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  1. Mesa Is Good But She REALLY Needs A Buff

    She has really high damage reduction. She does not need a buff.
  2. talking about nerfs is meaningless

    The reason nerfs make people annoyed with the Devs is because the problem is not the gear, but the matchmaking. There is never going to be a reality where efficient players do not disrupt casuals. Nerfing gear is pointless because the point of this game is being overpowered against the hoards of enemies.
  3. Chat suspension

    You need to contact support or wait for support to reply to your ticket. Support: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us If you have already sent in a ticket and have not regained access to chat after 1 week has passed from the date when you were suspended, "bump" the ticket to show its still an issue as most people usually have chat back again by the time support is able to answer their ticket.
  4. Jupiter Vents For AimGlide Riven.

    Limbo. Cataclysm. Stasis. Aim for 3 headshots. Aim-glide. Press 2. Done.
  5. [Warframe] Arcanes 2.0

    I have no idea what the point is here.
  6. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    Enjoy getting a fail in nightmare because no one knows when to get off pads. I would love to see you do an 8 man LoR (NM) with no waypoints, VOIP, Discord, or any form of communication and see how enjoyable that run is. I use communication and coordination in my runs when I host and I have been doing raids for 2 years with highly experienced and efficient players. Communication is needed to help the team achieve victory.
  7. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    Newer players are equally as important as veteran players. If you fail to see that, you should re evaluate this community. When a new player buys platinum, where do they spend it? They buy stuff. From who? Veterans. Veterans and new players need each other to make the economy go round. You did misuse it. There was never a monopoly on Arcanes. The only restriction to raids was how competent you were to play the content. No one was hoarding every arcane, and no one forced prices. This game is has a free market economy, and Arcanes have been, and will continue to be based on supply and demand. Oversaturating the market is what is happening here, not grabbing arcanes out of a monopoly. Many arcane enhancements improve gear by a large margin. Arcane Energize can allow you to run low efficiency builds. Trickery can allow you to continue invisibility. Guardian and Grace allow you to tank more damage. Avenger allows you to enhance weapon critical chance by a flat 30%. Need I go on? Arcanes are a veteran mod. It is an item that enhances gear and was locked behind a gate to new players. Now, an Arcane Avenger is no different than a point strike, especially when we are getting Arcane Slots. DE adding Arcanes to Eidolons has disrespected the gear and removed its status as an "end game enhancement" because people didn't want to do content that actually required team communication and coordination which is just completely shameful.
  8. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    I am very calm right now. I gave you clean numbers. You can receive 3x as many arcanes in 50 minutes than you can in 24 hours. The market is all price and demand. I don't care what happens to prices, it actually makes it easier for me to buy more sets whenever I need them. I am very sorry that I actually care about the players that have poured countless hours into end game items to then be handed to new players. I am very sorry that you think I am overreacting because you misused the word monopoly. This entire thing of Eidolons dropping Arcanes is a direct example of DE removing veteran content to hand it to new players. Is it wrong to have progression that locks out people who are bad or incompetent? It's called progression, and if you want to skip that progression, it's going to cost you.
  9. Warframe Rivens

    Warframe Riven mods should never become a thing and I would probably be even more discouraged to play if they did. There isn't even a point because there is yet to be content that tests weapon rivens. This game is all level 100 and under, and balancing Warframe rivens would be such a headache.
  10. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    It was never a monopoly. It is not my problem no one wants to learn raids. It is just supply and demand; demand is high, but supply was low because of incompetency. There was nothing from stopping players of obtaining arcanes and selling them on the market. You do not need to be hardcore to do raids either. You can do raids in 11 minutes or 1 hour. Both raids reward 1 Arcane and it was limited to once per day. This slap in the face is real because it refers to being able to get 18 Arcanes per day from just 2 night cycles. This means you could get 1 month worth of Trial Arcanes in 2 days. The supply of arcanes just became oversaturated and thus the price went down. If you are seriously calling the arcane market a monopoly before Eidolons dropped them, then you should just leave this thread with that completely false statement. This game has a free market economy and the only "monopoly" in this game is Riven mods due to the nature of their slot machine mechanics.
  11. Pet Behavior Mods

    Or DE could just fix the AI without a band-aid mod.
  12. Complaining someone took your kills on 5 waves of defense with level 20 Corpus. You may as well complain that Skana does too much damage in the tutorial mission. Give me a break. This thread is a complete joke.
  13. Arcanes

    This will be a non-issue once Arcane Slots are added.
  14. Venus' open world

    In my opinion, we should fix the integration of Plains of Eidolon before dumping it for another one. I do hope I will not be forced into an armored vault bounty on Venus to get a specific Relic for a specific Prime Warframe.... I feel like DE should have waited to see how Plains of Eidolon went before starting Venus, because everything being shoved into the plains definitely is not the remedy to burnout.
  15. Can We Get An Invisible Option for Cosmetics?

    Arcanes are getting slots in the near future!