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  1. TYPE: In-game. DESCRIPTION: I was trying to transfer out of my frame so I could avoid this bug that apparently won't ever be fixed, but then it happened again, for the 20th time. REPRODUCTION: Try transferring in/out of a warframe when an orphix drops right next to you. EXPECTED RESULT: Transferring into my mech, and actually allowing me to continue the mission. OBSERVED RESULT: Getting locked out of my mech for the rest of the mission, forcing me to extract. REPRODUCTION RATE: Seems to be whenever an orphix drops in when I'm inside the transference radius.
  2. I want DE to actually release a fully finished update for once.
  3. this had better be an actual intermission instead of another 6 months of duplicate content
  4. did YOU even read it? browse local files opens up the warframe folder in windows, you move THAT FOLDER into your new steam install.
  5. Nothing like detonating a warp drive and deleting a planet or several.
  6. what's the point of normal plat if it's only for trading? if I can't spend it on anything, why would I bother?
  7. I had a squad bug out where we got stuck on 35 orphix, the 36th refused to spawn, we started at ~19k, left around 25k, actually got the points for that as well. I blame the update being buggy.
  8. Assuming that those new players don't leave because of a serious lack of explanation for most newgame stuff.
  9. If they keep going they're going to lose players. Do you want to let the game bleed out or do you want to suck it up for a year while DE does some actual work?
  10. DE needs to pull a Hello Games and just shut up for an entire year, don't talk to the community at all. just work on warframe.
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