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  1. Efficiency in onslaught mode

    It ramps up to 10x efficiency drain instead of the previously capped 6x. I guess DE doesn't like people staying very long in an endless mission type.
  2. The entire point of caster frames is to balance efficiency and casting abilities. If you are unable to run max efficiency, run energize and zenurik. The options are available. We don't need to rework the energy economy. There are so many ways to get energy that maximum efficiency isn't always necessary for casters. If you have an issue with energy, then you need to change your mod and gear setup. It is that simple. I don't have energy problems, and when I do, I always have pads just in case. Since the removal of trials, I haven't used more than 100 pads in a month or so. PS: I play a lot of Nova Prime.
  3. Great criticism! I do hope DE never shares any similarities to a game I dislike just because! /s The D3 comparison is to show how leaderboards in a horde arena mode can be more interesting. Whether you like or dislike D3, you still should be curious about improving Onslaught and looking at other examples (such as Greater Rifts in D3). Do people bring the same gear for every boss? Kela De Thaym you can bring Ignis for buttons. Eidolons use snipers, Vay Hek can be killed with Euphona Prime. Just because you don't have variety in your gear, doesn't mean there can't be a variety of bosses to kill that require multiple types of weapons and gear items.
  4. Pets 2.0 and other additions that I think are cool ideas

    I think Pets need more utility, more standard eHP, and better AI. Sentinels are used so much more than pets because they don't die unless you hit an AoE or you die, they don't rely on Inaros to stay alive, and because they have great utility. Pets need some major upgrades to be used more, and the first step in my opinion is removing loyalty and DNA decay.
  5. I think the locked weekly tiles for Elite make it less interesting in terms of map layout compared to Normal. The only gripe I have with normal is low enemy level. I agree, the challenge should come from high level enemies, not an efficiency meter. The Warframe ability restriction I could get behind as it would promote Riven Mods and make them more meaningful outside of the simulacrum. I would also add boss waves to Onslaught. This prevents players from using Scoliac for every wave and allows them to think effectively about their gear setup to take down different enemy intensities and tiers.
  6. when you go to the plains to fish

    You realize you can just solo to go fishing right?
  7. The Tennocon 2018 armor is clean as #*!%

    It is surely cleaner than your language though.
  8. Coming Soon: Devstream #110!

    What happened to clan custom missions and the Kingpin system? Any plans to release Primed Chamber at some point? Sheldon just avoided that one last time it was asked :/.
  9. Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7

    When can we see more buffs to Khora? Pet AI is still a major issue across the board. Likewise, Khora's abilities still feel lackluster. It would be nice if she got her Exalted Whip...
  10. Onslaught suggestions

    Suggestion 1 and 2 just want the mission to be easier and reward faster. I don't really agree that there should be rewards after every zone. That is a radiant relic every couple minutes. Likewise, genetic codes are meant to be farmed the way they are farmed. If you need Genetic codes, go to the direlect. They drop pretty commonly with proper gear. Your suggestion 3 is pointless. Players who push leaderboards don't need Simaris standing. Add simaris standing to general killing within the mode, not for leaderboards. Finally rewarding leaderboard players with any amount of Simaris rep is just a joke.
  11. Kuva Scaling Proposal

    This is a great idea, but it will be shot down by those who hate incentivizing pushing the player and rewarding them. +1. Great, logical, and has the potential for interesting endurance missions.
  12. Buff Warframe 4 abilities/ Nerf Banshee and Equinox

    Exactly. It's why I play with my own friends. Trying to have pubs cater to your playstyle is a joke and why these threads are meaningless. Warframe is a coop shooter where you meet many different players from around the world. Find those who you have fun with, and let people play how they want to.
  13. Buff Warframe 4 abilities/ Nerf Banshee and Equinox

    If you don't enjoy how other people play, you are free to leave. Nerfing every AoE ability doesn't create the scenario you wish for. Efficient players will nuke the map whether it be Equinox or Mag Prime. I say we buff the frames that need it and barely touch what we have.
  14. Khora's Planned Changes

  15. Khora's Planned Changes

    Nice! Khora deserves some much needed buffs. Hopefully she gets more use than Gara does :(