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  1. There are ways, but explaining it here would get me banned.
  2. I could minmax if I wanted to... OR I could go full memelord and play with 8 forma stug, your choice.
  3. hurr durr solo mode fixes everything Not an actual answer.
  4. w r o n g I did my entire clan solo. Not my fault you're lazy.
  5. WAH WAH I SPENT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR AN EXCLUSIVE MOD THAT I KNEW WAS GONNA RETURN ANYWAY Please, if you are complaining about losing thousands of dollars worth of plat for a (debatably) useless mod that you knew was going to come back one day, that's your own fault for buying one. You scammed yourself.
  6. The entire world is not american, believe it or not.
  7. I'm aware. We live in a box. Not the orbiter. I want to live in the orbiter.
  8. No. I want the actual orbiter to replace our current one. You know, this one.
  9. Thanks for defaulting all my settings DE, really appreciated !!!!
  10. I'll take "what is operator" for 200 credits please.
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