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  1. Hildryn is literally an invincible frame. Wonder when she gets nerfed...
  2. Theres nothing political about it period. DE wasnt thinking politics when the made the frames in the first place. They had an idea for a frame and an idea for a build and it just wound up working out the way it did. Not everything is about the poor triggery snowflakes who think everything is an affront to their world views. Now everytime a game comes out, devs have to worry about making equal number of x y z class and genders? No...all this bs people think everything is political or sexist or whatever...its beyond annoying. Forum rules strongly advise against saying what it is.
  3. We could see it as sexist, but why? All this endless "equality" crap. How bout playets n people get their political correctness out of our pixel shooters....save that crap for, well, save it for never since its all a load of crap anyway, but definitely dont put it in this game or any other.....
  4. Maybe not in this game. We do get our movement, which helps sorta. THough that post was for Armored Warfare, where we definitely must sit exposed. Just their idea of 'challenge'...
  5. Turn our friggin ships into FIGHTERS!!!! Literal air battles lol. Militarized KDrives? Hell yes, I would love to pew pew while cartwheeling around on that thing.
  6. Yeah, that whole fight was just terribly designed.
  7. Unless they tone down all the horseS#&$ 1 shot room clearing nukes. Start by putting the brakes on the endless scaling, then tone down said scaling to a level where zone wide clearing nukes are not required to actually play the game. Nerf and cap all abilities and increases. We dont need 200% Crit chance Rivens with 130% more damage along with our heap of other weapons power creeping us endlessly. Let abilities be powerful, but make them a tool to be used in conjuction with gun play and parkour, while enemies do much the same, using cover, abilities, movement of their own. Give Grineer Jet packs, give Corpus Hover boards or w/e...idk, but this game could be really amazing in terms of its combat if DE really wanted it to be. One can only stand in a room around a air support terminal pressing 2 for so long before that bores them to tears.....something tells me alot more players are at that point than will admit.....the zombie horde press 2 to clear zone shooter is kinda stale and boring....throwing in 14 1/2 tons more grind to the same basic, boring gameplay loop isnt going to do it.
  8. PSO 2? Whats that? Looking at a little random clip on Google it looks like a robot/anime gun and sword RPG. Though it threw me for a loop when they showed IJN Yamato in video.....
  9. Oh, I know, I know. "Challenge" in game anymore is rated by how many times you die and the damage the enemy does. Neither players nor devs seem capable of adding an actual challenge to games anymore. Ive been over this argument ad infinitum on the Armored Warfare forums. Saying things along the lines of AI aim botting does not equal challenge. Id rather have smarter AI that DONT sit and spin their thin armor to my gun, making them easy as pie to kill, but having an aim bot vs an AI that doesnt shoot as well, and doesnt move as much, but forces me as a player to figure out how to deal with it. Just throwing more tanks at us, to the point we cant even clear an objective, or giving them so many hit points we cant kill them fast enough, or making them spawn 360 degrees around us while we have to sit exposed on a cap circle does not make for a challenge, that just makes for stupidity. A Challenge was when I would play the old MoHAA in the Trondheim mission and I would try to sneak and complete with the mission without being detected. Devoid of any bullS#&$ mechanics, it was just a fun enjoyable little challenge. I would later try the same thing during the mission to steal the STG-44. Another challenge was when my uncle, dad and I would play Company of Heroes against AI and were fighting like mad to simply survive long enough to build up our forces and start counter attacking. Challenge was when my uncle and I flew in IL-2 FB 1946 and would take our 2 planes against 4 or 8 enemies. I rate challenge on how many braincells I have to commit to completing said event or mission. Not just holding LMB while being hopelessly swarmed and surrounded by tactical nuke firing enemies that defy logic, reason and reality, as many games do anymore. Wolf was this last part to be sure. He was not fun, he was not enjoyable and the only time he really killed me was when I was in Marduk in the void and the damage was spiked to stupid 1 shot levels. Otherwise, it was just a chore...
  10. The reason I know I complain about better enemies and that they are to strong and then to weak is because what, at least id love to see is smarter AI, not AI with "Moar Damage" and "Moar Armor" and "Moar Health", which seems to be the only knobs DE knows how to play with. Wolf was a prime example, he had how much damage reduction? 240 point Orange Crits from a Soma Prime that can normally, for me, Crit upwards of 10,000. Then that Wolf took like 30 mags from said Soma Prime. Then they make it where none of our abilities work on him? Like seriously? Way to give the boss fight less depth than your average Sonic or Mario boss fight from like 1990. The fight took all the brain power of a chicken playing Tic-Tac-Toe. Simply fire until he teleports to me, then jump, fire till he teleports to me, get knocked down, jump away, fire till he teleports to me, wash, rinse, repeat until he stops wiggling.....if that is the idea of 'end game', or 'high end' or 'hard', then I want easy. At least when im fighting lvl 50-80 normal enemies there is a little bit of a fight.
