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  1. It should not be the players' fault that content is designed with new players in mind constantly. There is nothing wrong with creating content designed for those with high end builds. The issue is that this results in complaints due to inaccessibility on the low end. See: Trials and Onslaught on release. Lack of progression and gated challenging content burns players out, not the way a player tackles challenges.
  2. Onslaught efficiency drain and nerfs to frames don't give incentives to go past 8 waves. It is highly repetitive and becomes a chore due to unrewarding (Khora, Relics, and Peculiar Mods are all pretty weak rewards) repetition. Onslaught is just Hydron with efficiency drain. The 2 new Eidolons are just reskins if the Teralyst. You may as well say the Plague Star Lephantis was new content. Likewise, if you did Trials actively and completed focus, Eidolons have essentially no rewards.
  3. --Q--Voltage

    Deluxe Weapon Skins need to be addressed.

    What's the purpose of a bundle if the sum of 2 items is the same as said bundle. That is like saying the Forma bundle is 60 platinum and each Forma costs 20 platinum. If the bundle costs 235 and the skin costs 165, you can expect for the skin to cost atleast 120 platinum to still entice you to buy the bundle.
  4. --Q--Voltage

    Deluxe Weapon Skins need to be addressed.

    The Nikana Dax skin is a perfect example of why selling it separately accomplishes nothing and still produces complaints. People will still claim that it costs too much. If you really want the weapon skin separately, then expect to pay atleast 150-175 platinum for it. Given the bundle is usually around 225, and the skins are around 150, the price of the weapon will be well above 75 to entice you to buy the bundle. I don't really understand why this is a problem. If you want a deluxe weapon skin that is bundle exclusive, save up the measly ~225 platinum for the bundle or you didn't really want the skin in the first place. Deluxe skins are an essential platinum sink and they have been designed flawlessly in terms of marketing. I don't see the need for any changes here.
  5. --Q--Voltage

    Deluxe Weapon Skins need to be addressed.

    You are creating a strawman argument out what I said. Loot boxes are completely different to a Deluxe skin bundle. It is far from shady for DE to create a platinum sink in an ever-growing economy. It isn't dumb at all. If you want the weapon skin, you buy the bundle. If you only wanted the warframe skin, you only buy the skin. If you wanted both, you should have gone with the former, not the latter option. Mistakes are at your expense, not Digital Extremes'. The purpose of a bundle is to give you a discount on 2 items and sell it as a package. If DE sold the skin separately at the price difference of the bundle and a warframe skin, than what is the point of a bundle? The bundle system works perfectly fine. DE should not change it because people make mistakes with their preferences. The amount of platinum required for these items is no where high. EDIT: If DE sold the skins separately, they would price the weapon skins at around 150 platinum. The Dax Nikana skin cost that much on release and people exploded asking for a lower cost. Keeping the Deluxe bundle system the way it is would be in DE's best interest.
  6. --Q--Voltage

    More game dynamic, materials sink etc. ( UPDATED )

    Trading in resources for credits seems nonsensical when you can amass millions pretty easily. Good resource sinks would in the form of making Alliances meaningful and more clan research like Hema. We had an alternative to The Index, it was called Secura Lecta. That got nerfed. We had another alternative called Trials. Those got removed. The reason The Index is the only credit farm is because DE killed diversity. The reason we have stockpiles of resources is because players complain when they actually have to farm something: Hema, Sibear, Vauban Prime, etc. Kuva survival should scale. It doesn't matter how much Kuva you add per drop, the system still tells you to restart every 20 minutes because your increased effort is not being additionally rewarded. I don't think we need more places to trade. Restricting it to the dojo and Maroo is perfectly fine.
  7. --Q--Voltage

    Mod Transmutation Drop Rates & Simaris core update

    That is speculation. OP is asking for official drop tables for transmutation. It would be nice if this was added to DE's official website.
  8. Take Oberon with Ignis and use Void mode from operators. His radiation damage melts Kela. That boss is easy at any level. The rollers are a nonissue and the spawning in the floor is easily remedied with a quick bullet jump after the cutscene. It is far from drawn out as well. We shouldn't remove challenging content because people refuse to improve.
  9. --Q--Voltage

    Kuva survival

    The reason scaling content does not exist is because of the potential of players. Rewarding people with efficiency as time progressed was in the Old Void. We lack reasons to create team composition and push to the limits. Casual gameplay has been slowly embedded into the game and there lacks any room to actually make use of min maxing. The mistake I believe IceColdHawk is referring to is the wasted potential for that mode to be Veteran content. Kuva scaling in the Fortress nwould actually make the Riven grind meaningful. You push yourself with your Riven Mod to them invest in it and push further the next time. Warframe benefits from repetition, and content with a monotone challenge where you restart constantly becomes a boring chore: see Onslaught.
  10. The last thing archwing needs is a stamina bar. There is a reason it was removed in U17. This idea is basically adding cool downs and drawbacks to something that should not have one.
  11. --Q--Voltage

    Deluxe Weapon Skins need to be addressed.

    That's not a problem, it is a marketing strategy. If you want the skin, you have to buy the bundle. It is an excellent and simple strategy that does not need to change. Deluxe skin bundles are not overly expensive. If you want the weapon skin, save up the ~225 platinum and buy the bundle.
  12. --Q--Voltage

    How to Stop Wasting Time and Save Your Mission

    I disagree with this idea. Allowing you to change configs essentially grants the player 30 mod slots instead of 10 due to the allowance to change mid-mission. If you fail to take the proper setup to a mission, it's on you. I have done it numerous times. I have even gone to the 3rd stage of The Law of Retribution only to realize my Nova is not modded correctly. It happens.
  13. --Q--Voltage

    Masteryrank Grand Master

    Steam Achievement Manager. Don't worry about it OP.
  14. --Q--Voltage

    General chat moderation feedback and improvement suggestions

    Great suggestions! I personally agree with most of what you added, and I would go a step further and add that more human moderators should be recruited. I notice that many moderators work very hard, but this player base is expanding at a tremendous rate. It would be a huge help to have the moderation team keep up with this player base in some fashion in terms of size. This goes for both in game chat and the Warframe Forums. I notice quite a few members here on the forums who are extremely active and while they don't have moderator tags, they assist with educating people on proper sub forums and guidelines. I assume in-game chat has a similar crowd of players there. Those are the types of additions that not only strengthen the community, but reinforce rules and guidelines without causing more hassle for DE Staff as well as the other community moderators. Additionally, players should be able to use Chat links with brackets to link [Support] and [Chat Guidelines] so that the players, moderators, and the bot have a resource to show people rules they may have broken while using the chat system. Transparency for bans would reduce much of the frequent clutter on the forums, especially if players were reminded by the bot to say something like: "Visit [Support] and not the forums to inquire about your ban". Explaining the length of their ban (usually 7 days if I am not mistaken) would also remedy the situation.
  15. --Q--Voltage

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #113!

    Thank you for the Devstream! I noticed DE glanced over the Relay Reconstruction Event. When can we expect this event, and will this be an official operation with leaderboards? We have not seen a leaderboard event since Ambulas Reborn in May, 2017. Many people are eager to see a new event and what it has in store for players.