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  1. I never read something I agreed with so hard on these forums in my #*!%ing life The final part..hits the nail on the head.
  2. Here is the thing, There has always been time items in warframe It in nothing new. There was always been grindy stuff in warframe. The problem with nightewave, is this is the god honest truth..Is that It is a #*!%ing fortnite battle pass. (Note I'm gonna let out the full force of a rant that built up from all the things I said where gonna happen happened..So,get ready..there will be calling out people) Mogamu, the guy who came up with getting DE to do this (Or atleast says he did) was ready to leave this game when he assumed Anthem was gonna be good. He is one of those of people who wants as much content as possible to consume. Because, well he has a group and S#&$ to do It with. The battlepass and road maps are new to gaming (but honestly not that new) and everyone is jumping in on this S#&$. However, lets get real here..It was basically, design to keep people playing for as long as possible, mainly vet players who have a massive boner for talking about the lack of a end game...The ironic thing is..Basically, all nightwave was and is..is...DE giving you points to do what they wanted you to do in the first place. However, I like wolf..But,then again I like random encounters and I like random events..Because, I am a raving mad man, however I understand people don't like wolf. Some don't want to be jump by a giant #*!% all grieener when doing a missions (Which is fine) Some don't like the fact he is a sponge with proc protection (Well,he is made to be a raid boss more or less) and some just hate the fact they can't get the hammer (Which, If you have been doing this all time It has been going on is understandable but If you play once a week and get mad you can't get a ok tier hammer..well,honestly you should not complain) The mission set up has been memey as #*!%, with people saying "Everyone is a whiner" for getting mad at mission set ups. But,honestly some of this are a little too time consuming and resource consuming (The glided one) really are over complex (Kuva surival) or just reward you for having a clan (#*!% all these missions cause destiny 2 flash backs) The overall I got is none of this is new content or even event special..Which leads to the overall Nightwave was nothing but a battlepass and a game of chase staring some armorless mooks and their wolf daddy. This,was the problem overall. Everything was the same, nothing special..Amuless had a big event which lead to a final battle. Rath thumm the same thing. Most,things lead to something as a climax..Wolf nightwave has no Climax...We do not have after a point a option to go to the Saturn 6 pin on the map on anything and do a "hunt the wolf" quest. There is no convict assault invasion missions..Nothing. The main point was to push nightwave to the for front by making It a overall grindy battlepass, yes I finish It..and the rewards after 30 are just..15 wolf creds..You can't buy S#&$ with 15 wolf creds. You can't even use the wolf creds after the event..nor do they open some kind of Saturn 6 missions or heb where you can go to spend the creds..You cant even use them to hunt down wolf...They are basically design so you can buy some helmets and some nightnite. So,IF we do remove alarts,Its gonna make grinding a bigger pain for newer players unless,after a nightwave they do another one..Almost 2 weeks after the first..Then,by that time everyone will be #*!%ing brunt out. It's by design somehow a longer but mor tring Alart step up..less random...But, really more grindy and tring..Nightwave should not replace alarts..Alarts never really needed to be remove to begin with..But, once again It is vet players saying they have no place because...well,they have everything. Which leads to how nightwave is not well design in another way..It is design for vet players...In the way you bribe a kid to eat their greens. Like,really look at It really hard. Other then wolf nothing new was added..there was no end game added no nothing. Just promises of a umbra mod was enough to get these guys boners all high up and forget all the problems in the world. Now,half of them where spending more time trying to get a umbra froma so they can make a video on what to waste It one. This,was made for vet players who have everything to shut them up..Did a good job for the most part. Which leads to what I would of done..#*!% a battle pass..Make a Crisis counter...keep the 30 ranks..But, rework some stuff. Crisis counter is each mission you finish connected to the wolf quest line gets you 1 points..It is 5 points a rank. However, during wolf crisis mission a memebers of the wolf pack will show up catching them will get you 2 points for all 3 capture and 3 wolf creds pre capture..Wolf If he shows up will be worth 5 points and 10 wolf creds and has a promise chance of a hammer piece droping or a speacial hammer stance...no other mods..no cells. Every rank you get 10 wolf creds and the normal reward. Saturan 6 is now a level..It is a shop where you can spend these creds. The creds are use to "Fix" the pin up. All the normal stuff as in the shop as now are there however. If you save up a lot..you can buy the hammer fully finished (Lets say..1000 creds) That way It a matter of saving or random chance. Wolf will show up with each week more and more as now and become harder. However, mission set up will change. First week, is trying to clean up invasions of convicts vs whoever, week after that..A defense mission where you try to protect someone from getting capture by the convicts, and so on and so forth...til,the final week ends with Wolf going back to try and finish the job..Basically you have to save Alad V from a piss off wolf with a army of robots...however,you will need to finish main story events which will be active at the start and end of each week, at least once. There..I think It is a tad of a improvement.
