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  1. i legit thought it was just customary for everyone to leave a squad after a mission lol it seemed to always happen :D
  2. OMG! I suggested a frame built around robotics and sentinel friends/their revival, but u just added sentinel revival to Protea!? Sweet :D ty!
  3. OK now I'm not 100% certain I'm not mistaken. Apols if verification of code proves that I am incorrect.
  4. Sorry if this is working as intended, but I just got a Sporelacer Riven from opening a Veiled Rifle Riven. I realise logically that should make sense, as you can build a primary or secondary Sporelacer, however there are already specific Veiled Kitgun Rivens for Kitguns.. It shouldn't be possible to get a Kitgun Riven having opened a Rifle Riven or Pistol Riven (imo) <3
  5. YAY! Thank you :> been silently blessing ppl for ages lol
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