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  1. I like Conclave but to be fair it's a ghost town. Letting people use a rare drop to slowly earn Conclave loot wouldn't make less people play Conclave. It might even get more people to try it when they realize how much faster it is to gain rep by playing PVP than farming Medallions.
  2. Double colors on plenty of my items have broken, Wukong Mithra and plenty of other Tennogen among them.
  3. Yet i keep seeing people say DE doesn't read General Discussion, so which is it?
  4. I like teleporting them into danger with Loki or Nova if they're AFK'ing in a place enemies can't get to them. Leaving them alone in a defense mission is by far the most fun though.
  5. Thanks for the update. Any chance shoulder attachments on Equinox Prime could be looked at? My Edo Prime look great on Equinox with the Divisa skin but on her prime using the same skin they attach at a strange angle.
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