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  1. OMG how much they love time gated thing....
  2. If you look around carefully, you lose. If you listen to the NPC and think about what it means, you lose. seriously, why timelimit ?????? I waste my 30 tokens to relize how it works because there is nothing tell me what I am doing wrong good design.
  3. yeah keep lul at this, but I think WF is not at good situation now, I am worried about it
  4. Fomorian 112%, Razorback 139%, endless nightwave, no responding for forums everything seems stop now
  5. 1.there is no seasons in WF, it's always short nights. 2.duration of night time is too short, very easy to miss it I would rather it take 2 days in reallife for day time, then 1 whole days for night time that will be easier to schedule at least.
  6. yea that's really annoying, and migration problem can never be fixed, so do it on solo next time. that's one reason I don't like missions since Railjack update, most of them take about 20mins for a run (common PUG), and not solo friendly
  7. still better then Cetus. I don't have to check those timers every 2 hours.
  8. I know that's progress control thing, give the quota for each day, let players choice when to play, that's nice (just like Syndicates) but the day/night in Cetus is awful -- why daytime muuuuuuuuuuuuch longer then night? why the day/night not same as Earth? meh
  9. yes, yes huge fall off and stagger all days are very fun and Primed Surefooted is tactics, sure it is.
  10. only one thing: START A NEW SEASON
  11. agree. keep it would'nt make any trouble, why not?
  12. here is my tip for starter : 1.build a Amesha. 2.start mission, hide ur railjoke to somewhere (inside the rock for example) 3.do all things with you AW.
  13. NYX 's Absorb with Augment Mod. it immue both stagger and AOE damages.
  14. I can trade stagger with selfDamage but NOT FALL OFF it complete destroy the meaning of AOE weapons
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