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  1. Always interesting to see the people complain about bad UI, and FPS drops. Then thinking it was a problem with the game, and not WinBlows
  2. Any new information on RailJack release? It was teased at the last Tennocon and i think only one other devsteam since then gave any updates
  3. Irony, removing blink and Iztals speed because it is used too much. Instead of creating ways to fast travel on an open world Introduce Wisp that has a teleport ability Ignoring, Nezha, Nova, Ash, Loki and Void dash as other methods of teleport. Hypocrisy, not including that bit about itzal in the Overview
  4. It is a really really bad game, where we have to guess which words are ok, and can only find out what words are bad AFTER they are used. Some instances these "magic" words will activate a 1 week chat suspension, instead of deletion of comment, or a temporary kick and purge of the comment I fail to see, unless it is a direct threat to someone, how using a single word, merits a 7 day chat suspension
  5. I still cannot mention the full name of an Actor, in a Relay chat, who starred in a show named after himself, and had a co-star named Mary Tyler Moore. Also was in the first "Night at the Museum" movie as a villain. I got a one week chat suspension. But obvious vulgar words that start with F, S, and A are perfectly acceptable so, the idea "We will be improving Kickbot’s responsiveness and informative nature if kicks occur, " Seems way overdue
  6. also look into being able to cast while moving. I have gotten in the habit with some frames of jumping, aim-gliding, and then casting while in the air since the animation will stop movement while running.... but not while in the air
  7. Hop Scotch! as an idle animation How ever long is appropriate. Moa hops forward with one foot, 3 times, then with both feet, one, two, one. Turns around and reverses. Bonus if 2nd Two foot hop crosses feet (left to Right, right to left)
  8. When? Where? There were suppose to be 100 ducats
  9. Didn't get Twitch drop. or at least a message in my inbox
  10. Adding my name to the list of people who didn't get Twitch Drops. or at least a message in my inbox
  11. DE literally just did this, not complaining. But I find it amusing
  12. When is railjack expected? can we at least narrow it down to a specific month, even if next year?
  13. Fat bottomed Girls make the rockin world go round
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