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  1. i beat them very easily by staying in a constant state of slide, for some odd reason they find it harder to hit no matter how slow. haven't played dog days in two weeks. it doesn't compensate though, i try to experience the fringe concepts i ignored like dojo decoration or predasites but i just get bored and watch youtube instead. i literally started power leveling my MR out of desperation.
  2. thats true but my fun comes from cosmetics more at this point, the combat is rather stiff.
  3. Op is arguing being able to do something with that 600,000 rubedo instead of coming up with new red rocks you have to actively mine to get new things with because end game content looks bad to investors. Solaris missions do have alot of rewards, like mods and money. due to the small rewards by comparison to the other things i already have from back when they intended to make a end game (before Sumto) i don't care, but hey, you do you.
  4. While technically correct the reasoning is wrong. any veteran will blaze through most anything with so much speed that most any barrier is worthless. However OP is also correct in that if content is too isolated it doesn't balance out with alot of stuff in the base game making it worthless. As a example i can crush any solaris mission, but it's only reward is allowing you to use archguns in normal missions. while im sure whipping out the mausolon would be a boost it isnt so much better that it justifies rushing through solaris, or even playing it really. K-drives don't help either as i have archwings, moas mean nothing as the system it too simplistic, they're worst than my sentinals, and ugly. this nullifies alot of my interest in the orb vallis content island.
  5. No I consider the Kuva Nukor nerf to be keying the paint on my favorite car. stop being reasonable. The catabolyst also looks like it has a VD, which is it's greatest negative
  6. howabout one fourth considering my Kuva Kohm, Twin Basolk, and Djinn helped too. It doesn't need to it's a Kuva weapon, clearly these weapons represent a technological innovation in grineer engineering hence it's glowing face from it's likely atomos based powersource, which i love, it's the love child of a ugly weapon i love and a beautiful weapon i never used because im wasn't fond of mastery rank farming until the last month or so. aww man i guess they should add new content to make them invalid instead of nerfing them, again they haven't reworked orphix despite shoving it into railjack's rng, they havent fixed the stug, sheev, glaives, hell bonewidow's 1 and 3 are literal jokes. even assuming this isn't like they did years ago where the new prime rifle was the meta until the next prime rifle was out, why do they attempt to fix the meta by nerfing instead of boosting content they already have especially since we know there are other weapons waiting to replace it (one of which is mysteriously the signature weapon of the new frame. do you honestly think they'll nerf the epitaph anytime soon or do you think it'll end up being the new meta once the youtubers start promoting it until the next "new content" comes out they need to show people are interacting with for their internal meetings.
  7. also while we're at it, define "Healthy"
  8. Funny you joke about Ad Nauseum while committing a Ad Hominem, but whatever, i promised no negativity. Having the Kuva Nukor chain 4 people doesn't invalidate other choices, as stated here there are at least 5 other secondaries that can attack people on that scale or greater like the Atomos and Epitaph, yet people don't use those, so clearly destructive power is not entirely the reason it's popular. Ease of attainment can be changed by raising the mastery rank. And lets be honest the art team made a beautiful gun. The Nerf is not reasonable, they aren't nerfing all chaining weapons, or Kuva Weapons, or Secondaries, it is specifically this well designed gun, whose main use is a effective spray and pray that takes out a small group of people. it literally only hurts those who are using it on weaker star chart opponents. as i asked in another thread, why cant we have nice things. I think Surbusken has it right, they're squashing it to chase people to new content, the problem is that content isn't good and them doing so is a sign of LAZINESS, which you as a consumer shouldn't be defending. it's really funny how no one has nothing but complaints about their new content so their first step is to destroy the old stuff that people enjoy, that isn't healthy and they shouldn't want to do that. If they actually made opponents worth fighting one on one like they used to with Stalker and to a lesser extent the eidolons, this wouldn't be a issue. you know what would fix the Kuva Nukor without killing it, opponents that require precision. What if there were enemies that wore armor like Ruk and forced you to use your zoom feature to defeat them and they actually caused friendly fire so the fight would look like it has weight, and over the next 30 seconds you had to strip 3-5 pieces of armor off of them to bring them down, man that would really be a cool new break in the monotony, it would be good for the game. i understand that you have some strange fealty to DE, i like them but if their game's survival was at stake and people are asking them for new enemies to liven it up and their response is to get rid of what ever is helping their players to kill those enemies this month, i'd be worried about how much i invest in people that lazy and self destructive. it's sad, because they clearly want to add new stuff but it's all becoming a slight variation of the same targets i've been shooting at for years. what was the last truly new opponent, the orphix? still get resonators spawning in locations that are unreachable, still haven't fixed it, still happens randomly in corpus railjack, but no lets take time to break the kuva nukor because it's over powered but not any other mass destruction weapons, because it's healthy for the game.
