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  1. Lanieu

    I bet everyone already forget this..........

    Wish we could downvote like we could 5 years ago.... -1 to clickbait.
  2. Lanieu

    Is riven system balanced now?

    Yeah I like my Kohm multishot/crit damage Riven but I'd rather them not be needed and not exist. Endlessly increasing an enemy's health/armor isn't good design. I'd rather same health/armor at level 30 and level 100 but increased damage
  3. Lanieu

    Is riven system balanced now?

    No, Rivens should've never been created. At the very least, separate them into their own trading tab!
  4. Lanieu

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.12.0

    God Eidolons are silly. And the more I think about Operators the more I loathe them and only login to login.
  5. Lanieu

    Mirage Prime Access is Here!

    Yay reskins!
  6. And the lore is bad and contrived. No need for arguing though. That's my opinion and it won't change.
  7. I hate our operators. Need a "Mature this stupid teen to adulthood (or beyond)" button.
  8. Lanieu

    Chains of Harrow: Update 21.4.0

    No passive change....his passive is useless.
  9. Lanieu

    Update 21.4.0 Status - Coming Aug 10

    Sweet! I love Hydroid because he helps mutagen farming. *cries*
  10. Lanieu

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.2.1

    Aye, Corpus Tech changes are good. Their ability to insta-kill you rival the absurdity of Toxic Ancient burps. Reactant change is good quality of life improvement, well done DE. Bravo.
  11. Lanieu

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.7

    Yay Earth Extractor fix....and squad chat fix.
  12. Lanieu

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Sign me up. Anything to get that moocher out of my ship, playing video games all day in that chair like he's in Ender's Game.
  13. Lanieu

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.4

    I will never become un-bitter from DE's mistake with this.
  14. Lanieu

    Update 21: Chains of Harrow

    Wow, I'm actually awake for one of these late-night updates.