  11. Warframe lore? I find it amusing and equal parts retarded how the Tenno fight the Grineer and the Corpus, but at the same time, we fight with both the Grineer and Corpus. I swear, the entirety of Warframe's whole lore and story feels more like kids meeting up to play a game of football on sunday after church....like noone is ever actually killed. We killed Salad V, we killed all the bosses but they are still around.... We all hate each other, but we all love each other.....its a very bassackwards and weird world we live in Warframe.
  12. Well, im not proposing to lock progress behind a WT like Division does. Honestly, that was one thing I hated about Div 1, and hate doubly so about Div 2(honestly I hate Div 2 almost entirely, but espeically their progression and upgrade system). The only reason I think WT works better than a slider is because it would play hell on the MM when making random squads. WT would also match similarly minded players, looking for a similar lvl challenge, so the issue of one guy wanting lvl 150 while another wanting 40, wouldnt happen, if either have a brain in their heads and picked the tier they actually wanted. You then have all the players with tons of different settings, ranging everywhere from 10 to 150, where with WT, you simply match tiers. Also, you looked to much into my lvls, as I said in my OP, that was simply an example, not at all a set in stone gospel. The numbers could be changed, and tiers added and lvls compacted or expanded as needed, not unlike Diablo 3 with, now, 16 friggin Torment levels. You pick a Torment lvl you feel comfortable in and fight in it. If, like in your example, you were lvling unranked gear, you would obviously lower your WT, or if you were feeling spunky, could go into a higher WT, with all the risks associated with it. Id honestly make changing WT no harder than changing between Public, Invite or Private matches now in game.
  13. Well, yes, the tiers do extend the rat race, but can you imagine how pointless and how quick Division would be dead if it ended at WT0 and lvl 30, with no way to increase enemy power beyond that? We go to GS 293, but enemies just stay lvl 30, WT0. Thats basically Warframe. We have RIvens and Prime mods, max mods, we get better and better, but enemies really dont. Warframe is in that same boat, of enemies kinda plateau in power, but we keep going. Plus, this idea is more simply for the ability to make enemies start off at worthwhile levels, instead of 99.9% of the enemies being completely and utterly trivial, as they start off in the teens, then we gotta play defense and survivals for 30-40 minutes before the enemies are anything remotely considered a challenge. This game I find is incredibly boring now because of this. The enemies are just push overs for the most part. This game, back before I was pwoerful enough, my dad, bro and I would play defense missions and we had the intensity of enemies becoming to powerful for us, it was vicious, and I looked forward to coming back and taking them on at a later date. This idea would be to bring back that feeling of enemies who actually pose a threat. Well, the lvls were just an example, and I know there are players are who like to challenge themselves ;pushing that high. Me personally, I think 150 is plenty high enough.
  14. Well, kinda why they should overhaul rewards, so that we can farm for the important stuff everywhere, as well as making the enemies tougher so we can at least get enjoyment out of fighting the enemies that are at or around our difficulty lvl. Though, I guess this game is played more like a cookie clicker anyway....must be why im not enjoying it much anymore. Its novelty has completely worn off and its farmville/cookie clicker type nature has shown through entirely to much.
  15. Why? Well, it stems from how 99% of the Star Chart is completely useless. Once you've ground it out, you can basically forget it exists. Also, when you do play the game, there are tons of pure trash mobs that offer no challenge at all. You go into a survival, you have to wait 30-40 minutes until they get tough and the game starts to become fun. A good portion of why I thoroughly enjoyed Warframe when I first started was because the combat was very unique and new, plus the combat was fun and semi challenging. Enemies were kinda tough, and it was a fun time. Now, with how power crept we are, now that our mods are maxed, a huge amount of the game is simply trivial. There is no reason to visit 99% of the star chart or planets. Even in random events and stuff, enemies are pretty weak overall. We either get 1 shot, or 1 shot everything. The game has lost it's challenge and enjoyment that it had when I first began. A potential solution? The Division-esque World Tiers. This would allow us to put ourselves into a World Tier where enemies are jacked up to a given difficulty associated with the tier. So, just as an example. Lets say World Tier 1 is 0-30, good for noobs and lesser geared up players. All events and everything would be scaled to this level, including rewards and stuff. Then as you as a player improve and get better gear, you move up the tiers. Then you move up to WT2, which lets just say, begins at 31-70. So any time you join a mission, enemies start off at lvl 31 and end at 70. And so on and so forth, with the next tiers being 71-100, 101-130, 131-200......in this way, players can choose the challenge they want and play in it without having to wait for the trivial enemies to lvl up. WHen I play survivals, by the time enemies are high enough to pose a threat, im bored to tears and half asleep at the keyboard.... I know they added that one game mode from Simaris which basically did this, but I propose they add a similar thing all throughout the entire game, as well as massively overhauling reward drops so that we can farm and just enjoy playing with the entire Star Chart, not just PoE or Vallis or w/e place happens to be the 'meta'.
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