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  1. OK now I'm not 100% certain I'm not mistaken. Apols if verification of code proves that I am incorrect.
  2. Sorry if this is working as intended, but I just got a Sporelacer Riven from opening a Veiled Rifle Riven. I realise logically that should make sense, as you can build a primary or secondary Sporelacer, however there are already specific Veiled Kitgun Rivens for Kitguns.. It shouldn't be possible to get a Kitgun Riven having opened a Rifle Riven or Pistol Riven (imo) <3
  3. YAY! Thank you :> been silently blessing ppl for ages lol
  4. Has anyone else lost a whole heap of blueprints? I collected one spare of everything Father and Loid had to offer for example, now they're all gone! wtf? :| I visited Simaris and he's offering me blueprints for old frames, which I had already purchased using his rep points- they are gone too! What did u do?
  5. you are very welcome! btw if u use the Assign role on a tenno, cephalon will tell them "Report to Front Artillery" or whatever u assigned them :)
  6. while i agree with u, i also cant deny that people who pay real money should get the best stuff, so when they inevitably complain about their paid, exclusive armor only being as good as free stuff, i would agree with that too XD
  7. nono, while in game! like the tactical menu where u hit L and can teleport around the ship, and can see your teammates listed below! you can Assign a role to them on the fly, literally telling the pilot to stop piloting, firing the arty, then telling him to pilot again
  8. THIS! not the trolling but the please can we have a working vote system? idk how it's not a priority fix lol
  9. i guess it sets a bad precedent.. like if u buy prime access or w/e and get exclusive cosmetics, they should have better stats than any other cosmetic armor and people would complain if they didn't.. so it ends up pay money for the best stuff, u can't get elsewhere. would still be nice though for cosmetics to all have a use
  10. Are u sure pressing P doesn't work? Click empty space up top, so you're not within the search box, then press P? It worked for me and others when the bug happened to us
  11. well that's how you do it lol when you want him flying, assign him to pilot, if you want him to stop flying, assign him somewhere else for a sec XD some pilot logic for when the tenno is in arty would be sensible tho
  12. Do you mean where you're loaded into the next mission and ESC won't close the mission progress/rewards screen? Hit P to close it- the key that usually toggles that screen up while in a mission
  13. You can assign them roles in the tactical (L) menu, so tell the assigned Pilot to be Engineer for a minute when you want to fire the arty
  14. still waiting for the 6gb to come down, but i wanna say it sounds good :) *edit: oh god the comments i've just read while waiting.. about to open up the game and i am shtting myself :|
  15. lol it's ironic that the ensmallening causes everyone to have to re-download gigs of data.. i guess we all take one for the future team :D
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