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  1. Still waiting for armistice to end btw.
  2. I know right? I was waiting all day for it. I'm only still up because I wanted to play the patch, but they just didn't keep their word.
  3. The support told a friend of mine to just not play long missions if he wants no tradeban. So yeah, the solution is not playing the game, sadly.
  4. This is a bug, it sometimes takes till daily reset to address your trade ban in the trading post.
  5. That something else are probably lucky smeeta buffs, since they can ramp up your mission results very hard and make them abnormal.
  6. What's the point in that if you can run around with an unmodded mk1 braton, so much fun.
  7. The game just gets easier and easier every day. Which makes it far too boring in my opinion, you can't have any challenge in warframe anymore. Used to be different before enemies got nerfed into the ground and before DE started to make the game easier and easier. Nowadays you could run into steel path with your mk1-braton and don't face any problems. You really want to tell me that's good game design? And it's easy already is no reason to make it easier and easier. Also I think 10 waves and 560 waves have a slight difference.
  8. Long runs are not thrilling at all anymore, since the enemy scaling changes. It's just boring if you can kill lvl 9999 in seconds without buffing abilities.
  9. If you think enemies are not paper, learn how to make good builds.
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