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  1. current railjack scrapping setup for back to back missions doesn't work correctly. now it prompts to scrap when you're finished a mission and moving to the next, and no matter how quickly you choose things to scrap as a client, you are ejected from your game.. it tries and silently fails to find/rejoin, leaving you back in the orbiter. also it said mission failed the most recent time it happened- very not right XD
  2. i just threw a spear at some pustulite pickups and my frame is now completely glitched out and unable to move, use any ability/operator, throw the spear they're stuck holding, change weapon, open the gear wheel or anything at all of that nature. can still hit g to mark things, right click does the spear readying animation, esc opens the menu normally, but i am flat out unable to continue playing. could we perhaps update /unstuck to include cancel any animation the game thinks we're in the middle of or something to address this? <3
  3. i just applied a forma to my necramech (which already had 5 forma) to hopefully fix my profile showing the necramech as unused or yet to be obtained, and it lost a bunch of mod capacity- it now says it has a mod capacity of 58, which is correct for my mastery level but not correct considering it already has 5 forma on it which each should have allowed more levels? i mean applying the forma removed 3+ mods that previously fit in the build.. lol
  4. i built both a primary and secondary variant of all kitguns- it only needed to be one or the other for mastery? XD
  5. so the only weaps i generally even bring or use have had a(nother) reduction in riven stats.. that is sad. what's the point of endgame gear if it isn't quite significantly better than everything else? :< haven't seen how much difference the changes have made to gameplay but i imagine it might not be great.. like in steel path missions it's barely even an option to use a weapon as it is- nothing is really strong enough, yet the steel path enemies are supposed to be our "equals" in terms of level/strength? NQR methinks- our rivens should make the difference between not being as strong as
  6. w00t! that mr30 looks great! :D much needed riven slots, ability to gift all fellow tenno a boost when on a relay, that's sick :D
  7. Evidence of my stupidity mostly removed!
  8. Greetz! I was just wanting to request you please modify the helminth subsumed abilities list behaviour slightly. When we sit a frame in the chair to consider swapping an ability out, we should be able to preview the stats of the abilities given our current frame and mods. It would be very, very good to be able to see what we're Actually about to apply to our frame, know what i mean? Like the way we have a toggle to "show base stats" for abilities perhaps? :) For example one of the first things I did was put a Dispensary on a super low duration nekros, and it was nigh useles
  9. :O rly? lol i must have had the wrong one last equipped on him! thanks for that lol *edit: nopenope, i meant when i change frame, i want it to change my focus to whatever i use for that frame, or if i change to A B C config on a frame, it does so too. she no do this.
  10. From what I've seen they're lil floaty orbs, kinda like Wisps on Cetus- u can see them on the minimap looking like the same white square icon as a container or resource pickup, so u can make sure u pick up whatever might be there by clearing the place out fully of any pickups. Haven't done the science with Mag's Pull ability (and Greedy Pull augment) but that might help if it works on them.
  11. false positive* *edit: unless you have a process running that is infecting files as you download them, in which case that is also not warframe's fault XD
  12. with respect, I believe avast may be garbage
  13. was soooo hoping for some enemy/loot radar, or vacuum for necramechs XD nice work updating that fishing issue though, I'm sure it will be a lot better now :)
  14. I had just one other lil suggestion if I may.. Instead of disabling the chat completely, might it be possible to simply disable someones ability to type in chat? So they can read things and know what conversations they're unable to participate in? and if they join a game they're not effectively ignoring everyone? Again, it's not right to punish everyone else I feel. If the host is like "x can you please do this for me?" and you can't even see their chat, that is super messed up to players who did nothing wrong whatsoever and now apparently have a teammate who is flat out ignoring anything they
  15. So in order to repair your mech you can only be trin, then you jump out of the mech as operator, move away, transfer back into trin, cast (well of life?), transfer back out to operator etc. or directly to the mech, then hit the enemy to heal the mech? That is so unco :< Or can u bless a mech that has no operator in it? Still not exactly optimal, but I guess it's something! XD
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