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  1. Hi Bigbigjerjer, If you're playing on PC and looking for a fun and delicious Mountain clan, then look no further. May I present you with: A Piece of Cake, a place where the cake is no lie at all. While the majority of our clan resides in Europe, we also have plenty of players who either have no life at all or live outside of Europe. Our clan has completed all of the research currently available, we have a large and nicely decorated dojo, have the occassional competitions, active chat, and an active LFG Channel (on Discord). The activity generally peaks between 30-50 during the evening (CET), and about 10-20 during the off-hours. Voice chat is not required, as most people are kinda shy anyway. Our clan in a nutshell: We're all laid back gamers who have some S#&$s and giggles both ingame and on Discord. Also please note that our Discord server is evolving into a gaming community which expands beyond the scope of Warframe. (Also if you don't mind any friendly roasting, then feel free to join the fray where everyone is equal no matter what race, religion, gender, or sexual preferences. And yes, banned words are allowed on our Discord.) In short: I'd like to invite you to A Piece of Cake, and if you're interested you can either PM me ingame whenever I'm online, or use the link down below to join our community right away. If and when you decide to join our Discord please make sure to read the rules, click the candy, and drop a hi in the general chat. https://discord.gg/C5yzTVm Kind regards, theInternetHobo
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