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  1. I really love the new system, and I really want to praise DE for it from the bottom of my heart... ...but having it being locked at MR 15 is one of the stupidest decision I've seen. It's incredibly frustrating. I'm MR29, but I play with a lot of MR 8-10 friends, and the MR15 lock is just going to make them all quit the game entirely at this point... I'm very disappointed by that.
  2. Same problem on both Eris Assassination missions on PS4
  3. I think that's an unhealthy mindset. Punishing newer players for showing up late is never good design. There are better ways to reward veteran players without catering to elitism.
  4. It took 3 years for the Hydroid Prime trailer to come out. I just hope it doesn't take as long to receive the Twitch drop.
  5. https://imgur.com/uO1fSSY Please see the video above. When you put the Horus skin helmet on Inaros Prime, the two bits of "cloth" on the helmet's cheeks will get visibly aroused ascend for no reason. The Horus skin itself with Prime Details set to "ON" doesn't have this bug, but for people like me who prefer the regular Inaros Prime skin, it's kind of annoying. This bug might also be present on PC and XBOX. Please fix. Thank you! P.S. Having the chest piece on or not doesn't change anything, just in case anyone might've thought it was the cause of the bug.
  6. Quoted for truth. Very disappointed by DE's thought process on this one.
  7. Having fun is illegal. If you're having fun, you're not playing the game the intended way. If you're not suffering, DE will make sure to change that.
  8. Same problem as what was mentioned just before, please delete this post
  9. I'm colorblind, and would very much love an X-Ray or Thermal Vision ability that highlights enemies through walls, and perhaps give your weapons added Punch-Through for a short while. To go along with the "Broken Frame" theme, it could be a wall hacks ability or a glitch that turns the appearance of the map into translucent wireframe. Thank you!
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