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  1. I mean sorta but more or less, no because screw you for not being online at the right times!
  2. Oh god you couldn't pay me in all the Platinum to go back that horrible Eris node.
  3. Change his passive or add Pilfering Swarm to his passive. Also, the Kraken head is pointless unless he gobbles up enemies too. Also, the energy color of the tentacles is wonky. EDIT: The tentacles spawn on top of one another. Nothing was improved for this Ult. He needs more base energy now too....in theory. Only limited testing so far.
  4. I won't buy tennogen so long as I can't use Platinum I've already purchased/traded. No offense but I don't think a skin is worth that much money when existing weapon skins from DE don't even cost that much (and that is saying something since their market prices have never been great).
  5. Maybe... not in PUGs though.
  6. Haven't finished the quest yet. Doing the manifestations once was fine. The second time was utterly dumb. It's telling me I have to do it a 3rd time but haven't bothered because it is utterly dumb. Will finish tonight.
  7. I did notice a slowdown for me too. Playable still but I only did a short exterminate to test it.
  8. Ehhh, maybe sold for some additional Kuva...
  9. Yeah, very boring and lackluster consider it was the name of the update. Ugh.
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