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  1. So Ember and Vauban were some of my most played frames... Vauban early feedback I kinda feel like he was nerfed in a couple of ways... 1) Cast time nerf seems terrible, please make that faster 2) Swap positions and casting costs of the 3 and 4. Vauban is still a CC frame, so having a spammable fast CC is more important than having a nuke. The 100 base cost for something you have to throw a bunch over the map is a punch in the face... 3) Other abilities still seem like they won't really be used much Ember early feedback She feels okay... I need to play with her more. 1) Sw
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    Isn't Resonance Sonar already a viable end game build? Can we buff some frames that actually need it first?
  3. Here are the most boring/OP/efficient frames to play for various things... This list mostly just works on the star chart. With long duration missions, sorties, and ESO, you typically have to work. Exterminate: Ember is still the trash mob queen. Press 4 and run around to pick up energy. Defense type: Banshee is less interactive with RQ. Pop an energizing dash and continue to look at the ground and press 4. (I hate this build for the record) Mobile Defense: Limbo. low range high duration cataclysm / stasis combo means unless there is a nullifier you can go get a cup of coffee while t
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