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  1. Imagine having issues with basic movement in warframe. KEKW Also handspring eliminates any knockdown from ancients. But if you cry long enough DE will "fix it" i bet! So fingers crossed bois. The only thing im worried about is ancients having 3x dmg on their hooks also (funny nobody actually mentioned that) im gonna test that in simulacrum and see how it is.
  2. That riven is awful. You dont need to stack status this much after patch on shotguns. Your modding is wrong.
  3. I barely noticed any change on energize except i dont hear the obnoxious "boom" sound every 3 seconds by picking up energy globe. Double stacking energize was simply stupid and OP, was about time they did something to balance stuff around. All the frames/features that can provide energy were pretty much dead/not needed. I spent like 6-7k plat on two energize sets years ago and i couldnt care less about "lost" plat. Also you can farm tons of arcanes in upcoming event which is gonna stick around for long time (Reb said that yesterday on prime time) so you can happily farm arcanes for upgrades from rank 3 to 5 and save/make lots of plat.
  4. All shotguns received huge buff in damage actually, just have to mod slightly different.
  5. I was actually surprised how much dps can "new" Phage dish out. Finally doesnt need 100% status (difference between lets say 80% vs 100% status was HUGE pre patch). Mod for viral/corro with crit stats on riven + HunMun and that thing is dirty. This weapon and Vaykor Hek/Exergis are simply amazing after patch (well all shotguns were buffed ALOT actually but have to build them slightly different now).
  6. So you run warframe on some server and it will stream it to your phone/tablet? What about the delay it must be unplayable with the input lag? Good for checking trade chat/trading at best imo.
  7. My friend farmed larva for almost 2h before he finally get the kuva nukor, i got my Bramma at 8th run. Just kill the larva check out what weapon he has and if you dont want it, just abort. Saturn Cassini takes like 2-3 minutes per try. Good luck. And yes you can get same weapon multiple times.
  8. There is NO issue and there is NOTHING to fix. Get good and you will have no issue with selfdamage. 👍
  9. Was playing Mirage + Bramma and killed myself ONCE in like 3h game session and just because teammate blocked my shot, so what i ressed up and kept killing stuff. Im amazed how some "guys" can pull out whole paragraphs about "sElFdAmgE is bAAad". Actually thats what make the weapon so FUN for me, you have to pay attention what you doing, yeah i know the common 🐑 cant do that, thats why we get such idiotic topics left and right. You "guys" should realize this weapon can clear whole room of enemies in 3 shots (you can shoot 3+ times in single aimglide btw) so having selfdamage on it DOES MAKE F SENSE.
  10. Good luck killing grineers on 100+ lvl with such setup. Define "crit gun" if you mean snipers then i agree you better go viral/HM or Gas on snipers. Also you know you can stack corrosive with any assualt rifle/beam weapon as amprex, kuva nukor, gaze none of them is "status shotgun" and can strip armor like crazy. Yeah good luck killing grineers on 100+ lvl with such setup. WITHOUT ANY ARMOR STRIP, if you think that bonus radiation is going to somehow magically bypass enemy armor you are dead wrong. Viral is literally worst element you can put on automatic fast shooting rifle (unless you pair it with HM and even then the slash procs will be miniscule cause AR have low base dmg, not to mention Viral dont need to stack at all) Cool story bro what about enemy armor scaling and FACT your dmg gets mitigated up to almost nothing without armor stripping. On topic: Obviously if you want to deal with armored enemies ASAP Corrosive modded on weapon + Fire from Lich is THE best way to strip armor (you dont want to much fire so some weapons actually benefit from having "low roll" fire on them, so you dont take the chance to proc corrosive off them to much). If you want to go around armor scaling Viral/Hunter munitions is the way (NOT on every weapon tho just the ones with good crit and decent base damage). So get lich with toxin and slap cold (primed cryo) on them. If you want to go Gas on weapon (which is very strong with Bane mods) get Heat, since the Toxin ticks from Gas scale from modded damage anyway (not the toxin dmg you got from lich) so you have more options for modding for another element (pure rad/Viral-heat/corro-heat). If you want pure corro (automatic fast firing weapon) go just toxin, combine it with ele mod and save one mod slot.
  11. You can ignore her passive and do just fine, but i like it alot, its pretty original passive. If you want to exploit it fully just slap Quick Thinking/Pflow/Hunter Adrenaline (i know its 3 mod slots, but its worth it trust me) and you can run around while doing double damage with any weapon. Pair that with her 4 + melee or even sniper rifle and you can do some monstrous bleeds. I run QT/Pflow/Hun Adrenaline/ 3x umbral/ Natural talent/ Adaptation, (arcane guardian 2x) and this build will carry you trough long arbitration run without dying. Shes really really good i play her with melee and just jump around with her 1 + 2 doing healing altars for teammates or operator in defense arbies and shes so much fun. Also her shields is useful but dont rely on it TO MUCH its awesome for blocking Ancient hooks, her 1 i barely use but can do crazy bleeds if you pair it with her 4 and got some decent amount of dmg stored.
  12. Benour

    Nekros 1 and 2

    I agree Nekros 1/2 is completely dead (well for me this whole frame is i hate the awful summons, always block my view and shet). Even augment for his 1 is "meh" at best, yes its super convenient to ress ppl at range and instantly, but so is switching to operator and stay unkillable in void mode while ressing ppl. His 2 is simply garbage you dont want to use that skill EVER cause it will slow down mission progress in defense, and you NEVER EVER press that button if you doing farming in survival (i slap your hand if you do 😹 ) only MAYBE useful for interception? Idk i have like 40 other frames id rather bring to interception. Atleast give it some armor strip/debuff or something. Also did i mention i HATE his summons and how they look?
  13. Tbh sounds good, that would solve issue with shields being "weaksauce" and armor not very friendly to "stack/slot" on frames that have low base armor. Sounds good, maybe even to good? But i like it, also ngl i would slap such mod on like all my frames. Even if its "just" 60% DR it would be worth it imo. Also you could make it 4th Umbral (Umbral Redirection?) or something so its not so easy to exploit it and make the DR go up with every umbral you can fit on warframe.
  14. ^ Hmhm, interesting. Still it looks like bugs to me (well not like im complaining, there are few bugs that became features 😎).
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