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  1. You cannot even bypass the grind and get them via the market
  2. The Rank 1-30 rewards for Nightwave need to be expanded into offerings via NW credits. or 30 rank 30+ One umbral forma over a 9 month period is really stingy as it is now, the Alternate helmets seems like a waste of credits when you would be better spending it on Catalysts, Reactors, and Nitain. In the old alert system all of these were relitivly easy to get during a cycle or two of alerts. Overall, the added story and lore with nightwave is nice, but IMHO that is not worth replacing the alert system with it
  3. I was thinking, if they are in prison, what would be a good way to make sure they didn't escape. If they had toasters for heads, everyone would know they were on venus for their debts. Really couldn't "Show their face" in normal society and be able to blend it. about equal to showing up at a local McD in an orange jumpsuit and manacles on your ankles. Maybe they would get their heads back when they finally clear their debt
  4. I equiped the Riven mod on my Primary weapon. Equiped my Raska Kubrow. unequiped my secondary, and did Eris Akkad. WIth increased combo time mods I had no problem maintaining my combo through 5 waves. held the combo for over a minute through all of wave 20. Mod did not get unveiled
  5. Not getting vaulted, but will no longer be obtainable as a reward. Any relics awards Nova Prime, Vasto, and soma prime will be "vaulted" Lith C1, N1, A1, S3, Meso S1, V2 Neo N2, S3, S1 Axi V3
  6. One member in my clan make sure to do the raid without atlas. If you know the rules of the spawns it isn't an issue. The first part before the elevatory, where you have the panels on the left and right you need to hack and the ramp that goes below. you need to stay away from the ramp, until enemies start spawning. And for the elevator, you need to all go to the levels above the elevator, to find spawns. It is likely a complex coding issue that the people in DE don't have the time or resources to fix
  7. space mom takes care of her children when they are sick
  8. thought this was fixed :( still having problems
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