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  1. Hey Reb, I wanted to inquire about the DX9 support. Is there any particular reason or benefits to removing it other than it being outdated? Just out of curiousity. It doesn't affect me personally btw.
  2. So I was chatting with some of my clan mates and according to them, you have to farm revenant parts first. That's what Nakak means by "talk to Konzu". Do wish it wasn't as vague though. Will be putting this into the edit.
  3. I received the mask, Nakak gave some dialogue and i went to the Plains I went to the first grey circle, Nakak gave some more dialogue and searched for the second grey circle and couldn't find it. I saw a walkthrough and went to where it was supposed to be but there was nothing there. I decided to go back to Cetus to see if somehow i missed something. I entered the plains again went to the grey second circle thing (No circle it showed but a tiny grey square) the touch option showed but there was no dialogue. I restarted my PC twice but it didn't help, same results. grey circle no.1: Where the second one was supposed to be: That's the most I can say. DE please fix this at your earliest convenience. EDIT: So I was chatting with some of my clan mates and according to them, you have to farm revenant parts first. That's what Nakak means by "talk to Konzu". Do wish it wasn't as vague though. Maybe the reason why content creators got the circle instantly was due to them owning revenant immediately
  4. I have mixed feelings about this. The only way I can judge this is when the update comes out.
  5. First of all that was my idea that I gave because you asked. I'm not someone who happens to work at DE and knows the game mechanics through and through. This was also something I came up with off the cuff Secondly saying that multiplying damage doesn't matter clearly shows me that you have no idea about its power. Anyone that has played Banshee with sonar can understand how stupidly powerful this can be and can instakill enemy levels you don't usually see even on sorties. Finally, nerfing slash would be terrible cause you would struggle to take on anything above lvl 80+.
  6. @-SDM-NerevarCM Then please tell us how you will make Puncture and Impact as good as slash without nerfing it. Because right now Slash is pretty much insta kill. In my opinion. Puncture can multiply dmg given after a proc has occurred. At least it's better than "reducing enemy dmg" because like you said slash is insta kil. The dmg multiplied depends on the damage of the puncture of the weapon and increases with every stack. The impact shouldn't be a ragdoll and a stagger that is increased in duration depending on the amount of impact and is refreshed on procs. I've already posted in this forum post why ragdoll impact is bad. Also fixing the problem shouldn't be nerfing slash but buffing impact and puncture because there is NOTHING WRONG with slash because enemy scaling is stupid. If slash was affected by armor it would take forever to kill enemies and the stupid CP squads will return hurting build diversity more that is now.
  7. At the level that armor becomes too much will also be the point where said Bombard can one-shot you. By the time you do all that fancy weapon switching: Omae wa mou shinderu So no. Slash should not be affected by armor.
  8. But Wouldn't this mean that Slash procs will deal LESS damage? On weapons like Galatine, Tigris, Stterax it won't be too significant. But won't this be a huge nerf to weapons like the Arca Scisco? In addition to that, how will this effect Hunter Munitions? Will the slash proc take the whole weapon damage or some given the amount of slash damage? If so what happens to pure elemental weapons will decent to high crits like the Arca Plasmor or the Amperex? Also, I am highly concerned about impact procs ragdolling enemies. Here is a scenario I'm doing a survival mission and I need to kill things fast to get life support. With my Vaykor Marlok that has high status and mainly deals impact I keep ragdolling enemies far away and not killing them and since they are farther away I can't kill them or I can't kill fast enough cause i cant see their heads. If that keeps up I'll keep ragdolling enemies and end up running out of life support. This might actually make impact worse especially if you have to kill something like extermination in the Plains of Eidolon etc. I hope this gets taken into consideration as this is my constructive criticism and I don't want Tenno entering a new update will one of the most crucial mechanics in the game only to complain about this.
  9. Dang it Geoff where's the Hydroid Prime trailer? Also do we have a prediction on when Umbra will come? Will we get a trailer for it? SO MANY QUESTIONS so little answers RIP
  11. The OPticor buffed again Thanks, DE!
  12. Still no fix for: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/813903-kicked-to-login-screen/?do=findComment&comment=8830366
  13. Is the weird backdrop an easter egg for a forthcoming quest(s) or anything in general??? (the thing that looks like an eye Credits go to Darthmufin
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