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  1. You guys should be ashamed of lying to your player base like that. Those aren't "Universal" medallions at all, that is a lie. You can't even use them in Conclave.
  2. If you're annoyed that other players were able to obtain the helmet, and wish to remove it from their inventory, you're a bad person. Be better.
  3. I'm on PS4. I looked and I had 420 intrinsics before leaving my dojo to do a railjack mission solo. The end of mission report screen said I received 84 intrinsics (had an affinity booster from sorties during a double affinity event that's currently on during the Orphix Venom event). When I got back, it said I only had 464, so I only gained 44 instead of 84. This is very frustrating...
  4. https://imgur.com/uO1fSSY Please see the video above. When you put the Horus skin helmet on Inaros Prime, the two bits of "cloth" on the helmet's cheeks will ascend for no reason. The Horus skin itself with Prime Details set to "ON" doesn't have this bug, but those who prefer the regular Inaros Prime skin, it's very annoying. This bug is likely also be present on PC and XBOX. Please fix. P.S. Having the chest piece on or not doesn't change anything, just in case anyone might've thought it was the cause of the bug.
  5. Nerfs in Warframe are small pp energy. If you're offended by that, this comment was aimed at you and you should feel bad.
  6. While piloting the Railjack, you can map your controls to allow your ship to bank left or bank right, to make it tip in either directions. However, if you bank at a certain angle without completely turning upside down, your Railjack will try to auto-correct your roll and reset you to the default position. This forced auto-correction feels stiff and clunky, like your Railjack is actually fighting you and what you're telling it to do. Some pilots might like this or think it feels more realistic, but personally I really don't like it. Please add an option to turn this auto-correcting
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