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  1. Nerfing the Itzal just seems incredibly sh***y to me, especially if you don't rework K-Drives to not suck. I understand Sheldon's point that it may seem like owning an Itzal feels mandatory, but that just says a lot about how traversing the landscape is an issue players want to be able to get around. Fix that issue, don't nerf the solution to it.
  2. Pretty unfair in my opinion that everybody has to start from scratch on Switch, except PC players. Doesn't make me want to play the Switch version at all.
  3. Are you f****** kidding me? I'm irate right now. I'm sure it's not your fault, [DE]. I bet it's Sony and Microsoft, but still. I'm pissed. Royally pissed.
  4. My Twitch & Warframe accounts are properly linked, even relinked them to be sure. Watched several hours (15+) of Brozime, iFlynn, DanieltheDemon, QuietteShy, etc. and only got 4 drops total in my inbox. Streams were not muted, only tab open, 360p, and no other programs open. Very unreliable : (
  5. Screenshot poster, using Captura tools. Platform: Playstation 4 Username: Oracle-Raven Horror film title: The Graft Poster: https://i.imgur.com/0k0CArp.jpg Thank you!
  6. Clan name: Elysium Knights Clan tier: Ghost clan (10 members maximum) Clan platform: Playstation 4 My clan role: Founding Warlord (labeled as Oracle in-game) Aliases of all Clan members who participated: Oracle-Raven (Founding Warlord) Tour of the dojo: https://imgur.com/a/9hFoNnD An immense thank you to the entire staff at Digital Extremes, who have been working on this gorgeous game that is Warframe. Un énorme merci du fond du coeur, en provenance de Montréal!
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