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  1. Strange i have no issues with Marching around and keeping my battery over 100% and charging my Redline. I must the progamer my grandmom was telling me stories about when i was young tenno... Only issue i have with charging battery is when i get hit alot. I have 0 issues to run and gun while marching around. Also you are not supposted to sit at maxed Redline 24/7 its just cherry on the cake. In distruption/interception i constantly move/charge my battery anyway, its literally passive bonus when i reach maxed Redline.
  2. My "issues" with Gauss: Battery DRAIN when being hit could be lower. When being hit by multiple enemies, its hard to keep battery lvl even at 30% so no DR/Speed buff pretty much (well you should run adaptation for DR) Battery GAIN from his 3 could be higher its simply waste of time using it and it cost much more energy than just using March Rush. So there is incentive actually using/charging battery with 3. Range could be slightly higher. Let me steer better while actually speeding in March Rush. His passive is simply useless, maybe for some niche build with arcanes but meh not worth. Leave his Kinetic Plating as it is. Its actually awesome for QT tanking in very original way imo. If DE nerf his tankiness he become just worse Volt/Wisp. I like how "selfish" Gauss is, still you can carry team by his mobility (awesome for interception/distruption and in defense i just grab vazarin since i dont need zenurik with my setup and melt stuff with Acceltra, can be anywhere on map in few seconds. And yes Nova/Wisp can do all this much better but w/e 😅 ) TBH hes in better spot at launch than Hildryn ever was/will be. SHE needs some love, Gauss is OK imo, hes lots of fun for me. Lets say his gameplay is thrilling.
  3. Problem with mesa is her peacemaker starts to falloff at like lvl 200+ armored enemies and you cant go ham on melee which scales much much further (well except redeemer prime that thing is OP). Meanwhile Gauss can just zip around with gram prime and do insane bleeds with it. But w/e my man, not saying mesa is bad tank i know she can tank TRUCKTON it has just this "dont get close" limitation that i dont like much, shes also awesome with snipers which can carry you for loong time (when PM starts to fall off) while still being very tanky and CC stuff. Anyway i like gauss, maybe hes not perfect but his playstyle is super fun for me, wisp was close, but gauss March Rush and his 2/4 are simply awesome, fits my playstyle and actually cant wait to get home from work and log in warframe, which didnt happen in last year with any frame/weapon/content. Peace.
  4. Im all UP for trading UM for conclave standing i have no use for them anyway. Not like you going to gain tons of standing anyway, but atleast some standing would be nice... And yes conclave is empty most of time. And i dont think PvPers will care that i traded like 10 UM per week... 😁
  5. Yeah i could say same about mesa being hit in the face by melee and die instantly. Also no frame in the game is going to facetank lvl 300+ Nulli shot (well gauss might it seems and Revenant). Sooo yeah... Also Gauss tankiness comes from energy gain per dmg/hit and QT not the actual DR from battery charge, you should run adaptation on Gauss anyway, The DR from battery lvl is just cherry on the cake. Do you even Gauss brah?
  6. Yeah i have just like 200k kills on my mesa and have built 2x mesa one for normal gameplay and one for umbral/adaptation/QT/HA/Pflow tank build with Guardian/Grace, and yes shes decent tank (until you get hit by melee 4Head) but nothing SO special also shes useless for Distruption. And Distruption is mah life now! Gauss can tank whole room of 165lvl CHG or Corpus Tech and never die. And he doesnt care about melee attacks too. Anyway this offtopic. Tldr Gauss is awesome. 😁
  7. Go to simulacrum spawn 3x 165 CHG and watch that uber tanky mesa melt like a butter. And harrow is complete joke as tank. 👍
  8. Same here i LOVE Gauss, literally after like year of quitting/coming back to WF this frame make me play WF alot now. Its breath of fresh air in warframe universe!
  9. Top Tier tank with lots of mobility that can dish out truckton of DPS with weapons, yeah hes literally D tier frame... 👎
  10. Btw if you increase his battery gain, you get faster to "Super Saiyan" mode which means longer COMPLETE invulnerability and 0 ability energy cost, which would be simply OP.
  11. Vitality/QT/Pflow Arcane guardian/energize You spamm his 3 with proper build and never get hit, thats how you survive with vauban...
  12. Nah not really, you can still get killed by energy drain or simply oneshotted by lets say lvl 200+ nullifier lanka/bombard/ancient distruptor will wreck you if he drains all your energy with his hand attack or get nullified (happens alot in distruption mode). Its strong tho no doubt. There are few frames that can tank such damage also. But yeah will see, they should keep it imo not like Gauss is super op or something.
  13. Mmmm my Euphona prime with CC/CD/Dmg/- riven would love such thing 😆 Or imagine catchmoon with such riven doing insane bleeds in aoe, yummi...
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