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  1. Howdy! I wanted to leave some feedback on the Ember rework ideas... I have about 10% of my playtime on an Ember frame (or about 150 hours) -- so naturally I'd be a little concerned about any rework, but on the other hand Ember isn't in a really good place right now. Most of my problems with the new kit come around play style. It seems like largely her 2 and her 4 are worse versions of Shatter Shield and Peacemaker. This would just make her play like a less effective Mesa. The one or Fireball... I'm not seeing the single target stuff working too well, and it's unclear how the 4 will actually feel in play. That being said change in functionality of the 3 is interesting... We'll have to wait and see I guess. What I would do if I ruled the world is make some slight changes to these to change up the play style a little bit. Most of the suggestions don't actually require too much change but are just slight augments to make Ember different enough to actually be a better choice for some content. That being said, I think what I'd like to see with the current suggestions to be more AoE buff / debuff DoT kit. This would allow some interesting play while in longer missions where you typically only sit in a few rooms killing many enemies in mass. Or a defense mission where you have choke points you can defend, etc... At any rate here are the suggestions... Fire Blast changes: 1) Change Fire Blasts KD to the panic we used to get out of Accelerant. KD is pretty annoying to deal with and typically doesn't play well with others 2) Bring back the ring, make it scale with range, and give it a damage bonus worth people wanting to stand in it. (additive CC?, half of a *normal* damage buff people actually use (like Total Eclipse, Vex Armor))? 3) Trade positions or the 2, and 3. Make Fire Blast spammable and cost less as it seems like a good temporary CC. Inferno changes (maybe?) It's unclear how Inferno works so perhaps I'm being a little presumptuous here, but bare with me. 1) Allow Inferno to operate on an area for it's duration in addition to on the enemies it's burning. 2) Remove the burning animation from the 4, allowing enemies to still funnel through areas to be killed with out slowing them down creating a KPS detriment. (besides... you have a spammable 2 now) What I'm envisioning the play style is like here, is that we get a frame that can be more of a battlefield tactician. Leaving (hopefully large) areas of buff and de-buffing for the team. With a quick AoE armor strip and stun. There isn't really a frame that plays like this currently. Anyways I realize that early feedback on features that haven't been play tested are probably not correct. Thanks for reading!
  2. Same issue.... for some reason afterward I seem to be stuck at 6200 standing.... even after the other completing other... challenges? missions? quests?
  3. The acceleration feels slower now... The speed still gets up to the same level I think, it's just not as quickly as before. Animations could affect perception, but then again I don't want to hear that from people that read posts and don't play Volt as much as I do, or can't provide a way to do A/B comparisons....
  4. And the type that literally have months of play time on Volt and just didn't want him changed...
  5. The over sped running animation was a nice visual queue that my sprint is functioning as intended. I'm not sure if it's the KO on my keyboard or not but I find myself continually hitting shift because it looks like the old walking animation. Thanks! -- Volt main
  6. Kavat Energy color is broken on only one load out slot Additional bug here Slot A Slot B
  7. Howdy DE! Firstly I love the game and all of that stuff... I typically like the way the dev team handles balance issues... The coptering / parkour system is a great example of that, etc etc etc... One thing I'd like to note, balance passes with nerfs are cool in most types of games. In looters however, it's a slap in the face to your player base. If someone spends a year farming for the perfect gun/sword/riven/whatever and the dev team figures out they screwed up and couldn't figure out how to balance the game the first time, and then nerf it... You effectively just wasted that persons year. I personally find this to be completely disrespectful of peoples time in the best case, and in the worst case it's completely disrespectful of their wallet. I have seriously stopped playing Blizzard games entirely because of the way they handled balances in Diablo 3 (Don't even get me started). Not just a game, the entire studio. At least at some point they realized that a real money market in a looter game with the way it was handled was BS (though it took a year or two). DE isn't close to that level of frustration (for me personally) but these things can, and do happen. I mean... it's one thing if a mechanic is just released and there hasn't been a lot of time on it. Sure then, nerf and balance away! It's something completely different with the system you have here though. This is a system that's been in place well over the year I've been playing, and probably even longer! That being said, sometimes -- like with the nuke trinity build -- things slip through, I get that, and every time you guys screw up on game balance I'm not expecting that you completely re-balance the rest of the game based upon that. I highly suggest that you just factor the riven disposition into the weapons damage potential and use that to determine MR (or figure out some means to statically allocate dispositions). For example if you want a Vectis Prime equivalent weapon with a high dispo just make it MR 18 or something. If you have 2 weapons at MR 18 and wonder why those are the only 2 weapons used.... If people what to roll a riven 300 times to get it right let them do it! I mean out of the 350+ weapons in the game you should be able to create enough diversity at the end game. Conversely, I happen to notice that the way you are doing this (changing dispos after a new prime is announced/released) basically creates a lot of churn in the riven market to where new weapons will get inflated prices for awhile. I'm not saying the company is doing this on purpose because it affects plat sales or anything, but they should realize that this happens and adjust dispos well before there is market insight into the upcoming gear. Sorry for the long overly negative post. I just needed to vent a bit. I'll promptly go off now and buy my 6th Prime access in a row... and who knows... I may pick up a new riven 😛 For the record, I don't buy prime access because I actually need anything in game any longer. I'm MR 25 and I have most every item in the game already (including rivens for every gun I like). I do it to support this company because I'm generally appreciative of the game and the community. I hope the team figures out how to not have rivens universally hated for various reasons.
  8. Can we be invulnerable during the 10 year war.... I mean arch-gun deployment animation ^_^ Srsly tho, thanks for all of the fixes lately!
  9. TL;DR Confirmed, my frames seem to have noticeably more butter 🙂 Thanks for the updates! I'm in a windowed mode at "max frame rate" setting because the eyefinity setup I have doesn't work with WF. Previously even though the frame rate counter was registering > 100 FPS I would still get noticeable stutter.
  10. TL;DR Confirmed, my frames seem to have noticeably more butter 🙂 Thanks for the updates! I'm in a windowed mode at "max frame rate" setting because the eyefinity setup I have doesn't work with WF. Previously even though the frame rate counter was registering > 100 FPS I would still get noticeable stutter.
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