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  1. Only thing i agree on is that her 2 is redundant/useless pretty much, when you can just heal with her 4 instantly.
  2. No idea what anti-synergy you keep talking about. You ignore his 1, press 3 jump in pack of mobs press 2, bam 1/4 of restrain meter is gone, you keep his 3 with 9+ charges and recast if needed and thats it. Its not rocket science really i can go literally nonstop with my serene storm up all the time. Did 40 waves belenus yesterday turned my serene storm mid round 1 and kept it ON for next 39 rounds. And if you REALLY want to build his restraint very fast you go low as possible on duration and you can spamm Lull on same group of enemies. Also i run vazarin for obj. healing and can CC anything that come close to it (not like its going happen very often since im melting stuff with serene in aoe). If anything there is HUGE synergy and if you go further in game you are forced to actually sleep/finisher stuff if that is not synergy idk what is. Also his 1 and 2 allow you literally take no dmg if you mod him propertly and you actually know what you doing. You can be literally stealth frame without stealth. You can mitigate 100% damage while killing helpless mobs that are just standing around in sleep ready to get blended with melee.
  3. Clipping on umbra scarf is just AWFUL it literally make ppl not to play this frame. We simply hate it DE.
  4. His kit is rock (iron) solid. Hes the last frame to be "reworked" or even touched imo. His only issue is you can be oneshot when recasting iron skin even when your shield/HP is greyed out (means you are/should be invulnerable) but this ancient bug is in game for so long its actually feature by now.
  5. I just farm fissures, sell sets, farm endo in arbi and sell maxed primed mods than waste time with rolling rivens (i still run kuva floods when they pop up tho). I make lots of plat this way and its more fun for me. I rather "fish" in trade chat for god roll rivens and literally rip off ppl that are low rank and clueless about pricing. Yeah its awesome isnt it? More kuva gained = more incentive to roll rivens = more god/top rolls = prices will go down everybody is happy. But yeah not gonna happen ever. I rolled like 5 rivens over 100+ times (none ended up top/god tier btw but made good plat out of them anyway) before i realised its just better to farm plat and put the right words to my search tab in trade channel and just FISH for newbies. Yeah we have beatiful trading enviroment in warframe now dont we? But i dont care i just keep ripping ppl off. Adapt/survive or die! 👍
  6. Excal has obviously much better dps/scaling with chromatic blade corro/heat/CO setup. His tank is great with QT/pflow/hunter adrenaline/adaptation and healing return or LS on his blade and arcane grace 2x or guardian/grace. He can even block with his EB so even more tank. He also has blind which is like god tier dmg buff while using EB/melee, can even do finishers if really needed. His aoe has limited width but unlimited punchtrough. Without energy hes dead meat anchor hit from ancient distruptor (at high lvl) will drain all his energy (and if you build his EB combo counter it is lost), meanwhile Baruuk doesnt care about energy at all pretty much. Also hate his blind on slide not gonna lie. Baruuk is obviously lacking in scaling department on his exalted, has no armor strip pretty much, CO is useless on his exalted (thats huge bummer imo). If you want to kill with JUST WAVES you are going to have hard times around lvl 100 vs armored targets (with no combo counter). At late game you have to rely on finishers which gives him 8 hits to his combo counter so you can build it pretty fast to reasonable multiplier, you kill trash with waves and the big guys you just sleep and use finisher (well you can also just dash trough them with naramon and finish them). There is plenty of tools how to deal with armored enemies, dont forget you can use primary/secondary for armor strip also. His tank is MUCH better than excals tho, and no i dont mean his 1 i never use it. I run umbrals/QT/pflow/HA/adaptation 2x grace and man hes one tanky mofo with his 3/4 on. Hes awesome with negative duration on his 2 (can spamm it and get rid off restraint super fast) and he can clear rooms very fast also since his aoe is MUCH bigger than Excals. Wish he had more status or more hits on his 4 tho so you could run corrosive and somehow strip armor better without all this finisher mumbo jumbo (and yes shattering impact is useless) or you have to literally spin to win (does lots of dmg obviously), but well its part of his "personality" i guess. There is more tricks to both frames ofc but thats for another page or two of text (zakti with EB is just insane etc etc many tricks you have to discover yourself by actually playing the game and experiment with stuff). Tldr, excal has better dps scaling but is nowhere near the tank Baruuk can provide. There is pros and cons to both frames. I like playing both. But im big sucker for fashion so i kinda hate baruuk look (both helmets are awful haha accept this BotL tennogen already!) and same time i hate Umbras scarf (give us option to opt it out already!) so i hate them equally!
  7. Hunter munitions is literally waste of mod slot. The ONLY beam weapon worth putting HM on is Synapse. Just btw.
  8. Cant wait for another clan event! Was fun last time even made good plat/endo out of it haha.
  9. HATE switching between smeeta (kuva floods) and adarza (juicy crit buff for general gameplay) all the time. Just let me pick different kavats/kubrows in arsenal like any other sentinel. Hope they do something about it, its so obnoxious switching between them. Also another reason to not use kubrows for me i just cant be bothered to keep switching between all of them. What i hate most tho is when i have pimped out loadout slot i switch to on navigation screen and realise in mission i have no kavat with me cause in that loadout i have different kavat that is currently refrigerated. NotLikeThis
  10. This 1000000x Pretty much truth about 90% of Warframe community. No idea how to mod/"exploit" the good stuff out of warframe/weapons/game mechanics/synergies. Just complaining about everything meanwhile we the smart guys/vets that know stuff just Only "bad" thing about Baruuk is his look (or more like his helmets) so i hope DE is gonna accept this awesome Blade of Lotus tennogen for him. Insta buy for me.
  11. For somebody with 3k+ IN MISSION hours its simply impossible to keep all rivens. You are forced to endo even the decent ones.
  12. Its because if you turn her 4 on and then just shoot primary/secondary you are out of hysteria, so no invulnerability... Same with aimglide since you pull your weapon out while aimgliding.
  13. I even have multiple of same warframe cause of this issue (3x atlas 3x hildryn 2x volt 2 mag 2x ember etc. ) so i fully support this. 👍
  14. Same no issues with her, except i would make her 4 cast onehanded, would be great QoL. Her passive is useless pretty much and her fireball i never use. Except that i think shes very "playable". Working on second "tank" ember which will be melee focused (WoF/accelerant aug and gram prime blender) and should facetank even sortie mobs if needed.
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