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  1. Hey Mate, I guess welcome back then (even though it's already been 3 months). I know what's it like when not everyone is online, and you'll have to solo/pug everything (that's why I joined A Piece of Cake). So I understand that you're reaching out to the Warframe community. Perhaps you'd be interested in joining our little community. Our Clan's Discord is kinda evolving into a general gaming community. (This is the result of people who come and go on Warframe, but stick around on Discord just for kicks and giggles.) But you're more than welcome to hop on, and check our Warframe section. And don't worry, while the majority lives in the EU, we have plenty of no-lifers and people in other time zones. Just check out the link and read up on what you could expect. It also contains the details to our Discord.
  2. Hey Zellory, Your message must have slipped through somehow. Sorry about that. If you're still looking for a clan, then let me know. Otherwise, good luck and have fun out there.
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