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  1. 1. OP is still here and still very much plays the game 2. you can very easily spam saryn's 4 without a drawback especially if using zenurik dash to get back energy fast 3. if im leaving i want full xp not 75% cause then i have to stay even longer, and lets not forget in onslaught the point is usually to max focus, how are the other 3 teammates suppose to get kills to get their focus up if they cant even get more than 100 meanwhile spamryn has 1-1.5k kills and 200k focus. theres fun then theres fun killers, i find saryn to be kind of a fun killer. 4. to the one saying ive never tried her, ive played her and literally anyone else can shes that easy. not to mention your competing your spores with all the other saryns in the squad which just kills your spores or theirs but one of you get boned by it.
  2. the frame is so overpowered for almost all content(not including eidolons and profit taker) that its not even fun to run around hydron leveling anymore, you go in there youll most likely 9/10 times. if u go to onslaught its about 99% of the time theres a saryn right there with you. im not saying nerf her into the ground but come on shes clearly overpowered to the point everyone just uses her as a nuke and it ruins the point of the co-op squad. am i wrong? whats other peoples thoughts on this?
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