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  1. Считаем До...

  2. Insane Grind

    You farmed war in 6 hours?! I'd say you are RNG-Lucky. I was farming Brakk for 2 years. Still don't have all parts to build War for myself.
  3. kwadratisch, praktisch, gut. Nice strategy.
  4. 976 Mandachord requests fulfilled (open)

    I alone am fascinated by the list.
  5. BRUTALLY honest PoE feedback

    I was framing Brakk for two years and after quote: 20 bounties, still don't have any Gara's part. I'm not so RNG-lucky like you
  6. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.7

    We need unsatisfied vote under forum comments. These changes to bounty pool isn't what I expected. :|
  7. Resource Booster not working!

    Weird but yes and no. Syndicate medallions are not doubled (kavats used to double them but that "bug" was fixed months ago). These new cores drop chance works like void fissures, drop chance can be doubled with boosters, but when picked up, quantity is always 1.
  8. Defense Vault not opening

    you and me both.
  9. I'm done with fishing and PoE

    Man, your opinion rocks. Totally agreeing with you.
  10. Saving the plains

    I have red too many long feedbacks with many words today, including yours. At this moment this part is the best. But jokes aside, almost every vet player has same problems, some of them are very angry and some - very disappointed. You combine both sides. Hilariously awful reward table of bounties is the cherry on the fish oil cake.
  11. BRUTALLY honest PoE feedback

    The reason why I bought them for plat. Gara will be next I geuss because farming her is even worse.
  12. Cetus Economy - The Good, the Bad and the Grind

    I completely agree with you with everything. Also, we are quoting each other's ideas here:
  13. Bounty Rewards: the impractical

    Maybe, just maybe I have an idea. How about 4-5 stage bounties could give us rewards on completion of each stage(like endless missions are giving right now), but not from the whole reward pool but: 1-2 stage: reward from common pool.(not only from common, but common and uncommon pools); 3-4 stage: reward from uncommon pool.(from uncommon only); Final stage: reward from rare pool.(from uncommon and rare pool). To compensate this change from spam farming, increasing the reward table of each pool (comm/uncomm/rare) with viable drops(no more Pressure Point, Endo or Credits, please), could shift the number of satisfied tennos as an end results, including me
  14. Agreed. You described the Plains very well, it's not an Open World, but someone's backyard to fool around. At least it's somewhat fun if played with friends of clan of all 4 players with a single goal.
  15. Bounty Rewards: the impractical

    The whole drop table is just a big "whoops, is this what you really wanted to get, right?" for vet players by DE. Super embarrassing