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  1. Thank you , Bro!💪😎 It's a bit sad to hear, that your fav. warframe is Hydroid, because i'm not sure that DE will rework him well 😞
  2. Garuda: I have Dread mirror that grants 100% protection, but you have to jump into TONS OF ENEMIES to use it, and prey to The God that there won't be any AH so you can use your Blood altar. Huh? Did you decide just retreat after using 1st ability? Get shot in the ass. Wanna retreat back while using 1st skill + 4th skill is charging, so you can "fly" back? Get shot in the ass from below. And also I have buged healing ability, so you can't rely on one. And yeah, i have "infinite energy", but you have to use my buged Blood altar again and press 3rd ability minimum 2-3 times and there will be a lot of enemies all around you, but you can get cover behind my shield that won't cover your back and from Bomber. Not OP: Nah, Garuda doesn't need any buff/bug fixing. Yeah there are about 80% chance, that while you will be casting your 4th ability and than 1st ability, some teammate just kill your stack of mobs. Yeah, Mobs are just running away in different directions while you are charging your 1st ability, so you can't hit them all in big room, as any DPS do. Yeah you don't have abilities that can drop a lot of damage on big area, as almost all DPS do, and mobs, mostly, don't come from one direction, so you have to turn to another direction and charge your abilities again. IT IS OK. I don't want to say that Garuda abilities are garbage... Its are strong, but in the same time its are a little bit too situational, in my opinion. Especially in comparing with others. And, yeah, Garuda is OP if you will just stand in the tube, corridors, corners where your shield can fully cover you and wherever while there are no enemies can be spawned behind you, but then you must camp and I hate camping in this game!
  3. Mesa's shield have 95% (with power more than 200% or something like that) reducing enemy attack effect anyway. So even if Bomber rocket hits you, you won't be killed by 1 shot. Ash, the main DPS in the past, have invisiblitiy and can't be killed while he is under his ultimate. Volt has shields that cover you at 360 degrees. Ivara has invisibility and spec.arrows. Chroma has 3rd ability and 2nd ability. Almost all DPS characters have good Survivability. For me only a few warframes hard to play long surviving mode: Ember, Mag and maybe someone else. And Garuda, because it is pretty peacing off thing, when you are trying to survive in a room with tons of enemies with 3 Blood altars, and some AH just goes to you from the back or just closer to a wall and say: "Oh, i see you are in troubles, let me be your personal Nullifier and cancel your blood altars through this wall". And again: yes you can play on Garuda. She has pretty strong abilities, but you won't get ahead of other DPS warframes in the number of kills/damage too much, but you will have to try hard more, than they do.
  4. Intresting fact, thanks 🙂 But it confused me even more . . . Why Garuda is so "glassy" then? I don't try to say that Garuda is unplayable or something like that. Just in the comparing with other warframes it pretty hard to surviving on her. As i said before i can understand why it is easy to kill Ivara or Equinox, but Garuda... It is like: "My ultimate doesn't work on 360 degr., my shield doesn't work on 360 degr., my ultimate pretty weak when AH is near to enemies, i have to charge my abilities and etc., so why it is really easy to kill me!?". Yes i like Garuda, yes i like that you have to use all of her abilites, but . . . I just don't know how to explain . . . It is like you have to pay too much attention on battlefield situation by watching for AHs, Nullifiers and Bombers, and + you have to wait to use your abilities on maximum, while others just can instant use their abilities and just retreat from the fight or just kill everyone. For me it is not fair exchanging: Try harding for the abilities that you have to wait to charge + in the end of the game you are not sure that you will be on "the first place" in the number of kills/damage.
  5. Yep, i agree with you! And i have read your topic and press "upvote" button 🙂 And i like that you have to press all of Garuda ability and that it is pretty challanged to play on her. I just feel like i am fighting on the edge between life and death. I like how Garuda jumps to enemies when you press 1st or 2nd ability and i just like this warframe, because she looks just great and have usefull abilities, and not just "one button" warframe! You just get me when you said that Garuda is a "glass cannon"! And for me that's why Garuda is weak. You know, in this game mobs are spawning from every where, even almost behind your back, so in comparing with other warframes Garuda is pretty weak: bad shield, long time for casting your ability... Another warframes just have 360 degr. defensive and instant action abilities that fit good in the game mechanics.
  6. All right i will try to rephrase what i want to say: There are have to be some cool "buns" for trying so hard, don't you think so? On Ivara its are cool Bow and special arrow that allows you oneshot any mob in the game with mod on your melee. And again her bow is pretty strong and fun. On Equinox its are : you can make fall asleep bunch of enemies and one shot them with mod on your melee as Ivara does, but also you can "charge" your ultimate on damage and just release all the damage, that you are collected, on pretty big area. So abilities on these (and some others) waframes worth that your Warframe is so easy to kill. Or it is just worth it for your trying hard, right? And when i am playing on Garuda i can't feel the same. Especially when i am looking on Nidus. Why does Nidus have so good balance bettwen attack and defensive? When i am playing on Nidus i don't feel that it isn't worth it or something.
