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  1. This could make a brilliant power for a time-themed frame.
  2. One mod to rule them all..... [spolier]I generally post these on hotfix/update topics but this is truly wtf[/spolier]
  3. Mkay *Secret sorry event for delaying SOTR*
  4. 10/10 still no fix for headless poser prime leak
  5. top kek still no fix for corrupted moa's touching themselves
  6. This is where people will photograph a pic of their frame add a pumpkin or blood to it in the hope of free plat. Sorry to say but i think that should've been reworded in some shape or form. Much Love though Megan <3
  7. Such a shame I only found out about this last week :/ I tried to do a frost attempt but time was not on my side so as it looks i'm not going to get the helmet done by the deadline so here is the finished card version (i may get the fiberglass stage done just not in the mood for rushing) Also if anyone else is interested in making a frost here is a pepakura design for the arm vents and back (the helmet is earlier on in the thread) The leg protectors will be added later https://www.mediafire.com/folder/vacmxgn0zxexy/PDO
  8. Especially when she sees his "horn" (if you know where i mean)
  9. lol all these people slating that nekros attempt. He made a good attempt at it and you could easliy guess the frame by its style and colourings. This competition is open to all not just hardcore cosplayers, understand that its the spirit of the game and competition. Maybe you should try before criticizing other people.
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