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  1. Yes hes awesome support IF you play SOLO (or more like if you dont have AoE DPS in group), then he can really shine, and even then he gets destroyed by lvl 150+ (around 1h30m survival +- if you dont camp and just run and gun). Only saving grace for him is spamming constantly his 1 and occasional 4 without it hes dead meat (yes you can cheese stuff with operator/lockdown but thats for another topic). Adaptation is must have on him if you want to go "endurance" cause then you can somehow tank decently with shields. There should be augment for his Thurible (more like Terrible, 4Head) t
  2. Just bring tanky frame and whack him with some decent melee, at some combo going im literally oneshotting his HP bar when he stops being invulnerable. Or i cheese him with hysteria valkyr...
  3. I can sit with my power str hildryn/equinox on Lith defense targets "afk" forever and kill stuff with her 3/4 just by standing there, should we nerf that also?
  4. Oh look you wrong again cause Mass Vitrify is legit way to nuke things in this game and its damn powerful (until armor scaling kicks in on higher levels). And surprise surprise you can even use stat stick for that. Mindblowing i know... On thread: if you want to level up weapons, then you want to kill stuff with said weapon or just leech kills from teammates, you dont want to nuke with saryn while leveling up this Braton you know...
  5. Actually neat idea, Upvoted, Clapped, Smiled. 👍 Also more money for DE i would defo buy like 20 of these in a heartbeat.
  6. Sounds like we could have to much fun with it, so probably wont ever happen. But yeah would be very noice.
  7. Best thing about umbra is when you pop his 4 go ham on EB even build combo for it and then you switch to operator and your lovely Umbra decide to switch from EB to your primary, so all combo lost, have to cast his 4 again, yeah def. my favorite feature on Umbra...
  8. Cause spamming punch with almost 0 energy cost while being unkillable is balanced. Kappa
  9. Mag is top tier and hella fun to play. Just bads think shes bad. Magnetize is amazing (the amount of projectiles i can shoot in bubble with my rivened mara detron is INSANE, all the projectiles spinning around... just glorious). If you fight infested just slap augment for her 4 and no infested is gonna move, ever. Also made her look like army killer cyborg with tennogen/wolf armor and my coloring. Love her! Oh only gripe is her survivability kinda, but you should be spamming and CC everything with counter pulse augment or even her 1 or 4 anyway. Also i have ready this tank mag (arc
  10. It wasnt better it was simply NEEDED to survive more than 5 rounds of defense without being completely owned, that was like 3 years ago when there was no rivens or op abilities when actually slow nova was welcome (not like nowadays i just leave mission when i see nova slowing things down) SINCE WE HAD NO OP WEAPONS and mobs actually were THREAT to us.
  11. There is HUGE gap between low lvl missions and going "tryhard" for X hours endurance. You bet you need CC at endurance (we talking 2h+), you will be crying out loud for limbo or any CC when your dps frame gets oneshot by anything thats over lvl 200. But yeah how many ppl are going for this long. Most ppl going ResidentSleeper after 20 minutes survival (me personally i like endurance it teach you few things about warframe/weapons modding, how stuff works on high lvl, how to cheese stuff lul). But it was always like this wasnt it? Imo ppl just learned how to be efficient so everybody is pu
  12. CC had its time of glory like 2+ years ago when there were lots of new players/low ranks and getting to 20 waves defense was something spectacular. But ppl learned/become vets now, have much better knowledge/tools to play with and you can "afk" such 20 waves solo without dropping a sweat nowadays. I remember how good it felt when vauban/frost/nyx joined void def back then and i was like NICE thats gonna help us so much! I still think vauban/nyx/mag/any CC heavy frame are top tier if you know what you doing/build them right dont get me wrong. But now weapons/frames do so much dm
  13. Mesa for general gameplay. More noob friendly. Lots of damage and tank. Simply cant go wrong with her. Mirage is more niche and shes weapon specialist. Fun as hell with some weapons (Larkspur oh yeah baby!). Have to parkour with her alot or you dead meat!
  14. Kinda hyped for dex liset actually! Im up for anything fashionframe!
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