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  1. Argon crystals have a half life and decay in your inventory. You must have gotten them a few days ago and they decayed every 24 hours and now you have none. You can read more on Argon Crystals here: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Argon_Crystal
  2. The only benefit of the steam version is you can buy TennoGen on it. Otherwise, running the standalone launcher is fine if you are having issues and cannot find a solution.
  3. Sybaris will be high MR locked so it will be dirt cheap in a few days. DE doesn't see that noobs run the economy. Look at Euphona Tigris and Galatine prices.... Do syndicates for relic packs. Saves a lot more time than doing Hieracon or Kala Azar for hours.
  4. Arcanes should never come out of trials. If you do not want to buy them, farm them there. Vaulted relics coming back in any fashion crashes the market as it makes them not vaulted anymore. I really do not understand the point of this system.
  5. But why not both. Also, Dual Zorens or Tipedo could take you a long way and much faster imo.
  6. OMG yes. I would love to login and get either no ship or the tiny ship. You go into recruit and see "need Gmag" or "H Xini" xD
  7. Showing off is strong with this one.
  8. Have you done a trial with Oberon? How does it feel that every frame outclasses oberon in different areas?
  9. People got a riven last quest so now they feel entitled to something extra when they buy the bundle. I am in your boat, we should get no extras as that's how every frame except octavia has been.
  10. Entitlement.
  11. Cyclone Kraken is so easy to get too. I played the fortress for about 30 minutes and got the mod. Never going back there lol.
  12. Zephyr needs 3 new abilities and a graphics enhancement of Turbulence. Her kit is so lackluster since Parkour 2.0. Also, what is with that click bait spoiler for no reason?
  13. When can we see a NM JV? You guys hinted at it when it released in 2015, and we have not heard anything since.
  14. This could be considered exploiting the system. Remember, DE has the right at any time to ban you and this option is way too risky.