  9. Stop trying to justify nerfing it like it's making the game unfair. there's no glorious end boss it's being used to kneecap and it's not like people are whipping it out in conclave. the major excuses are A. it's being used too much by too many people B. It's being used to make Steel path easy So why are we acting like it was tearing the game apart? it is a gun acquired by fighting a undead grineer warlord with warframe abilities, it should be, you cant buy it with plat or have it directly traded, and unless your looking for it specifically you have to RNG to get it. You keep using other people's actions as a excuse as to why it's nerfed and it doesn't even make sense except for the popularity aspect.
  10. first thing is DE's inability to gate things off properly, to date Mastery Rank has been a utter failure as far as weapons are concerned, all the same I've been playing for years i earned it. clearly they don't really care though as the previously stated atomos is only rank 5, so it's like why care at all, why now, and why over steel path which is basically what? a riven and endo farm to give you over powered weapons for those impossible demon souls bosses that don't exist. they're nerfing for a ton of reasons which applies to a number of far easier to acquire weapons. something tells me this is for reasons that are closer to pushing epitaph and the incoming corpus weapons. the second thing is me explaining why i don't like to use a majority of other weapons. This, and that's what makes me sad. because it's like im being punished because they want to promote the new content, the problem is i absolutely hate the corpus on a design and story basis. The corpus are too generic 2010's scifi and it grates my sculera, i don't like their characters, and everything made by them is square with moving parts. the grineer for all their flaws make things that look like sports cars, everything flows and looks attractive. And brief case weapons are dumb in a world where people materialize rocket launchers out of the ether. no one in universe, even the corpus, have been shown to have briefcases. i get it, their technology is Box shaped and transforms, now fix the glaxion DOTD skin.
  11. People who earned it could use it. people who went through 90% of the content and the grind of farming a lich or more got that convenience. like yeah people arent going to use other guns, because they make weapons based off of cool pictures instead of it's placement thematically. when orb valis was a thing i didn't care, they made all this cool Phantasy Star looking weapons and gear and i didn't care and i like Phantasy Star, why? not a fan of the corpus as a concept, i cant get into them so their content doesn't appeal to me the same way generic tenno stuff doesn't because the tenno haven't been explored so they just end up being a strange asian stone soup that doesn't flow together. So the corpus stuff lost me, then the opticor vandal came out, it looked cool, it meshed with the world, a anti robot weapon used by rebels to overthrow their corporate overlord's robo army, i still have one but i only use it on orb valis, why it's cool, it has amazing skins, and it's a useful time saver, nothing gets past shields like it and so it's the only corpus thing i keep other than the mara detron which does roughly the same thing.
  12. I love the seer, it was my first pistol and i loved it despite the fact it's a mess, it's good for bosses but not for saving time clearing a room full of enemies i could one shot with anything i own due to mods alone. it's like the Nukor was a Tri fecta of useful, cool, and some other esoteric concept i cant really put into words. it was a weapon warframe needed inmo, the game is fast and sometimes you need a gun that can put damage where you need it when you need it efficiently and look cool doing it. If warframe was a slower skill based game, hell yeah i'd use my Kuva Seer but it isn't and they don't reward people for being slow and theres no enemy except the eidolons that cant be cheesed.
  13. thank you, in billion less words you sum up my point, it's convenience and it's cool. that's is literally why i use it.
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