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  1. Smeeta's been bad for the game since the day it was added in Specters of the Rail. Your resource efficiency should not boil down to how high you can raise the power of 2 through complete randomization. This exact structure also encourages people to hold missions until they can hit 2^3 or higher on their Charm hence these "disappearance timers" being added to Steel and Vitus Essence. It also creates large disparities between gains within squads and compared to other loadouts. You need to see past your personal player gains and take the game's overall health into account. Your take is quite short-sighted to be honest.
  2. Because DE wants you to play Void Storms for weeks hoping Glast has the right rotation of weapon elemental and/or percentages. The perfect way to make Void Storms more relevant and long-lasting! /s
  3. 99% of the game is structured this way. Even the Steel Path really isn't rewarding once you have everything it offers as the rotation rewards are the exact same as normal missions. Warframe's entire design philosophy boils down to "one and done" modes and mechanics. Defection isn't good but it's just as comparable to Sisters of Parvos or Railjack in this regard of "people only play it for one thing to finish it and move on".
  4. This is the fair approach and the right answer to this problem. I'm going to give you a +1 for being on top of the root problem and having suggestions to fixing it, but DE has had every chance in the last 5 years of Charm's existence to address this. For example, this problem with Charm specifically was acknowledged and outlined shortly after the update that introduced the Smeeta Kavat. This loot multiplication issue was showing itself when Charm was multiplying resources like Argon Crystals and Neural Sensors by a massive factor due to their bundle size range as per: Source: The Silver Grove: U1.2 + U1.3 (September 2nd, 2016) DE just does not see root problems and Band-Aids their way through the years on top of a shaky foundation and little consistency. Modifiers like Charm and Berserker existing unchecked for years before being addressed (if at all) is unnecessary for the game's health and player investments, and we are seeing this same problem again with things like Credits True Masters Font double dipping which has now been in-game since October 27th, 2020. There is just an incredible backlog of unchecked math, untested mechanics, and broken multiplication through major systems in Warframe no matter if it's resource gains or damage output as you mentioned. It would be really nice if this was all addressed, but DE fixing the root problems of Warframe seems more and more like an impossible dream each day that passes.
  5. Any comment on the Yareli Physalia Helmet not being included with the (rather expensive) paid Supporter Packs while it is included in the in-game collection? This is clearly an oversight given that the Waverider's Heart Decoration was not caught before the update went live either. Having multiple bundles is fine, but $40 USD should absolutely include everything the in-game Platinum bundle offers when almost every item overlaps between these bundles.
  6. I feel like this sets an unhealthy mindset of moving everything to a minority of the game because that's all people generally play instead of spreading out rewards. I don't think it's a big deal to have Ivara on Spy, Harrow in Defection, Nidus in Salvage, etc.
  7. Not only this, but the worldstate api needs to include all these as well so players can create discord bots and websites/apps to track it outside of ingame.
  8. Adding like damage multipliers results in diminishing returns. This is what the comment you quoted is referring to.
  9. Accessibility. Most people have a smartphone (powerful too). Not everyone can afford a console/PC with the associated peripherals. If you add a Playstation or PC to the cost of a TV/Monitor, etc, it's a no-brainer compared to a single hand-held device. The mobile market is massive and as sad as it is, money drives the world more than passion.
  10. I've done 2 separate survivals on Mot since Sistars of Parvos launched: one for 2 hours and one for 5 hours. The 2 hour run had significantly faster spawn rates (around 4 minutes per Acolyte) while the 5 hour one did not (closer to 5:45/6:00 minutes). I got over 11,000 kills in my squad on the 2 hour mission and 16,000 in my squad on the 5 hour one. There were high kill rates in both missions. The root problem with these spawn mechanics is that Acolytes time-gate mission efficiency, and gives the player no agency over maximizing their drops. The proper way to fix this problem is to create a balance between Acolytes and old Eximus farming. The flaw with Eximus drops is that Eximus spawns ramp up over time which creates a situation where the real farm doesn't start for about an hour. However, Acolyte spawn timers are flawed as I previously mentioned. The optimal balance for Steel Essence would have normal enemies dropping the resource with a very low drop chance, so that it drops consistently and in reasonable amounts. This kind of change encourages players to kill efficiently and rewards players and squads for bringing proper resource farming loadouts that have always been encouraged throughout Warframe's history. Leaving Acolytes on a timer for Arcanes is fine, but restricting the core resource of the mode to timers which are not consistent across multiple missions isn't fun.
