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  1. I don't know what kind of drugs you guys are smoking at DE, but holy crap... It's embarrassing. It's sad how you guys thought Marked for Death was an "insanely powerful synergizing ability". You guys are creating an extremely unhealthy and unfun climate for the game, where players can't be seen having fun with a cool new toy without Mommy & Daddy taking it away a week later because it's not the one they wanted to see them enjoy. Marked for Death made Ash a Warframe actually worth using over something else. And was maybe a compelling option for Excalibur or Wukong and such. Th
  2. Thank you! This is a very good change. My only question is... why don't Severed Bile Sacs give Bile? 🤔 Kind of confused. 😕
  3. If Xaku's Void damage doesn't work on Eidolons, then it's just completely worthless. And by worthless, I mean the entire frame, not just his first ability.
  4. My first flower also spawned inside a wall. Now I have a permanent yellow energy spot right above my subsumed Warframes forever...
  5. The Son tokens are Hell itself. The rest of the tokens are fine in my opinion. Fishing for Daughter tokens is easy, you get lots of the materials you need for Loid, Otak tokens and Father tokens from vaults, you can check Grandmother regularly for deals that only require Mother tokens, and bounties are very generous with Mother tokens.You can stockpile them in advance for your next daily cap reset as well, which is neat. The worst part of the update is definitely Scintilla never dropping from bounties, and the absurd grind for Son tokens with abysmal rates and tedious conservation ri
  6. When a man and a woman become encased in armor suits of infested flesh and get turned into centuries-old golems pupeteered by void demon children, it becomes kinda hard to make babies, even if they love each other very much.
  7. Son tokens are beyond godawful. The other token types are fine IMO.
  8. There's a bunch of pretty amazing stuff in there. Very nice.
  9. Complete utter garbage. You've ruined everything, and my excitement is now completely gone. Well done...
  10. I really love the new system, and I really want to praise DE for it from the bottom of my heart... ...but having it being locked at MR 15 is one of the stupidest decision I've seen. It's incredibly frustrating. I'm MR29, but I play with a lot of MR 8-10 friends, and the MR15 lock is just going to make them all quit the game entirely at this point... I'm very disappointed by that.
  11. Same problem on both Eris Assassination missions on PS4
  12. I think that's an unhealthy mindset. Punishing newer players for showing up late is never good design. There are better ways to reward veteran players without catering to elitism.
  13. It took 3 years for the Hydroid Prime trailer to come out. I just hope it doesn't take as long to receive the Twitch drop.
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