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  1. It worked! Thank you
  2. So you want to do Jordas Verdict? (Tier list)

    Easier Tier list: Itzal/Odonata Prime + Velocitus for Archwing (no exceptions) 2x Nekros for desecrate antiserum Equinox to kill stuff with slash damage Speed Nova Trinity (EV + Bless) 2 frames that are not useless. Bringing frames like Mesa, Wukong, or Nidus are not contributing much to the team. If you are much better at JV than the average player, then use 6 random frames and 2 nekros.
  3. Ways to stop leeching: pick one [DE]

    You realize someone who goes into public plains from their ship with the intention of doing what they want can be placed into a Bounties lobby right? You cannot force people to play open world how you want them to. If I see gems on my way to an objective, I should not be punished. Leeching is purposefully sitting AFK or doing nothing in order to reap rewards. Players who grab some resources on the way to objectives are just as "leeching" as a slow player who did not get much kills on the way to the objective. You cannot control a person's playstyle.
  4. Ways to stop leeching: pick one [DE]

    "Because you have a counter argument, I will ignore you!" Open World is exactly what plains of eidolon is. If you get bent out of shape that players are (god forbid) playing how they want and experiencing the open environment, I feel you should play solo or with specific players. If a player joins from their ship into the plains and someone starts a bounty, they are not obligated to do so. You cannot punish people for playing in a way you do not approve of. Leeching is used so loosely here that it is straying from the meaning.
  5. I do not want to derail this thread, but to put it simply, I disagree. The mentality this thread shows from you is why this game can never have anything useful because it ends up getting "fixed".
  6. Your enjoyment is different from other players' enjoyment. Operators can be argued as completely useless unless it is an Eidolon battle. Players have been asking since the War Within was introduced for them to be more useful. Now they have a small niche and QoL, and you are saying Operators need a nerf. This entire thread is just bait and another complaint on how "X system is OP please nerf". Need I bring up Mirage? Mesa? Saryn? Ash? Mag? Telos Boltace? These threads are the reason why so much gear is made completely useless. NO. Leave operators the way they are.
  7. CAN'T ACCESS warframe.com after using promo code

    If you fail too many times with a code, your IP will be temporarily restricted from using the promo code site. IIRC this also applies to too many fails in the market promocode.
  8. Build video - Valkyr's Warcry Sledgehammer build

    You don't need a macro to use fast melee weapons. All you need is buttonmash.exe to be running in the background .
  9. Concerns about Slash dmg

    If DE followed your mentality (which I agree with by the way), then Telos Boltace would still have a use, and the affinity system would be fixed. Sadly no, DE just nerfs the good stuff thinking it make everything dandy, and players move onto new items/farms. I would put money down that if Telos Boltace was never nerfed, players wouldn't invest in Scoliac rivens with +range.
  10. Build video - Valkyr's Warcry Sledgehammer build

    I enjoy Valkyr Warcry for heavier melee, as well as slower melee. This is my build: I never use Hysteria as I feel it is a crutch, so I run the most selfish and powerful warcry I can (with arcanes Grace + Guardian of course). My Favorite melee to run with this is my Machete Wraith or Jat Kittag.
  11. Hmm, it is almost like DE needs that type of wake up call when no one asks for Atlas/Gara/Titania Prime when there are more interesting options on the table. Sure you are correct, but that just shows how useless some of these frames are that get no attention. Pure power creep isn't needed, but at least make them appealing in some form.
  12. best and worst looking cosmetic

    Best cosmetic: Misa Prime Syandana Worst cosmetic in my opinion:
  13. Doesn't matter for me. Gara Prime, Nidus Prime, Inaros Prime ... won't make me any more interested in the frame. I think the way it is works perfectly fine, and if you are thinking about unreleased things being primed, that is just looking too far into the future. You are assuming you will still be playing in 5 years, and a multitude of other circumstances. This argument is so stale. You do not need to play, and you do not need to post on this forum. DE doesn't need to do anything, this whole post is a suggestion/shower thought/idea.
  14. Why can't we enter the simulacrum from our orbiters?

    Really? "lore-wise"? Should we just prevent all QoL because of lore? That argument is a complete joke. Simulacrum access from the ship should be added it would have 0 downsides. The lore argument is why Snipetron isn't in the market, and I feel those type of arguments just grab at straws.