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  1. iArucard

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.2

    it seems when extracting from the event , it crash the whole warframe , host is the one who crash , other is fine , try rotate with my clan mates , they crash too when they are extracting from the event. something wrong there
  2. iArucard

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    It's here time to patch
  3. I am having problem , stuck at checking updates.....
  4. iArucard

    March 11 - 13 Connectivity Issues: Cause & Analysis.

    i keep getting kick out of the warframe , when to the relay , cant see baro , next few seconds im kick out , have to log again ! he is gonna go in like 7 hrs
  5. iArucard

    Operation: Shadow Debt

    Hi guys , lets say I decided to downgrade the clan from Shadow to Ghost clan right now during the event period and reaches 100 waves , will my clan be counted as Ghost or Shadow reward tier for this event? Or my clan still needs 300 waves for that? anyone any idea?
  6. iArucard

    Update Failures

    Update failed! Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers. Please restart Warframe to try again. The update will be restarted shortly.. whats going on....
  7. iArucard

    Warframe Chat Server Issues 30 and 31/10/2015 [Megathread]

    Dear DE , the chat server is still down , I hope you guys can inform us what is happening. Your sincere supporter
  8. Thanks Rebecca , everyone is waiting so whip it out fast!
  9. iArucard

    April 17Th: Community Hot Topics!

    Actually long ago I was waiting DE to make a Augment slots for frames
  10. iArucard

    Poll: Key Rewards As Syndicate Offerings.

    Im not voting because both option look nasty to me.
  11. iArucard

    Update Failures

    Was fine until recently I started to have problem , using Steam to play warframe
  12. iArucard

    Update Failures

    Now I have problem with updating too , happen a few times already
  13. iArucard

    Pc Players: Operation Oxium Espionage

    Select Corpus containers What thes container looks like? anyone can screenshot? can be scan?
  14. iArucard

    Pc Event: The Cicero Crisis

    Dear DE, day time is a pain to scan , night time scanning is still ok .. Day time , too bright the scan , DE please do something ! Thanks
  15. iArucard

    Hotfix 11.0.2

    Thank you!