  7. You missed the words about comparing. Here is my experience : On 40+ mins you have to watch for ancient heallers and Bombers really hard. You are using all of your abilites, watching for timers, when you see Bomber that stands behind tons of mobs and have AH's buff, you have to press 5 for operator. Wanna use your 1st ability to kill all the enemies? Prey to the God that Nullifier won't show from the corner of this corridor while you are charging it. Any mistake will just kill you. I was playing with Mesa and Octavia and they just don't give a sh... on all of these problems. Why do i have to "try hard" so much on Garuda, if i can just take Mesa or another warframe and do the same numbers (or even more) of kills and damage? Maybe it is just me. Maybe I suck, but usually it was really easy to me to stand around 60 mins in "MOT", even on Zephyr or on any other warframes (but not Ember). And Garuda really sucks in the rooms that have 2 floors, because her "Dread mirror" won't cover you from attacks from behind, bellow or above you, as any defensive ability on other warframes do. So, in Surviving mode missions, playing as Garuda, you have to "try hard" much more than, if you were playing on other Warframe. For me It's not worth it, because no one will appreciate that you are pressing all your abilities and etc. In defensive mode you have to charge your abilites and again it goes really slow. Everyone needs a results, and Garuda gives it too slow in comparing with others.
  8. I hope so! Because i was writing about "blood altar" bug on the forum and even in the support team. . . But the only patch i saw, was about Grendel. They buff it (if i remember it right). . .
  9. Sup guys! I wanna talk with you about Garuda! She is one of the most beautiful warframe in the game, in my opinion. Also she is not "one button" waframe and you have to use all of her abilities! BUT GARUDA IS SO F***ING WEAK VS HIGH LVL ENEMIES. There are 3 reassons why Garuda is so weak. 1) The bug in the game with "Blood altar" and Ancient Healer. When some Ancient Healer is coming closer to the enemy the ability just stops working for no reasons (but timer is still showing under the ability icon). And I can't even cast Blood altar on enemies which are close to a Ancient Healer. You know, when you are playing on High-level missions, especially in surviving mode, enemies are everywhere and sometimes Ancient Healers can buff mobs just through the walls and floor. So your "Blood altar" will be cancelled just right in the middle of the hard fight! 2) "Dread mirror" is too weak Almost every Warframe in the game have much better defensive ability than Garuda : Mesa - "Shatter shield" works on 360 degr., gives 95% resistance and Bombards rockets will be reflected and often will ricochet back. Mesa's 2nd ability gives you buff to your weapon and stun enemies that are close to you. Volt - "Electric shield". You can cast 3 shields and get defensive 360 degr. You will be almost invinceble, because if you place 3 shield close to your warframe even melee mobs won't hit you. Also you are getting buff for your weapons! Valkyr - "Hysteria". Press 4 and go into "god mode" Rhino - "Iron skin" gives you skin that insulating himself from all damage. Also Rhino has "Rhino Stomp" that will helps you in "Hard situations". Loki - "Invisibility". You know how it works, right? Also Loki has "Decoy" that really helps in the fight. Ivara - almost Loki, but with the Bow and special arrows. And there are a lot of warframes that have defensive and/or control ablilities better than Garuda has one. Even Hydroid and Zephyr has better defensive ability than Garuda... Also "Dread mirror" won't gives you any defensive from area attacks. So 1 high-level bomber just oneshot you through the stack of mobs or just from a distance where you can see the bomber well.. Yes you can charge it pretty cool for one powerfull attack, but you won't kill too much enemies, because of Nullifier or Ancient Healer's buff. 3) You have to "charge" your abilities to use it on maximum range/power Every attack ability that Garuda has must be charged to use it on "maximum". AND TRUST ME, IT IS ANNOYING AF... Why is this annoying, you ask me? Okay, just keep the next words in your head: You have to collect some damage from your enemies for your 1st ability "Dread mirror" than you have to charge it. Wanna cast your 4th ability? You have to charge it to get maximum radius... And what do others do instead of all of these actions on Garuda?! RIGHT! Just pressing 1 button. . . Mesa's ultimate with her shield. Saryn with her ultimate. Volt and etc. Almost ALL warframes (maybe even all one) in the game have instant action abilities, BUT NOT GARUDA... So while you are charging your ability there are no enemies to kill or the enemies just kill you . . . I just can't understand why do DE doing "Stillborn" warframes? And doing them so damn good looking! I allready hearing that people say : "Who the f.... needs Garuda?" or just " Garuda sucks". And it hurts me, because I like this warframe, but IT IS REALLY HARD to play on her in high-level surviving mode, because you have to check your buggy "blood altar", press all your abilites, check timer on "Dread mirror", press 5 for operator buff. And when you look on others warframes like Mesa, Wukong, Saryn and etc. you like: "My gosh, why can't I just change Garuda on other warframe and just kill tons of enemies by pressing 1-2 buttons?!". Honestly, just compare all Garuda's minuses with other Warframes and you will see that Garuda is weak. Don't think so? Allright, just try to play on "MOT" in the void on Garuda about 30-60 mins and then just change your warframe on Mesa or another one and you will see the difference.
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