE means when they claim it can run alright on toasters. Nekros shadows was nerfed because of it. DE keeps this stuff in mind.
  6. Ability to choose when to use /Booster inventory tab

    Won't happen. Boosters are a good plat sink for veterans and new players alike and allowing you to choose when to use them would eliminate the need to ever buy more unless you are unlucky. Sorry pal :/
  7. Allow Multiple Extractors to be Deployed on the Same Node

    I do not see this happening. If you need a resource you can farm them really easily. I DO however want Kuva fortress to allow Kuva extractions :D
  8. Optional Private Profile Stats

    In this day and age, Internet security is a priority and a concern, but I fail to see how profiling someone's account can compromise such security. Mobile Authentication ala Steam for the website/game/support would be a welcomed feature, but privacy of profile is basically used if you want someone to not know it is you (change alias after being kicked from a clan and then change to private so they cannot recognize the account). I wholeheartedly agree with Cellular Authentication, but I am not sure about private profiles as it seems like a waste of development.
  9. Custom Glyphs (Again)

    Clan glyphs first please, or Alliance too. I would die for my clans emblem as a glyph.
  10. Slidefest is back

    When Telos Boltace was nerfed, Atterax and Lecta became he go to. DE doesn't realize that fixing a problem requires a mechanic fix, not nerfing 1 weapon into oblivion.
  11. Can we please do something about QT staggers?

    It is currently bugged since Chains of Harrow update. Did consoles just get the patch? It staggers a lot more than usual for some reason and it isn't fixed on PC either.
  12. a) It is a cooperative game. If someone has a lot of power, you can use something similar, or let the mission be finished. You can party with friends clan mates or solo if you wish. b) We have riven mods. If you feel your weapon cannot compare to another, you are free to grind or pay for stats that boost your weapon.
  13. So what's up with Platinum pricing in the Trade Chat?

    Newer players are the ones that keep the economy going in terms of primes and mods. Clear examples are Euphona, Tigris, Galatine, and Sybaris Prime. Rivens are a nice way for the whales to exchange some of their mass amount of plat for the perfect lottery rolls.
  14. Why do we need nerfs? Last time I checked overpowering enemies is the name of the game. If the mission gets completed, who cares? The stealth thing needs to be fixed, but nerfing criticals and rivens just isn't how it should work...
  15. "I cannot get kills in missions so can we please nerf telos boltace, mirage, and synoid simulor?" Equal opportunity and the "fairness" mentality to do with nerfs are completely different. People complaining when the mission is still complete is just plain annoying. What you are discussing is completely derailing and not what I am talking about