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  1. INB4 Lowers graphics because low end hardware ;-;
  2. Because sadly many systems rely on FPS. My refresh rate on my monitor is 90 hz, but making sure I have as much as possible makes things like mesa peacemaker max speed and other things that rely on FPS that shouldn't.
  3. I play on the bare minimum. I have a GTX 1060 and other good hardware, but sadly your FPS dictates ping even in solo matches. Speedrunning octavia's quest for example requires as much fps to mitigate latency. I can easily run the game on high but sadly I need to use low so I can hit 300 FPS and use things like Nova portals no problem :/
  4. Another change because of lower end hardware. Come on DE we are getting 75% potential because of people with lower end. Up the system requirements :/
  5. There is also the option of trading and buying forma bundles. Not many players like that idea, but it is an option and a pretty good one if you are a daily trader.
  6. Meso D1 has you covered. It is a relic with 2 forma in it XD.
  7. Chroma can reach over 20k or something EHP i forget the actual calculations, but it makes Inaros and Valkyr laughable.
  8. Meanwhile I burn through them like I do credits while trading. Nova Prime everytime. I have a 6 Forma nova and i still use restores a lot im raids especially.
  9. Meanwhile I get atleast one every LoR and the occasional one in sorties. It is just RNG man.
  10. The discussion is not of the existence, but what are your thoughts about if it should work like this. I am trying to spark a discussion on status with shotguns, not farm forum rep by copy pasting the wiki. :)
  11. I have recently been wondering why my shotgun has not been procing status consistently at 100%, but I did some research and figured out why. I am wondering if anyone else knows this and your thoughts as to an intended feature or a bug. I feel this is some good discussion because the pump action shotgun is coming eventually and although I hope it is critical based, most shotguns are status based and this mechanic is something for newer players to see and maybe comment about. I found this video explains it the best: If you did not watch, basically multi-shot falsely displays status chance, and the chance to proc status is based off each shot and not each pellet. 100% because of multishot does not mean 100% status. I cannot explain too well so the video is a great explanation. Just to clarify this is not my video :P. Whoever made this, it helped a bunch.
  12. No offense, but at some point DE needs to step up the system requirements. Nekros and Mirage have both been nerfed because of low spec machines, and the earth remaster might be hindered so it runs fast for garbage computers/consoles. I understand toning down for console, but PC needs a raise in spec requirements :/.
  13. must have bugged and sent 2-3 invites due to latency. I didn't spam invites lol.
  14. I use volt quite often, but only really in Law of Retribution or speedrunning fissures. I run 309% strength and some duration + quick thinking. No narrow minded unless you are solo.
  15. You do know that invites re appear when the mission started and when you extract... I only sent 1 invite.