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  1. Have any of you read the Rhino Prime codex? It might shed some light for you on this
  2. He could also just be asking the community for advice, and if they know anything about how and why bans happen
  3. Yeah, Nyx got buffed. Gave me a brief scare
  4. Nyx got nerfed? What Lemme go read the patch notes again
  5. What? Why does Shield Polarize need line of sight? Magnets work through solid objects.
  6. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Well, it's not like I have to worry about it for a long while anyway I ain't gonna farm Viver alone
  7. Woah, holy S#&$, a loki prime helmet! nfkdsgfgd
  8. All those builds have something in common, varto. Effectiveness. Of course you should build to preference, but use one of the established, popular builds as a backbone.
  9. Effiency, power strength, range Basically a Slow build.
  10. I'll be screaming too I'll be screaming my warcry of desperation (+15 intimidation) cause I'll be PvPing the heck out of that contest. Damn video cards Damn beautiful warframe
  11. Dark Sector Sechura. (Pluto) Depending on how much the Alliance holding it taxes you, you can get up to 10k ish credits per 5 waves of infested defense. You can even solo it with an Angstrum. Yeah, I think Void gives plenty, but ODD always returns me terribly dismal amounts of credits, so no, ODD is purely for exp and material farming Noo don't sell mods, sell the millions of warframe blueprints you already own
  12. It's definitely in the correct section as of now.
  13. Make sure you've got a bunch of friends with lots of materials! And I mean, A LOT of materials. Buttloads of all of em. Ah, and forma. Lots of forma. Everything requires forma. Another tip is to plan out how you want your dojo to look before you even build it, as it takes a long time to build the entire place, and you cannot simply rearrange rooms.
  14. Ah, finally, an actual suggestion from you! (italics) Also, highlighted in bold is what you've been repeating for quite a bit. Alright, you're asking for things to be cheaper, but you have not suggested a proposed pricing backed with market research and statistics. You cannot simply go "damn, things are pretty okay now, but they could be worse, and I don't know, things are sorta not what I would like them to be" Any point you make must come with proper reasoning. To be clear, we're not bashing you for your opinion. Maybe you could explain yourself better if you actually tell us w
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