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  1. It shows it on the Star Chart but not in the App. Hopefully it accounts for what's in the game if we use the Extractors via the app.
  2. I know it shows up on one of the tiles in the gas city and blows up some platforms. Would be fun if it attacked you too while on Jupiter. On topic... the boss fight seems a bit sloppy and the flying seems choppy and wonky. Not bad or great in my opinion but I appreciate how you get Wisp from the boss and not some of the other methods we've been having recently. And get rid of the screen shake while running to the boss!
  3. Yeah, I mean I use the drones mainly just on the App. That said... Hexanon shows a resource in the star chart for the drones. It doesn't show on the App, which is odd....
  4. Aye, went to Simaris this AM since my standing was maxed. Bought a cosmetic I didn't know existed for the orbiter and saw the BPs... didn't they were even there.
  5. I'd like to see resource drones expanded beyond the original resources. DE has added so many resources that I think it's only fair that the resource extractors we can deploy should be able to gather the other resources. Hek, add a new kind of extractor if you must that will only gather special resources (stuff from open world environments and special resources such as oxium, cryotic and hexanon) I've suggested this years ago too so I'm due to suggest it again.
  6. Had a bug where we could neither exit or continue during the low value Index mission. 😞
  7. Oh a new resource...just what the game needs. Thanks for the update.
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