  11. Most Warframe players aren't into competitive modes. You see this every Operation, especially ones where higher scoring clans/players were given more than just a dojo trophy. If you are to release a mode like this though, you can't allow Riven Mods or Helminth Invigorations, and there has to be as little randomization as possible. RNG tilesets are a major flaw in most events.
  12. It took me a few minutes to sell 39. Pretty sure 100 would not be that long.
  13. This would ruin the originality of dojos as people would just be copy-pasting each other if a successful clan wants some easy Platinum. You also potentially shift the reasoning for decorating from passion to monetization. Not a fan of this idea personally.
  14. I believe the goal is to reach the mobile market which is extensive and lucrative for business/income.
  15. Since Sisters of Parvos, Archguns and their mods are starting to show their age. Most mod values could use adjusting and adding mechanics that have since been added to primary and secondary weapons. The things Archguns lack compared to other weapon categories are: Exilus Mods (Ammo Chain, Projectile Flight Speed, Zoom, etc.) Archgun Exilus Adapters could be sold from Little Duck in Fortuna as a blueprint for 100,000 Standing. This would be fair considering the limited amount of Archguns. Arcanes (Archgun Merciless/Deadhead/Dexterity) Archgun arcanes could drop from the Profit-Taker with 100% drop chance similar to Acolytes with their respective arcanes. This would encourage playing the Orb designed around Archguns to enhance the power of these heavy weapons. (Primed) Faction Damage Mods These modifiers already exist on Riven Mods and there is no way to get this modifier elsewhere. Normal Faction Damage mods could be added to Railjack objective rewards, normal Archwing missions, or added to Orb Vallis drops. Primed Faction Damage mods would be added to Baro Ki-Teer Galvanized Archgun Mods Galvanized Scope (Parallax Scope) Galvanized Rounds (Dual Rounds) Galvanized Munitions (Modified Munitions) Galvanized Projectile Flight Speed Having these enhancements added to builds for Archguns would bring them more on par with the rest of the game and feel less dated as a clunky heavy weapon with little practicality outside of the forced usage in Profit-Taker.
  16. How do you do this though? Subtract Railjack and you can't do Kuva Liches/Sisters of Parvos. There's too many systems in Warframe interacting with one another for there to be a way to effectively select what to install or not. The game could also break.
  17. It's 100% final damage not base damage. Sure it might be a clunky damage bonus for most snipers, but it's relatively underrated if anything. Same goes for Primed Faction Damage mods.
  18. My current glyph is TennoTrivia 2020 from last TennoCon. Check glyphs.wf (link in the OP) for other current glyphs. I am not aware of other sources.
  19. Syndicates need a rework from the ground up. Having a system where you can only get half the rewards at a time without trading other players is clunky at best. Don't get me started on sigils still being tied to reputation even though players asked for this to change when Arcanes were removed from Syandanas and Helmets.
  20. https://games.crucial.com/promotions/1632048579/details https://games.steelseries.com/giveaway/565937635/details 2 promocode giveaways. I won't be adding these as they aren't universal codes.
  21. It sure is a good thing DE did that napkin math on Scattered Justice instead of 0% falloff Tetra or Flux Overdrive. /s
  22. Devils advocate: I like the fact that this is not the case because it means my equipment's fashion is not bound to several layers of randomization. It's already bad enough with breeding fur patterns and colors on Kubrows/Kavats. Having standardized modular systems is superior in my opinion. Randomization definitely has a place in the game, but not in the way cosmetics function for a randomized companion such as hounds. Holograms staying would also restrict Progenitor choice as you now have to choose between the elemental you want on the Tenet weapon and the hologram on a hound that might have the parts you wanted.
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