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  1. This is the same for Condition Overload, you can't proc a status if there isn't one already on the target.
  2. Problem is, with Tennocon there's been a huge delay in fixes, so Yareli has gone longer than other frames have in terms of having changes/fixes and buffs/nerfs applied, doesn't mean they won't address it, it'll just take a bit longer. In the long scheme of things it won't even matter, as new players will have to wait a couple weeks to get to Venus anyways before they can consider grinding for her.
  3. I've made a suggestion before that CO-like mods should have been available in the base star chart, Condition Overload, Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds, the Gladiator mods, are all available from the base star chart, meaning without the mods you need to complete the entire star chart* for, melee has an advantage, which is far from addressing the gap, but it does address endgame issues, which is a welcome change. Capacity cost is tricky, the devs have to find a balance between cost and the output, Primed Mods cost more capacity than their regular versions for the upgrade of whatever mod it was based on, Galvanised mods do the same thing, they improve upon existing mods and the upgrade is worth the cost, though if the previous suggestion goes through, these Galvanised mods would need to be upgraded to justify the cost, thus creating a power creep. You get 5 steel essence per alert completed, 5 alerts a day = 25 essence, 7 days a week = 175 steel essence you can get for just doing alerts, let alone whatever acolytes show up. The intention is that primary/secondary arcanes should be something reserved for lategame, if anything, warframe arcanes should be moved to lategame too in the future. If you submit a bug report via https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, and others do too, they may follow up on it, with enough evidence to suggest they aren't working, as people have said they've tested weapons in the Simulacrum but provided no screenshots of actual damage numbers done with the radial damage. While explosive weapons should have been playtested when this was being fixed, having them not work on projectiles is what was originally reported, and is now fixed. The problem with railjack is that rewards are rolled up to 3 times at the end of a mission, holokeys are a common reward at 37.5% or so, meaning the entire rest of the loot table is weighted (if even slightly) towards the uncommon/rare rewards, as well as Sevagoth parts in the mix. Sevagoth should've been seperated per proxima instead of having every part drop from every proxima, or replace ash in the defense drops instead of populating it with a frame you could get passively from somewhat uncommon enemies, it was clearly an attempt to have an incentive to play that node more than once, newer players are gonna have to suffer through that grind or wait until Ash comes back out of the vault, not to mention the Ambassador, a sub-par rifle that's sitting at 8%~ for a Rot C reward. There is no hard cap for RNG, there never has been for anything else in the game, personally, I've not gone between about 2-3 missions without a drop, which is roundabout where most of your holokey drops should be. However, an explanation for the way railjack reward drops work would be welcome, if it's 3 rolls on the entire table, there should be a possibility that you get 3 holokey drops, and we know that's not the case. It's on a 3 day rotation, last I heard. Which sounds reasonable to me when it takes so much time to go out of our way to farm the keys, which can take a few hours per few days, per weapon, if you're not constantly grinding it. DE make decisions to encourage players to buy platinum to skip time spent grinding, especially with Forma and other grinds that take up a lot of time. I think so far they've been more than fair with their free-to-play model.
  4. So...you're upset that a game company wants to make money from something you can spend time to get for free? I'm not sure if you skimmed over my previous comment or not, but there are reasons behind what DE do and how they do it is up to them, and how much time you spend doing it is up to you. It's free to play, you can get forma for free, you can choose not to grind and pay for the time skipped instead, which is how every fair free to play game operates. I feel being respected for your time spent for the game is more a personal limit, sure the game company has to care about the players opinions to a certain extent, but not to the point they're answering to every whim and demand of said players, there's a line to be drawn. I feel like if Forma is your primary issue with the game, make another thread, suggest a potential fix and why you think it'd benefit the game, "Is my time respected" is a very broad question and you won't get the feedback you want to that specific issue.
  5. Players helping players isn't really the place for third party software as krc473 said, if it gets picked up and you get banned it's at your own risk.
  6. It's touch and go tbh. It was "fixed" a couple times but people still have issues occasionally, a recent patch meant reloading railjack would show correct values, not sure on it myself as I already maxed my voidrig.
  7. I'd argue otherwise, Orokin Reactors/Catalysts are something you can't get anywhere in the game save for invasions and alerts, so should be treated as a rarer resource compared to Nitain and Kuva where you can get from multiple other sources. While I get the point that the free market price for a mod might give you enough plat for a reactor, in reality it's the supply/demand created by the rotation of rewards that causes this price, instead of every mod being available every week, during the week Nightwave isn't here, you'll see those mods and auras slowly creep up in value, because there's no supply.
