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  1. I love how DE thinks this is a "ongoing debate".
  2. Still no fix for host migrations kicking you back to the orbiter, making you lose all your rewards. Support isn't a fix, it's a bandaid, you need to actually address the issue, not palm it off on someone else.
  3. I'm not going to touch arbitrations until this gets fixed, DE can keep their host migrations to themselves, I don't want them.
  4. Why not just fix host migrations? I just lost 4.5k endo and several other rewards because the host decided to go 'oh welp i'm dead not gonna wait for people to revive me' and left.
  5. I asked this before that was a thing
  6. What happens once we reach rank 30 and have spare standing? I really want to be able to buy the rest of the offerings, but you didn't give out nearly enough wolf creds for them.
  7. Am I the only one who didn't realise this khora XP bug was a thing?
  8. All the single glitched letters... C H A I R We're going to make...damage...me...chair? We're going to make me damage chair? From rage?
  9. When are you making quest rewards re-earnable?
  10. MAYBE for consoles, not for console-pc though. It's out of DE's hands.
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