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  1. It's always fun swapping to a weapon to deal damage to the orb only to realise that by the time you've swapped to it, the shield has cycled and is now on your other weapon, so you swap back to that and then oh wait now it's your melee. No fun at all if you can't actually damage it because some chroma is running around with his rubico and euphona taking the shields out in 10s.
  2. Am I the only one who didn't realise this khora XP bug was a thing?
  3. If you want to have a challenging time, nerf yourself. Don't *@##$ to DE about catering to new players if you can't even comprehend the possibility of a user-defined challenge.
  4. All the single glitched letters... C H A I R We're going to make...damage...me...chair? We're going to make me damage chair? From rage?
  5. Literally nothing. They have not addressed it since then. There was a fiasco back when someone worked for DE and repeatedly tried to make mutagen samples drop as much as detonite ampules or fieldron samples, it would get fixed every time before launching a new update. Until this day, they still drop at a lower rate than other resources, DE has not addressed it.
  6. When are you making quest rewards re-earnable?
  7. MAYBE for consoles, not for console-pc though. It's out of DE's hands.
  8. I can understand removing it, but you also need to look at why people do that. Most of the time they're farming for stuff or doing extended survival runs. I personally do that when farming derelict missions for mutagen samples, an issue you still adamantly REFUSE to address or fix (I still haven't researched the hema thanks to your impartialness on the issue). As for extended survival runs, people will just swap to other cheese options, stealth frames being one of the more obvious ones.
  9. I've got a few questions that I wouldn't mind getting some answers or ideas on: 1: Can we have a more standardised set of void fissure missions, for example, a set endless mission for each tier of relic, obviously changing every hour or so, but always remaining an endless mission, and then have 1 or more non-endless missions for each tier in conjuntion with the endless ones. It can get somewhat irritating having to wait for, in some cases, multiple hours in order to get an endless varient of a fissure mission. 2: Going by what I've seen people talking about with the recent unvaulting, people tended to dislike having the relics tied to either A: cetus bounties or B: syndicate packs. Would it be possible, next time an unvaulting comes around, to be able to get them from other places? Having those options is fine, but I'd rather them not being the ONLY options. Add them to the regular drop pool, and keep them in bounties as a "higher chance" way of acquiring them. 3: This may be answered with the upcoming corpus open world stuff, however unlikely, but for people who have an excess of eidolon cores, would it be possible to somehow convert them into something useful, gems or possibly rare(ish) fish parts, or something along those lines? OH, forgot one 4: Whatever happened to having that "true" colour randomizer? I wanna see colour from ALL my palettes at once, not just shades of green!
  10. With the new quest. You answered your own question...
  11. RIP, was asleep and wasn't even aware it was on.
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