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  1. (PS4)federally

    Heart Of The Lotus Items Are Live!

    FYI You only use one per mission, not one per arrow shot
  2. (PS4)federally

    Spores And Ruin

    Can I just buy it now? I don't want to wait
  3. (PS4)federally

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    I see positive improvements to DE's strategy all around. Compare Nexha to Vauban. Where Vauban is completely non tradable and restricted to alert rewards, guaranteeing you cannot get it quickly no matter what. Nezha parts are tradable and everyone who wants to cab have a shot at a part everyday. Then compare the new stance Vulpine Mask to another rare stance, that drops in the exact same location, Vermilion Storm. VS is basically impossible to grind for and has once been sold by Baro. VM is just as difficult to grind for, however it's also sold on the market in a reasonably priced bundle. This means more versions of VM will be entered into the game and a hard price cap is introduced, guaranteeing reasonable trade prices. So while yes DE is having to get creative with time gating new content, they are doing a good job of opening up other avenues for players to acquire items. It's obvious DE is pressuring players into the premium currency economy, however they still aren't forcing players to spend real money as they are making it easier to trade for items. This is a net positive in my view because it gives players more routes to getting what they want.
  4. (PS4)federally

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    But it isn't locked behind anything crazy.The reason why a premium currency is preferred over just buying items with real money is because it empowers free players to participate in the premium economy and drive the game's profitability without actually having to pay real dollars. Farming for other tradable items and selling them for plat is a perfectly reasonable strategy for acquiring things and the fact that the new stance is sold on the market means the free player will not have to deal with crazy inflation on the price of this stance. I agree that farming for the stance is crazy, why would anyone want to do that? However I don't agree that DE did something awful here. It's not that hard to acquire 220 plat worth of items and mods and then trade them and just but the bundle or buy the stance off trade. The only reason someone would be outraged over this is that they want to be outraged and this gave them an excuse.
  5. (PS4)federally

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    I buy plat out of principle. I appreciate the game DE has made and enjoy the time I spend playing it. Iy plenty of value from the game. My principles dictate I trade value for value.
  6. (PS4)federally

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    Should instead thank players like me for the opportunity to play the game at all. Warframe wouldn't be profitable and thus wouldn't exist without us
  7. (PS4)federally

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    It's not going to take that long. Since DE is selling the stance in the bundle there is a hard cap on the price of the stance and it isn't all that hard or time consuming to earn 100p to 150p worth of tradable items.
  8. (PS4)federally

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    Considering that the implication of many posts in this thread is that DE is money hungry, the bundle sure is priced reasonably. It's 220 for the weapon, 7 day booster and the stance. If you figure 175 p for the weapon, you're getting a 7 day booster for a discounted price of 45 p and a super rare stance for free. Not to mention you don't have to actually farm for the stance, you can instead play the game and you will naturally accrue things that can be sold for the Plat to buy the stance in trade, and conveniently for you DE has setup conditions where the stance will never cost a lot of plat regardless of rarity.
  9. (PS4)federally

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    One benefit of the purchasable bundle that you guys are overlooking. It creates a price ceiling for the stance mod. No matter how rare the stance is it will never be worth more then the bundle. As I see it the situation is a win/win. DE grants themselves opportunity to make some money, offers a convenient solution for those of us who just want the damn weapon and the stance and by doing so protects the free players from crazy price gouging.
  10. (PS4)federally

    Spy Sortie Need To Be Made A Bit Easier

    Yeah the Spy missions are the only ones I'm capable of soloing. Just put all the power duration I could on my Loki as well as a maxed Intruder and did the whole thing invisible with out killing a single enemy.
  11. (PS4)federally

    Is The Grind In Warframe Killing The Game?

    For me, the grind isn't killing the game. The time invested for no return is hurting the game I understand RNG and and I'm okay with not getting the thing I want every, or even most times. However too often in this game the thing I wanted to get is replaced by something literally worthless.
  12. Until I discover lore that contradicts me, I'm going to stick with my Ghost in the Shell theory. The Tenno are brains in cases inserted into the WarFrames. The Tenno used to be people, or some kind of humanoid. The important bits, probably just the brain but maybe other organs as well were installed into a machine that processes oxygen and nutrients to keep them alive and they are installed into the frames. This explains why they still need oxygen, explains why they can be infested and why Phorid asks us for our flesh, and it also explains why frames can be operated by one Tenno. Hell our organic parts may be directly from those kids in Member's codex. Maybe that's why Natah considers us her children, because we literally are children with super powers inserted into frames.
  13. (PS4)federally

    What Do You Dream Of Having In Warframe ?!

    An actual stealth and cover system. More melee weapon variety, also a rework to sword and board to make it an effective option. An auction house A new start map bundled with actual match making/lobby system. Condense down available missions, some planets just have a stupid amount of nodes. Then allow a player to quickly identify which nodes have squads with openings and join those games. Give us an actual lobby system to organize teams for void etc.