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  1. I am a returning player, been on-again-off-again so I don't know exactly when it happened (though I noticed it a while back, anbd it wasnt fixed since then), but every cosmetic attachment, especially regalias become SIGNIFICANTLY more transparent than they should be, to the point of invisibility in some cases, since the last time I played. My clan emblem, and the Kuria emblems were always solid color, visible in all situations, but now they are almost unnoticable in anything but the darkest areas of the game, and even then they are transparent shadows. It seems that only things that
  2. You don't "play" game when you formaing stuff though. Not really.
  3. Enemies hit by glaive explosions should contribute to the combo counter, otherwise there'd be no point as explosions would remain underpowered compared to regular melee use.
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