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  1. Could you please fix this ASAP, it is annoying and sometimes too much.
  2. This game already took from me over 4 years and I am ready for such changes every second hotfix, it doesn't bother me anymore. For Telos lovers, sell it, it's garbage now. Find a new spamming weapon and this time, try without article effects.
  3. At lease she doesn't have particle effect
  4. In English, please.
  5. We need beer
  6. That is a nice quote
  7. I have opened this kind of thread too, it's good and bad that I am not the only one struggling of this.
  8. I made my clan the day this thread opened, oh the memories.
  9. Hello fellas I have this unfixed issue for a week by now, I can't invite other players into my Dojo to trade with them, but they are able to invite me in their Dojos. I am my clan Warlord and this issue looks very weird to me. How can I fix this?
  10. Holly Smokes. this thread is still open
  11. Stalker_Cake Is watching everyones dreams
  12. Playing together for 4 years by now @Eishan10 & @Traxadel
  13. Now these are some good ideas.
  14. This happened today, after host left the defense mission, the mission have TRANSFORMED into interception. HOW?
  15. *@##$es like trinkets, that's why.