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  1. Yes, they still are. The people in a solo clan are not necessarily bad at the game or anything, but they should never be considered for research costs because they are purposefully handicapping themselves. Clans are groups of people, in this case players, so a solo clan just makes no sense.
  2. This game is coop. I don’t think DE should be catering to solo players at all when it comes to these game modes. Raids - Learn how to do them and there are plenty of ways to find groups (Meeting people, RSB, Clans that have daily raids). You also do not need to voice chat in a raid. You can use squad chat and waypoints. It isn’t the most effective way, but it does work. Research - “Solo clans” are a joke and should never be considered when creating base costs of weapons (Hema). Clan by definition refers to multiple people or a group. Eidolons - Making them able to solo in my opinion would not be as fun. I imagine an eidolon being similar to fighting Krota in Destiny in the raid with team communication and strategy. They may end up making it not very difficult, but I believe the coop part is the most fun about this game.
  3. World on Fire, Again.

    World on fire only kills fast in lower tier starchart. If you bring her to sorties here WoF doesn’t kill at all unless you have a weapon to help it along. Also, Many more frames have similar functions and are better than ember. We have Equinox and Octavia. Ember is not broken op, she is actually mediocre. If you are complaining someone takes your kills in a coop game, maybe you should be solo or play something else.
  4. Clan Dojo Possible Changes

    The kingpin system will really increase clan involvement and activity as well as Dark Sectors. I do agree though that these changes should be put on the table as well.
  5. Monday, September 25: This week in Warframe (PC)!

    Plains of Eidolon I hope finally after 2 fixes, this can finally be fixed:
  6. Arcane Helmets and Skins: Can they work?

    I believe arcane helmets should have a lens type of attachment to them with the stats on them (Ex: “Arcane Pendragon Enhancement”). These lens type enhancements could drop on PoE, Trials, or Sorties. Players could trade them, and you could equip them on any helmet for a select frame (Pendragon enhancement only works on excalibur helmets). This would allow for players to use arcane helmets on any helmet they own for a frame and also opening up the market to new players.
  7. Ev build - need help

    I use this build in trials so it is for movement purposes. If you are in say hydron or Berehynia, you can replace it.
  8. Honestly, you should just learn to do raids. Recruiting chat can be annoying for raids at times, but your attitude is probably the reason no one wants you in their lobby. I don’t see what is so confusing. If you want to get arcanes, you should learn how to do them and find a squad. The issue with trials is how entitled people are to getting the arcane and not actually participating in the cooperative aspect. A great example of someone who has done countless public raids is @Kinjeto. Sure you might say it’s easy for me to do trials knowing where I come from, but everyone starts somewhere: My Raid stats. Please scroll to the bottom to show how my times were and the learning curve.
  9. Arcanes should stay in trials. It is already enough getting new arcanes from Eidolons and not a trial, and it is quite annoying when people ask to get arcanes outside of trials. If you have issues with trials, I suggest making friends with some raiders in your time zone, finding a clan that does them, or check out the Raid School Bus:
  10. Warframe forum app

    There is really no point. We already have a mobile webpage that works fine. I don’t see the need for it.
  11. Is EARTH gonna be ''fixed'' before POA or after ?

    Law Of Retribution tileset still has yet to be updated as well. SoonTM I guess? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Buying an Akbronco Riven with these stats: + Damage + Multishot + Status Chance Negative Required This must have a negative or I will not bother. Message me in game or on the forums if you wish to offer me.
  13. Why dont they show melee weapons range?

    False, range is the length of the weapon. A Dakra Prime does not magically change length when you do a slide vs combo hit. The information on how long a weapon is is a constant. I hope it is added in the future.
  14. Nova's 1

    There are many different ways to play Nova. I am always running Quick Thinking because I use my Nova for mostly raids. Her 1 is pretty useless to me, and you don’t really get much from it. Her 1 should be scrapped, and her antimatter should be switched with wormhole because worm hole requires aim vs Volts radial speed buff that is recastable and costs barely any energy. That is just my opinion on Nova anyways.
  15. WTB Guandao Riven