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Mmmm, another one. Hasty, so hasty.

How long has it been...four cycles? It was a cold sleep, a good sleep. Now everything is burning, and there are no more dreams. I would write, but I have no more pen, no more paper. I would offer tea, but I have not drunk in a long, long time. Nor eaten, for that matter.

I merely watch as the events unfold and the world warps into newer shapes. I have been watching long, shed many skins. Dreamless sleep and lidless eyes remember as the night remembers. 

Find me where the  words flow like wine.

Tread lightly as you go, sweet kin of mine, and blow the candle out.




An Excalibur who likes the pen better than his sword. Won't say no to a good melee slaughter though.


Professional grineer exterminator to fund my expenses for paper, ink and anime merchandise.


In my spare time I write and read when I'm not indulging the otaku in me.


Go figure!


Edit: I have indeed posted my first artwork! Please find it here:


Have also begun to post a series of Gunblades! Find it here:


Here's a guide on Limbo if you need it:


Here's a Fanfiction from me! If you are interested in what a Dying tenno does in the face of a losing battle, please read it and tell me what you think!

And here's another! What were the Tenno feeling when they slew the ones in cold and gold? Read to find out!


To keep tabs on my all my fanfictions please follow this masterpost that links to all of them:



Leave an upvote or a comment if it please you!


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