  3. A little complex then that..How It was put in broke a few melee warframes...It is clear this was not fully tested...
  4. Oh,god..was this a meme update? Cause I know a lot of those weird people say "No one uses channeling"..God,this is league all over again..
  5. I'm sorry..But,the melee update sucks...It feels like style over substance. It is flashy but very pointless and gets in the way. One big thing is valk jumps out of her 4 stance for some odd reason and still gets drained. I also, do not like having to hit stick to use channeling..It basically means the left trigger is only for aiming and nothing else..In fact,that might be the problem is It seems more design to favor gun play and quick gun pullouts and not for melee. Which is counter productive for people who wanna play melee frames or just swing a weapon that If they misclick boom,you are force down aimming a barrel of the gun til you tap b again..Which,makes It dumber cause you can do the pest punch,where you quickly poke someone in melee range and get back to firing a gun. I use that a lot during animal hunting and resourcing so,I don't have to be bugged swaping out to weapons. Really, everything just feels really wonky. Honestly,I think some of this could be fix by just letting people use the old control set up..Cause I HATE! being in the middle of a sweet melee party and randomly pulling out my gun. I'm not saying revert everything,but I am saying let us set up controller set up for It so,It all freaking weird..like Valkyr going out of stance and firing a gun while losing mana cause she don't know whats going on.
  6. So, for those following along at home.. FacelessDealer: DID get Selmar banned,but did not S#&$ talk for the most part knowing people would be out for blood and he did change his name. However,his intent was half noble and half selfish. (Read Selmar) This mainly had to do with Rivenhunters a paid for Ap. Not,Semlar overall. Semlar:Made a paid for app which track riven power (Rivenhunter) and facelessdealer fear this could cause a market upset so went to DE about It.He never intended for a free app to go down. He did not S#&$ talk Selmar afterwards,that was a user using his name because Facelessdealer knew this would have people out for his blood. But,instead of manning up and defending himself he change his name which is why we are here. (Selmar is no angel in this story) animeratgirl:After Faceless changed his name. They came in took his name memeing him and exposing that yes,he did in fact do It. (Must be a loki mine) So,lets talk about rivens....They are poorly designed when you get down and think about It and the only reason we have a riven problem is because,you have to try a million times with oversized request like shooting 100 people in the head while in the air without being seen with a dragon hobble key on (This is real) and It will roll you some dumb crap for a weapon you dont even own with a mr of 3 ranks above you while a guy who kills 50 enemies get a super riven for the weapon he wants. It is a poorly made idea which is why anytype of riven market is even a thing. Because, after the 25 mod you open which is not for your favorite gun,you go hunting for It..Because your weapon does not a big enough riven summon chance or whatever. So,yeah I market will set up..I don't like the idea of most of the people in the riven market being buddies..But,what can you do..However,them all being hyper defenses and some of them being elitist does not help..But, I am gonna assume there are a few good kin in there and give them the BFD since you can play the game without rivens and also because while rivens are bullS#&$...(As stated) However, the free market is regulated IRL rather ya know It or not, Quitilty control, price control and so on..It is made to prevent chain stores from killing all the MA and Pa stores. So,stop using that excuse for all the wacky stuff ya do. Cause,that talking does not make people side with you all, It makes em hate you more. Maybe If you just said "Look I had to grind for days to make sure this riven was open then spent a crap ton of the red tears of the grind to make It prefect so,I kind of want my plats worth" People might be more inclined to be nice. (Because,who has not had..DAT MOD) On a side note,some Riven traders do use semlar's free service version for pricing and other things..So,take that as you will. I will say as I said before, we need a market place which is more then hands in the air. I know It is flaw in Its own way (People trading then trying to sell something at a higher price).. But,It is better then not having a choice but to be bogged down by pounds of trade chat logs when you know what you want and you cant find It. Cause, honestly most people just want a flat price or something for a set and don't wanna deal with the haggle crap.
  7. Can I give a idea? What If we made a actual trading house? Like say someone has, a prime system they don't want. They put It in the trading house and set the offer like one of 3 items they desire. Like If the other person has a mod, Blueprint or so on they can trade it right there and both parties get what they want. This would remove the cluster in trade chat and make It easier for people to find what they are looking for. Simply put, the trade chat does not work because It is covered in spam..If people can get to what they want right when they want It by looking It up..The best prices will get the plat and people can actually trade instead of It just be buying things with plat. Basically, easier management for all. Not saying delete trading,I am saying add something in in maroo's bazaar which is better then people waving hands around asking for offers.
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