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  1. Any info about expanded fashionframe for Umbra? i have several suggestion for this problem (since he's a little bit of a hassle to fashion to.) Umbra's Scarf : Put the Umbra Scarf as a standalone default syandana just like Khora with her back spikes. So it's either you USE the scarf, or NOT. "Should I use Syandana on Umbra?" is the question that I really asked when I start to Fashionframing Umbra the first time. Because the clipping of it is just phenomenal and I can't even use some of my favorite syandanas because it look bad with Umbra's Scarf clipping around everywhere. Golden Bits/Details : Why don't you use Shadow Stalker's meshes? Because Shadow Stalker and Umbra literally had the same type-model just without the excessive metal bits. (although Shadow Stalker still have some of the small metal parts like the shoulder piece, chest piece, and back piece, those are normal and minimal because it's the place for energy colors). Just use that for the "Toggle Prime Details" option to opt the model to Shadow Stalker's Umbra model without Hunhow's Loincloth. (and yes i know, some people prefer to remove the whole addition entirely, i think that would just make him another plain Excalibur, not a special Umbra Model.) All of this are meant to apply on default plain Excalibur type-model. (for example: Tennogen skins, Immortal, Dex) A little bit of fun fact: if you use Tennogen skins on Umbra, the normal Excalibur type-model would get stacked by Umbra's bits and actually shows up by clippings. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is for skins that changes the model of Excalibur Additions/Bits/Details: the "Toggle Prime Details" should remove them entirely on for example, Excalibur Proto-Armor. The details just washed the Proto Armor aesthetics by those Golden bits and details, should've able to remove them completely. (especially when they're mentioning if there will be an Excalibur Deluxe because Proto Skins and Deluxe are 2 different type of skins on Tennocon 2018 Art Panel.)
  2. wow update 24, didn't believe i was in since Mesa Update keep up the good work!
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