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  1. Farm for rare parts. RNGesus will give you loads of forma. Super easy. Rare resources are not a problem. My issue at 2k hours is the damn polymer bundles I spend on energy restores D:
  2. *Hello darkness my old friend*
  3. Make it use codex items. If you scammed the enemy or object (including acolytes, bosses, containers, ayatans, etc) you can place them to create a scene.
  4. These bugs are really annoying but the one that gets me the most is sitting in dojo too long freezes the game and requires an alt f4. This bug has been in the game for some time now and very frustrating.
  5. Yep. Founder complaining he cannot have something others don't for a period of time. Atleast Ignis Wraith will eventually come back....
  6. I really want this to be a thing. I already filled up on my songs and so many I want to add. Currently have: - Darude Sandstorm - 7Nation - Epic Sax Guy - We are number one - All star What I want and have seen: - Mario Party - Another one bites the dust - So much more I forget D: Please make this happen for plat.
  7. Tether Grenades has self damage now m8 on PC
  8. I am having many connection issues after the latest patch. I think DDOS because of Boltace nerf is upon us. Hexis was right. There is a storm coming.
  9. Rivens broken please fix chat linked stats are different
  10. Best PAX Question (I saved this for a long time) RIP Boltace as well
  11. I welcome this change. I hope we get more buffs in the future instead of making it seem like rivens are the balance.
  12. Because everyone knows the forums are full of trolls and salt and threads with good intentions are derailed or thrown down the page and never seen again.
  13. Nothing new if you were there for Baros Special Visit + Operation Shadow Debt. Nothing new for true vets it seems :(
  14. ;))