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  1. I really dislike doing Pubs and having my Lich show up without knowing all 3 Murmurs. Then having to waste time doing Lich nodes hoping he shows up and gaining nothing by killing thralls after getting 3 Murmurs completed... no it does not carry over to the next Lich. it gets worse when they do not have the weapon or Ephemera i am looking for The PArazon mod screen needs to have the Requiems tried. and the mods tried should have the name show up on Hover. Been giving them nicknames to try and remember but it is hard.
  2. Can you make it so Liches do not steal Requiem Relics? Kind of hard to defeat them when they take away the means to defeat them
  3. To kill a Kuca Lich to prevent them from stealing my stuff I need a Phrase found in a Reqiuem Relic, doing a Kuva flood, will get me a requiem Relic. unless it is stolen by the Lich. this is unacceptable
  4. Clan UI update please. it hasn't changed since creation
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