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  1. A Barf frame? ok then lol. Id love a robotic warframe. When I heard Hildryn woulda had a big ass gun, that inspired me to drum up a robotic warframe that has its entire existance and weapon loadout based on it's internal weapon package. but meh.
  2. Oh, no damn doubt, DE fell asleep on the keyboard when they were entering in armor amounts for enemies..... Im just wondering why armor matters at all, cuz I dont notice any difference, not only in the miniscule little bit I did in the simulacrum, but in general battle field conditions. I either cant die and enemies do like 2-5 points of dmg per hit, or I evaporate and im dead before I can even register what happened....
  3. I did it with them cuz I know they do alot of dmg. I wanted to do it against a unit that would actually move my health bar. I think if I do it again, ill do it against a Grineer Sniper chick, though I think imma have to go peeping tom them and get them in my simulacrum first...then I can actually see the difference, with hopefully high, single shot bursts of damage.
  4. My normal setup is 508 from Oberons dance floor, 600 from Arcane and 225, thats a bit more than 1108. Steelfiber is another 110%.
  5. Armor.....that is a video id love to see an indepth video showing the different levels of damage based on armor amounts. I dont see armor as doing jack diddly. I ran a real basic test of my own in the Simulacrum, though it didnt go as well, because I couldnt fit the mods in. I took my Oberon Prime, who has 225 armor, then put on Steel Fiber, then my 508 points of buff armor and then an Arcane Guardians +600 armor and I let a Lvl 50 Corpus Supra gunner shoot me, and he basically dropped me in a matter of seconds, I barely noticed any difference between just 225 armor with nothing and 225 with all those armor buffs. This game follows the vein that most seem to anymore: Either the enemy cant hurt you and you basically cant die, or you get 1 shot. I find that to be oh so true with this game. There isnt really a gradual increase. Its tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, then suddenly after 30 minutes of fighting Grineer, it goes from 5 dmg 5 dmg 5 dmg, 20 dmg from a bombard, to 400 dmg 400 dmg 400 dmg 400 dmg 1500 from a bombard.
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