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  1. Recently I decided to use the Velocitus as a ground weapon via Gravimag, however, I have discovered that the punch through (PT) is extremely unreliable through enemies. The PT works fabulously against terrain, but it 90% of the time, the Velocitus projectile will not penetrate the first target hit. As proof, I have recorded two segments from the Captura that shows this issue, recorded using its slow-mo function. This is when it was working properly, out of every test I have done, this was the only shot that made it through the first enemy: And here's every other situation, resulting in no PT through the lightest armored enemy. (Both shots were fully charged, as all three "fingers" on the side are opened.) and here is my build, as you can see it clearly says (punch through: 5.0) on the stats section. These inconsistencies result in a frustrating time when using the Velocitus as a ground weapon, and may further deter people from using such weapons, as punch through for the Velocitus is its only way for clearing crowds.
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