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  1. Everything seemed pretty okay in my opinion, except that Limbo skin. That was atrocious. I will get the bundle for it to have the weapons skins that come with it, but as a Limbo main I will never ever equip that skin. So just very bad.
  2. It is about time Limbo finally gets a noggle! He should have had one ages ago! Finally my pedestal prime can be graced with the finest noggle of all.
  3. Only thing that would make this even more awesome is if we also got a Limbo noggle. When are we getting that by the way?
  4. It almost feels as if we went in for a checkup to good old Dr. DE where they decided to chop off our perfectly good dominant hand for no reason and then told us to get used to using our other hand.
  5. Not a fan. I would much prefer an option to go back to the old way. It just doesn't work well with console I feel.
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