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  1. Please drop us some of those perceived retcons and contradictions. To my knowledge the only things that've been retconned and contradicted are headcanons.
  2. Shooting out its engines should ground it, I think. At higher levels it gets almost impossible to kill with very few exceptions, so giving it weakpoints would be great.
  3. Looks more like a Zanbatou to me, as Odachi are slimmer and shorter(?), like so. In any case. Nier Automata vibes. I know what I'll be doing with Mag Pneuma and the sword, get me? Hopefully the Zaigakotsu gets the same treatment and category. Can't wait to rock it with my Nidus!
  4. Goddamn it, make it a feature. I like this, I want this.
  5. Mature as a PERSON, a CHARACTER, that is, MENTALLY. NOT physically. Don't take it literally mate.
  6. Heh. Look, I respect that people want melee rivens. But they aren't going to make unpopular melees more popular, which rivens were made for. Breathe new life into old weapons. They'll just reinforce already strong weapons. Hello more range and slash atterax, more range zenistar. Hello more damage, crit and status nikana prime. Hello more slash and crit Galatine prime. Thing is a properly modded galatine prime can already shred into the level thousands (not joking, it actually can), and certainly can destroy level 100+ with ease. There are a lot of weapons with ways to byp
  7. No idea. Melee has enough mods and already scales like crazy, why do we need rivens for them? We don't.
  8. Multiple reasons: 1)Relics have made primes slightly easier to farm 2)A LOT of people are running the new relics 3)It is a few days after PA drop, so the price is falling It's like this with every prime, don't worry about it.
  9. If you can run warframe without melting your phone, sure.
  10. Glad I could help. :) See, this is the problem I have with your suggestion: you suggest a fine bandaid over a problem. That means, however, that the bandaid only covers a symptom, and in time the cracks will begin to show. If you have to touch it at all, you have to decide on an overhaul. Building on broken bricks won't get you very far. No, I don't believe they laugh at us. I also don't believe in putting words in DE's mouth or assuming intent for their actions. Our job as customers is to state our concerns, and their job is to amend the service where possible to meet said con
  11. You press enter to go to a new line, then press enter again to break the quote like so: What you propose is essentially two slots with a caveat: that of one making a arcane restricted to that frame. Imo Arcanes are not accessible enough and varied enough to command such restriction. You can argue about it keeping the economy warm, but at the end of the day it is not consumer friendly. As such, I must oppose this. We are aware DE might not like our proposal, trust me. But we continue to make it nonetheless: give us 2 arcane slots. Make customization easier, make it easier to
  12. How so? Please expound a bit, didn't really get what you're driving at.
  13. Rank your forum MR by farming posts.
  14. It is entirely within the realm of possibility to have streaks. Randomness means randomness even if it's churning out the same number thousands of time.
  15. Why the mustache? Someone explain it to me, I'm going crazy!
  16. How do you know what we is isn't one big, collective dream?
  17. How about instead of having the actual weapon be bigger when you swing it, a transparent, energy 'ghost' of the weapon appears on it scaling with primed reach. Moor particles, more kewlz.
  18. Detron: 80 Sybaris: 160 SOLD Opticor: 100 Lanka: 80 Pm me in-game, or leave a message here if interested! Thanks.
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