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  1. Bungie said, you can visit forsaken locations but not do story etc. Which is still true.
  2. I like using frames that are quick. My gauss has 5 formas atm and i love him but there's no denying that volt's new animations look slower compared to older ones. You cant blame the people that felt the sudden shift overnight for a frame they've been mostly using and came to forums saying he was nerfed. Most of the dedicated volt players dont even care if gauss is fastest or not, they just care about how their beloved frame feels and operates. I feel like you're just taking the vocal minority that says "nerf gauss", "DE how can you nerf volt speed" etc and imagining that every volt player is just like that.
  3. Then are you in support of removing everything goofy from the game such as insanely fast weapon swing speed, or this gaudd with redline+staticor? I mean it counts as goofy in The Real book of Realism.
  4. I know he wasn't nerfed and is still the same as he used to be but just like chroma deluxe's sword, can DE do this fan service. He doesn't even feel the same when using, even tho the speed maybe the same, it doesn't have that gotta go fast kind of feeling anymore.
  5. Thanks guys, i was worried if this catch up mechanic is just for a couple weeks or for the whole event, i figured the grind was a lot but i really want that operator suit.
  6. I haven't played the game in months so I'm wondering if this catch up mechanic they added will help me complete the season even if the current season is like 7 weeks in or not?
  7. Talking against DE and warframe, we dont do that here fam, you gonna get chewed into pieces.
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