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  1. my prime armor dont display anymore the animation when canalize the melee cuz theres not anymore canalization tatsun nikana somtimes lock the Lmouse button in mid air its kinda annoying
  2. since the last hotfix i have low fps 60 to 50 to 30 20.... Thank you 😄 please fix it
  3. OKEI OKEI you win this round HAHAHAHAH
  4. wouldn t you do it better if u can do it? im sorry i dont do that thing you do with the tongue to make feel good the unprofesional stuffs -just saying 😄
  5. keep wondering why they dont just get everything ready and THEN tell us we are going to update expect further fixes.... i mean if something goes wrong with the clean build they are uploading
  6. with TONS AND TONS of bugs that they never fix nope i have played a lot of online games that make updates every week with awesome content and 0 bugs 😄
  7. I HOPE THE GAME AFTER THE UPDATE "PROB 1-2 MORE DAYS" Dont have *UNEXPECTED BUGS* cuz seems like you guys are working so hard for months to bring new content to the game that last like 5 mins gameplay so i hope we dont get ·$&/·("&$/·( Bugs
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