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  1. Is it possible to get dark black kubrow? Id love a dark black stealth kubrow!
  2. I think Ash can be very Samurai-esque, with his noble stance and locust helmet.
  3. De_Steve is apparently using this as his avatar for the forums now. Whoop!
  4. Update 14 is not next week, Steve has said so in the livestream.
  5. Paris, just because it looks the best and has the best looking arrows ;3 Also,the day of the dead skin <3
  6. Ash: Hey Volt, wanna hang out in the cool frame club?
  7. I noticed that whenever I use smoke screen as as Ash, that there is half second delay of no stealth bonus (A bug that I hope is fixed soon, as it wastes half a second of Ash's already shortish Stealth) Also relating to smoke screen, I can attack with Venka and get normal stealth bonus damage crits, but I noticed that when I do certain attacks, like the spin attacks with Venka and others there is no stealth bonus crit damage, only the normal damage the venka does. Hope these both get fixed.
  8. I had recently received brutal tide from the event but it disappeared from my inventory a while later, so do you guys have any suggestions on how to get another one easily now that the infested filled event is over? I was really bummed that it disappeared as I had even built an obex the moment I saw I got it from the event. And no, I can't ask Support, because when I did they said I needed the names of the people I played with, who I dont remember, so they can't give it back to me :(
  9. PLS GIVE ME INDEPENDANCE DAY FOR MY COUNTRY ON 21st SEPTEMBER DE. I obviously deserve it even if it's not American!
  10. All easterners are russians, obviously.
  11. Or you can just copy and paste the image from a website, by litterely right clicking, copy, then paste it here in the reply box.
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