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  1. It has always been this way. The future takes priority to the past which is why we have bugs before your time on the Forums and even before mine. Still waiting for over a year and a half for various Deimos and Railjack Enemies to either spawn in-game or be removed from the codex, or the 2-3 years of projectile weapons not penetrating water in Plains of Eidolon (making them unviable for water limbs). Or 3 years with leg regen on Profit-Taker with extremely detailed reproduction and explained fix by someone heavily invested in the mode and how it works in the EE.logs. Like you said, you understand where this frustration comes from, but it has immense gravity with the scope of the sheer number of problems put on the indefinite back burner while new feature-creep is pumped out.
  2. When Sorties had "seasons" they were manually changed from one to the next. Some seasons lasted eons like we see with Nightwave.
  3. Eclipse is a Final Damage multiplier. The reduced effect hardly affects it.
  4. Eclipse or Gloom probably I know I'm a poor soul, but it's just really hard to pass up in most cases. :(
  5. What if we just scale the cost of holokeys to around the time it takes to do 4 or 5 sisters (~4 hours of Veil Proxima worth of Holokeys) and outright remove randomized percentages and rotate the elements every day. Then you know what to expect, farm once for 60%, and remove the nonsense. Tenet melee weapons can take far longer than any Lich or Sister weapon with how many gates are placed in the farm for no good reason. I get it that they want to stimulate players into launching Railjack missions, but this isn't really the best way to do it.
  6. AoE is king and Ignis Wraith is accessible. It's really obvious why players choose it and enjoy it.
  7. Increase Deimos spawns by about 700% while you're at it. I recently made a feedback post specifically for Cambion Drift bounties and there's so many issues with those as well.
  8. You're welcome. You're welcome. Well hey atleast you found one! :)
  9. So you want to have a Tamaki (from Fire Force) Ephemera (Ephemeral cat ears and tail)? (I would post a picture, but if you know the anime then you know why I won't xD).
  10. You really can't expect a game to have cross-play/cross-platform without updating the archaic matchmaking system (especially with how the development cycle spreads players thin on modes that aren't new). It would be nice to have a bit more options over restricting which platform you play with, which mission you're playing etc. I'm not saying OP has a perfect solution for Fissures, but the observation that matchmaking needs improvement is a correct one.
  11. Another day, another reminder to add "Hide Crafted" to the foundry and all vendors as well :(
  12. Tell that to Dark-Split Sword who's still waiting for a stance. I'm not certain DE will make more saw weapons especially with the negative feedback. Ghoulsaw feels like their second attempt at a meme melee weapon much like how they previously attempted to put the Lunaro ball and it's thrower into the game a long time ago. I don't mind how Ghoulsaw is now. It has poor stats, a bad stance, and it's in the bash lab; pretty fitting for a joke. :)
  13. It's almost like we've seen this before with Sorties. Who would have guessed that manual seasonal changes weren't sustainable? sigh
  14. Will this fix (the recently introduced) phase skips and leg regen (which is a bug that has persisted with fair documentation for years)? Please do not just make a Profit-Taker death count as a bounty completion. That will just lead to more problems for both players and developers.
  15. Kahl because his Corinth Prime won't have fall-off as a specter.
  16. There's a point where technicality clashes with practicality. I am aware the Jugulus' projectile is classified as a melee attack which allows it to bypass abilities that deflect projectiles. However, the projectile is a ranged attack with quite a far reaching distance. It should not be classified as a melee attack for the sake of practicality and consistency with in-game ability descriptions, not left as is because of technicality from the wiki and underlying mechanics not explained in-game.
  17. I don't want to derail this topic, but a nerfed Viral doesn't need to be as bad as Blast/Gas damage.
  18. Like many mechanics, it's one of those things you put in your pocket for later when you find a situation it excels in. Smeeta is preferred because for general usage it is much more convenient and meaningful (also the fact Charm can stack on itself).
  19. I agree. In a feedback post I made about Rivens, I made the suggestion to have Veiled Rivens be "unidentified" before challenges so that they can stack in inventories like Railjack gear. It would be nice if Veiled Rivens did not consume capacity and Unveiled Rivens did so that you had a limit on the Rivens you could own and use, but wouldn't be locked out of Sorties and could infinitely owned Veiled Mods.
  20. I don't agree with this analogy because I don't believe it was ever DE's intention to allow players to have a Riven for every weapon (unlike the intention for you to be allowed to own atleast one of each item). I feel like these limitations exist to nudge players into moving their Rivens either by rolling, transmuting, burning them down, or trading to others. If you wish to see the full scope of how I feel about Riven Mods, I have it outlined here: I will stick to linking this thread whenever I share how I feel about Rivens as a system so players can understand my perspective on the whole scope rather than one specific point of the system.
  21. Being slow to react isn't my problem. Shouldn't have shipped the way it did. Also DE doesn't need to make Viral useless in Deimos. They can just make enemies more resistant to it or take reduced procs.
  22. I mean if you want to settle for 180 mediocre mods and then complain the cap is too low, by all means. I still don't see how removing or raising the cap for Riven capacity would make any reasonable improvement to the system. Inventory management is a thing this game has hints of, and I am sort of a fan of it. You're free to not like it and that's fine too.
  23. I've been playing Cambion Drift bounties extensively for 2 years of Naberus a fair bit since it's release, I have come to grow tired of quite a few glaring issues with the structure of these bounties compared to Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis. Spawns Spawns are at the top of my list. An infested planet overrun by the hive, and you see a handful of scripted spawns. During bounties like Garv, the "please wait for 3 infested spawn pods on a timer" is excruciating. Given these modes are intended to be played multiple times, this just makes the repetitive nature of farming in Warframe brutal with so much standing around. Assassination bounties have the same problem. The biggest improvement to bounties in general are tuning up spawns. Being in thousand meter tilesets to see 3-5 enemies in predetermined groups is not enjoyable. Spawns in Warframe are generally scarce despite the game being advertised as a horde shooter by many people. The Map The entire map is brown and orange. It's just hard to enjoy the scenery especially when enemies are also the same color. Tracking a Jugulus projectile (brown) in the Cambion Drift is harder than Where's Waldo. Infested Spawn Pods Killing these objects will not count towards objectives as they are objects. It is way too easy to sneeze on a pod and forfeit progression while you wait on the slow spawns outlined in the spawns part. Bounty Selection Like most things in Warframe, Deimos Bounties have many "Mobile Defense with a new face". This leaves you finding the least annoying Mobile Defense which ends up leaving you to Brute Force for Mother Tokens. Steel Path Steel Path bounties do not provide a meaningful increase in standing/tokens for the extra time spent and gear check for that bounty. Purifier is good! Solo = Good, Squad = Bad Scaling objectives off squad size is a good idea on paper, but with the spawn issues and poor bounty design, this makes squads take objectively more time to finish the same task. :( Adaptive Damage Reduction and Resistances The arbitrary resistances and damage reductions within Deimos leave players to really brainless gear choices like Arquebex or Peacemaker. If every enemy has to be immune to Viral, then maybe Viral is the problem. Just a thought. Overall Cambion Drift bounties feel really bad to play at almost every corner. I understand that nothing will likely change (maybe in a few years). I won't hold my breath, but I just wanted to write it down.
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