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  1. Round 1 was great and round 2 will be even better. All that's left is a bigger energy pool so we can have more build options and a toggle option for Xaku so he can use his 4th without changing his appearance. Endgame Fashion Frame For Life!
  2. Love the new changes and can't wait for round 2. We just need to do something with his looks when using Vast on Time. It goes against fashion frame.
  3. I feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away just waiting for Xaku's changes. The despair is sinking in.
  4. If anyone want to know what's coming just read the PC Update forums and all of your questions will be answered. That's just content related. For hotfixes we do have to wait and see.
  5. All of those changes are perfect. Now all that's left its a change in Xaku's appearance when he uses The Vast Untime. Skeletal form its not a good look.
  6. Can we get Wukong Clone kills register on the game results? Xaku gets his 2nd ability kills register but Wukong Clone doesn't. Got give credits to a hard working clone.
  7. 16 days and we haven't even gotten any news about the update being sent to cert. CONSOLES NEEDS SOME LOVE.
  8. I need to use my Xaku, the changes doesn't fix everything but it's better that what it is now. Also please change Xaku's look when he uses his 4th. I work hard to make mine look good then force me to run around looking like Stickman.
  9. I hope someday we get more slots on warframes and weapons. So many good mods and little room to play around and have fun with some crazy combinations.
  10. Love all the changes. But still needs increase range on his 2nd and 3rd. Also please do something about his appearance when he uses his 4th. He's too good looking to spend most of the time looking like that. I would suggest making his parts move everytime he dodges a hit.
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