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  1. Marked for Death had very low range compared to any other "nuking" ability, required line of sight, and required something else to do the damage, specifically to clear rooms you would do a finisher for maximum damage. Meaning you would do lengthy animations to cover at an absolute maximum 28m with line of sight, when you were realistically doing closer to 19.5~22.5m M4D was not a practical ability for the majority of the roster and hardly counts for "Unresricted" when you need the right conditions and a specific build (High Range, High Power, Finisher Dagger or Hammer) to work.
  2. As far as the Mire goes I never looked into it since I preferred the Jaw Sword. I'd imagine something with viral damage and the guaranteed blight status procs but again, nothing I ever invested research in. The Jaw sword however is just for better stats, 100% more melee damage for the augment definitely covers the minuscule difference the 0.04/0.07 dispo difference of the other rivens. But as far as the Xoris goes, it's just very lazy Naramon and let's you pick another school if you want something like Zenurik. Maxed Power Spike makes it near impossible to drop combo with whipclaw and makes
  3. It isn't fair, Marked for Death should have never been nerfed. One bad decision shouldn't lead to additional bad decisions. Frames shouldn't be balanced around helminth subsume, with that in mind you could call larval Atlas a nuker frame.
  4. Requesting nerfs in a power fantasy game on abilities that have their respective time in place. Most of these frames are used to proper effect in their niche. Saryn in ESO and Non-Steel Path Kuva Survivals, Ledgermain Mirage can be used in low level defenses/infested salvage to speed up the mission, but a line of sight requirement would kill the build. I genuinely don't know where Equinox is preferred, they're the most involved but scale better so I guess if you went into higher content you would use them. Mesa is the most general of the frames listed being able to used in essentially any cont
  5. Switching with an enemy could place radiation procs on the swapped enemy, so not only are you displaced but aggro will be redirected to that enemy. Or swapping with an enemy could also teleport surrounding enemies in a radius around a target grouping them all into the spot you teleported from. Acting as a grouping ability like Larval/Ensnare which could make him much more viable as a support teammate past radial disarm.
  6. Just using Naramon, or in the case of Khora just farming in one spot during survivals with any combo duration, you'll stay topped off pretty well. Xoris was almost entirely quality of life and easier to use than alternatives. Jaw Sword specifically is the most notable stat stick because of Blade of Truth and the hilarious riven disposition. That said, pretending Atlas isn't worth mentioning with access to Helminth is laughable and Gara has always been a good all-rounder frame, she's just competing with Khora who has access to additional loot drops. Jaw Sword/Mire with rivens always drast
  7. The funniest thing about the Xoris nerf, is the Xoris was still drastically inferior to a stat stick Jaw Sword with a riven on it. Because Rivens are allowed to affect warframe abilities for some reason? Stat Stick Jaw Sword still functions perfectly fine though.
  8. It wasn't a one button to kill to begin with. Between it's small radius, line of sight requirement, energy cost, and time to go through all the animations, wiping everything in a small area was fine. There are already a plethora of ways to do this faster than old M4D. Now it's actually just a garbage ability, given how you're posting I can tell you never even used the old M4D though.
  9. Not what the thread is about in the slightest. Saying "hey this ability sucks, let overdamage count" is a lot more realistic than "hey then entire concept of difficulty is flawed can you guys rebalance the game and make this ability more useful as a result?"
  10. Marked for Death was clearly not an obvious best. It was niche to begin with. You have no idea what you're even talking about now and just rambling about root issues lol. Bro just chill this nerf was ridiculous and bad.
  11. For the 3rd or 4th time this thread, the double mod application and Arcane trickery interaction we're obviously bugs. This is not where the majority of its power came from and wouldn't matter after fix. The issue is being capped at current enemy health. Killing a bombard will still not even kill surrounding enemies, and relying purely on heavy gunners to spawn is really inconsistent and niche for how restrictive the ability already is. The ability is just Garbage now. If overdamage counted the ability would be perfectly fine and usable.
  12. Because of armor it will never do 75% to grineer, it is actually worthless on high level grineer because of this, and worthless on low level grineer because you could just do anything else. The ability itself does not instantly spread damage, you have to then use another ability to kill the enemy, and in most cases do a finisher animation. This is a lot of time investment, and a lot more than just 50 energy then using a normal nuke skill that hits a wider area, can ignore line of sight, and is much faster. In short Marked for Death is useless, requires resources to put on a frame, and is al
  13. All of these aside Miasma, are also considered horrible abilities. Miasma makes up for it in giving guaranteed Viral damage however, drastically buffing the damage of whatever hits enemies next.
  14. The point being dependent on enemy health makes it a garbage ability. Also after testing in the simulacrum its current HP, not even max HP. If you kill with marked for death, and then mark an enemy damaged by the previous mark you will keep doing smaller and smaller amounts of damage. This ability literally cannot kill if you keep attacking enemies in the same initial group.
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