  8. The actual comment was that they missed Tennocon and every given chance to watch it because "they were busy" with IRL stuff, and chose to make that a complaint. While they might've missed an email, Warframe also has a Twitter, literally everyone partnered with warframe was reminding everyone about Tennocon, the game gave you an alert about Tennocon several weeks before it came about, literally everyone and their mom came to watch the stream (over 300,000 people watching at the same time), and somehow it's DE's fault that he can't get a gun for free they'll probably add to the game later on down the line (for free...), if you were in any way shape or form involved in the Warframe community, you would've been told at least once it was gonna happen. I can understand about being upset about Loki Prime though, DE themselves promised they'd monitor the prime vault and see which frames were more sought after, which ones appeared less (Loki still hasn't been unvaulted for nearly 3 years at this point, the market price was pretty ridiculous for a time), and I've made comments elsewhere on it myself, though, and was the only non founder prime frame I was missing for years. Though, I do agree with the statement that the thread should be closed, as there doesn't seem to be much healthy conversation going on.
  9. Companion app is a thing, you can build and claim formas (and literally anything you can build in the foundry) on it and not have to login to warframe itself at all. All logins give you is unique primed mods, some cashes/sigils and a few weapons with infinite punchthrough. Though it's lacking proper modding support and not serving much beyond being a reminder for planet cycles and quests, updates, hotfixes and stuff. Player retention is a problem all games face, regardless of game genre, there's many ways DE have combated this with daily login rewards, regular events with rewards you can't get elsewhere, new warframes every so often, new quests, etc. With COVID having taken way a lot of DE's freedoms to create stuff, they've been severely limited in what they can do, New War has supposedly been in development for nearly 2 years at this point. While the battle pass (nightwave) and login rewards for quick rewards are nice, yeah it can get stale, because there's just so many items you have to grind per mastery rank, when collecting everything is the ultimate goal, it doesn't feel very rewarding vs time invested, where with MR 4 all you have to do is level up one warframe and a few weapons, if that, sitting at MR 25, every weapon maxed is just another notch on the rifle at this point, it doesn't feel as rewarding the longer you invest time into the actual core gameplay loop. This problem can just be solved by finding likeminded players in your clan or recruitment chat, not every player who jumps into a public lobby is gonna stay till late waves for rewards when all they want is the node cleared for mastery/achievement purposes. The point is that simaris collects quest related objects people have deleted for slots or other such reasons early on, it'd be nice if those frames had a slot or weapon attached, but you gotta recognise DE is a company that has to make revenue, so you can either pay to skip the grind (a warframe is like £7 if you have a discount for me), or do the time to get the reward again. It's not really meant to be something to increase player retention, but rather an option to those who might not be able to get those weapons and frames otherwise. Again, this is a variation of "you can pay to skip the grind, or you can invest the time", not all builds need 5 forma to be viable, but usually for popular/powerful weapons, those are gonna be gated towards time spent anyway, if you could make a gamebreaking build right off the bat, I feel it'd be too easy, the liches especially need to be gated behind later missions, as early players get stuck with high level missions on a planet just cus they didn't know what they were getting into or thought "Ooo free weapon" when they stabbed their thrall. DE does listen to feedback regarding forma though, as with Necramechs had their capacity changed somewhat to allow you to not have to forma every slot to fit a mod in each slot, they reduced the build time by an hour (which doesn't seem like much of an improvement but I'll take it), etc. At the end of the day, how much time you invest into the game is up to you, DE is very (even moreso than most companies) with their free-to-play formula, though the core mastery rank loop definitely needs to be looked at to make it so 1) you either get more ranks, thus "feels" more rewarding per time invested, while nightwave exists to give you a secondary objective, it doesn't contribute much in terms of progression 2) add some sort of EXP consumable item so you don't have to jump into ESO for the 900th time just to get to rank up 210 times for one weapon.
  10. Check warframe market auctions or semlar for similar riven prices, it's not an optimal roll because you want CC/CD/+Range with a harmless negative, it's also Dragon Nikana, it having a lower dispo compared to regular/prime nikana mean less people are using it, thus making it less worth selling, and so on.
  11. RNG is uncapped, meaning there's no limit to how particularly unlucky you are, only that you walk away with one of the possible drops. You still walk away with *a* reward, which means the specific drop you want contends with many other drops ( 3 sevagoth parts, 7 different relics (all 2.5% rare drops), endo, resources etc), it's weighted towards the uncommon/rare drops because of how stuffed the loot table is compared to other nodes. Usually the warframe has its own assassinate node where you always get a part (Mesa, Atlas etc) or split between three different loot tables (Octavia, Khora), but every void storm node has a chance to drop all 3 parts. As far as mechanics, the game is working as intended, as far as balancing, the table is far too populated for a drop that's meant to be fairly common to obtain, as said before.
  12. I've cleared steel path plains by just loading into the plains and exiting via cetus door, counts as mission completed.
  13. As long as you aren't using the alt for any nefarious purpose (avoiding a game/chat ban), I think it'd be allowed.
  14. You need to unlock Mercury Junction I think, but I wouldn't quote me on that.
  15. You can follow the steps I've outlined here, if that doesn't work you can send a ticket to support I've also linked in that post. Most people's items are stuck in limbo because either they missed a step or they've not correctly setup their accounts, so also double check the accounts you're using are the ones you want the drops on. If the drop has expired and you've not claimed it, you won't be able to use any method to get them other than asking support and showing you put enough time in to be eligible for the reward.
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