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  1. PvPvE content is pointless without dedicated servers. People rage quitting turning into a host migration fest is whats gonna happen.
  2. Yeap, should be a thing, even steam does that with games.
  3. Atleast you have alternative methods of acquiring them aka plat. You cant buy/trade umbral forma.
  4. Im hyped but hopefully new area/planet/system doesn't have a grindy standing system like plains and orb vallis. That would insta kill my hype.
  5. Imo De should increase the trade mr lock to 5.
  6. In case someone didnt get it, op is making a joke about warframe endgame.
  7. Discount would make sense but free, nope. If you can have a setup that can run wf and you can afford to pay monthly for your internet, then you can drop at least 5$ on a game that you play and love. If you go out for a movie, you pay like 5-10$ for 2 or 3 hrs of entertainment, why not warframe that has/will entertain you for hundreds of hours.
  8. Warframe is the best game, DE cant do anything wrong, dont throw positive criticism at DE, this game is so perfect that even jesus came back again just to farm some kuva and roll dem rivens.
  9. Railjack could be the closest thing to a raid we'll get, lets see how that pans out. As far as i think every node should have a normal level and a lvl100 enemy level mode. The lvl 100 enemy level mode could have same boosts as dark sector (Resource bonus, XP bonus, Weapon XP bonus) to make it somewhat rewarding.
  10. Take screenshots, send to DE. But i'm pretty sure they wont do nothing.
  11. I identify as a bag of skittles, DE add skittles color palette please.
  12. Hagoromo skin with prime helmet and prime details turned on looks pretty good, not on my pc atm but ill get a screenshot as soon as i do.
  13. Dude what the hell, i cant find her in my arsenal now.
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