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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. Maybe you should do more testing of weapons before releasing them so you can tweak them instead of getting out the nerf hammer
  3. certainly hope frame fighter does not require someone to join
  4. Still Decorating my Dojo while it is cheap. my Clan has 10 day inactivity kick all research except pigments, future plans hoping to expand to a Mountain clan. But like to join into an non-toxic alliance with more active players in alliance chat.. feels lonely by myself IGN: kkinnison English only US time zones
  5. Passive: Kludge: 25% damage bonus selected ability, or weapon for 10 seconds, if you switch to different weapon or ability 1. Consume : warframe "consumes" a part, which becomes ethereal. Increasing DR, and increasing health and energy. hold ability cause a shock-wave damaging enemies nearby 2. Project: Warframe uses arms/legs as projectiles, allowing "remote" attacks at targeted enemy 3. Integrate: warframe target and enemy an absorbs them temporarily into frame. Different enemies will give different boosts, eximus units give elemental boost as well 4. Explode (toggle): warframe becomes larger, increasing DR, range and damage, reducing attack speed, and movement speed. Enemies nearby will be affected by shock wave and be thrown away
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