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  1. I previously pointed out a couple near game-breaking bugs on the patch notes thread, though trying to grind out for Sevagoth and related content I've managed to run into a few more bugs and/or annoying and potentially frustrating situations: - If there's a host migration during a railjack mission, sometimes you'll end up in two different scenarios, an infinite loading screen, or loss of UI function, including the Esc menu, preventing you from quitting out. - Sometimes using my necramech in Corpus tilesets, the archgun equipped will stop reloading automatically, and refuse to reload a
  2. Still no fix for a couple bugs I've put reports in for months ago, both being near game-breaking/immersion breaking, despite having a reply which I'm starting to think is just an automated message to the bug report section. With the new railjack update there's been other game-breaking bugs I've encountered such as: - Using boost with your necramech will 70% of the time clip you into the ship's geometry and teleport you back to wherever the tile's spawn point is, sometimes 1000s of meters away from the exit you were heading to, I've not had problems using necramechs during the Orphix
  3. I mean if more people are using it it makes sense to nerf it to compensate. The prices of kronen and gram rivens have gone through the roof because of how popular they are, as well as Rubico, Vectis and co, which I'm surprised they've not touched. Honestly if anything I wish they'd make improvements to nikana prime due to how hard it is to get with it being vaulted for so long, and keep the other variants as they are as they're stupid easy to obtain. Course DE seems to be aiming for a "middle ground" which isn't going to happen with rivens, people are just going to cling onto the
  4. You can still get those mods with bounty rotations I think, or bought from Loid for standing. Unless I'm missing something.
  5. I've sent a couple bug fixes in via zendesk and they've had no reply for a couple weeks now, glad to see the game is getting rendering work done but I'd rather the game actually be playable than look nice, in a couple cases these bugs made the game literally unplayable, Alad V being broken on his assasination, Nekros sometimes having his abilities disabled because "one or more is active" despite not being active, etc. Made a couple threads on the forum too, seems the only bugs that get addressed are ones to do with the Unreal skins and such recently.
  6. Attached is an F6 screenshot taken during a wave of Fissure Defence where the reactant and its UI would not spawn, acting as if the defense mission wasn't a fissure mission, even with the "choose your relic" screen active. Sent a bug report with the EE.log to zendesk support and the OG F6 screenie to maybe help out sorting this bug out.
  7. During the Neptune Assassinate Mission, at the start Alad V's health bar pops up before you go to fight him, and when you get there he's just standing still like a statue, no idle animation or anything, and you can damage him before his pet, which I don't think is intended. Attached is a couple screenshots from two instances of this happening in different missions, it's happened in every one I join in Solo mode in the settings. Both pictures have been taken in-game with the F6 function, though had to use discord to paste them to be able to link them here. .
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