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  1. The weird thing is, I moved my observatory up a few floors, still facing the same direction, but it's decided to flip the skybox 180 degrees
  2. nah, doesn't count towards bosses
  3. are there any plans to actually expand the beginning of the game beyond a new level? been helping out a new player and the sheer volume of information I have to explain because the game refuses to tell you is baffling.
  4. no, that was the entire point of peculiar mods.
  5. Got another one for the missing codex entry list, the "void shades" that misery spawns, they look like black/purple infested crawlers
  6. so basically the grand exchange from runescape?
  7. dude it's not even april yet, you're early
  8. Whatever happened to the aquila that we see flying around on jupiter? I wanted to fight/fly one of those... EDIT: forgot I had a text file full of stuff DE forgot about make all quests replayable where is the orbiter docking animation/where is the orbiter ACTUAL new player experience when, you still don't explain enough are we ever going to be able to scan/fight regular stalker again without needing to ruin a MR2's day? also, where is the stalker, he kinda died after second dream tidy up the lore, why is alad v going from cured to infested to uninfested
  9. hence why I said "no, there aren't."
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