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  1. Red Crits Are Now Orange?

    orange is the new red
  2. Have you ever noticed this?

    I guess they do not bother by it either.
  3. Have you ever noticed this?

    Hello everybody, I'm just curious if have you ever noticed differences of our warframes fingers? It is so odd that nobody have spoken anything about it earlier. This is what I mean: Like we can see, on Hydroid, he's ring finger and little finger(pinky) are closer to each other and form and act as one finger. Like similar to other amphibians, this could be because of Hydroids nature, we know he lives underwater and this helps him to swim faster but I'm not so sure. Using weapons and melee is still no problem for him. Speaking about four fingers, what about Inaros and he's lack of thumbs on both hands and feet?! Isn't this uncomfortable for him? How does he hold or shoot from weapons? Not to say about melee wielding what needs thumbs? This is totaly absurd (e.i. bullsh#t). Moving along to four finger to 8 fingers or pseudofingers on Chroma's hands. 3 claws from his chassis and 5 fingers on body isn't quite 8 fingers and it could be still debatable but they are there, we can count them. Strange that he is able to shoot because his large and thick fingers must get through hole to reach the trigger. It's not that all of our weapons are shooting by pressing a button or something. Loki has something similar to Chroma, 2 additional claw-fingers which he can not use but they are visible as well, not to mention a horn-bones on his elbows, but that is another topic so let's move along shall we. What about extra uncomfortable claws on Valkyr, ha? I understand these are no fingers but "fingernails' but it doesn't seem that she can chip them or something, because they are made of some sort of metal, I am not completely sure. While they serve as an excellent melee weapon I aslo do understand that claws are very unfitting in every day life. Poor Valkyr. Oberon Feyarch skin suffers the same problem with claws but this is just because of skin. Normal Oberons can live their lives without any issues. In conclusion, all this is just a fan fact, which nobody has noticed before, I am playing it for over 4 years by now and like a fellow hand lover(like myself, I just love hands, thit is my thing) I just decided to tell you that our game has a small part where it's design needs a tiny tweak or at least an explanation, that is all. P.S. If there are hand lovers, which warframe has your favorite hand form? Mine is Titania, she is gorgeous.
  4. Tetra ( one of the the worst machine gun )

    I remember when it was released and MY GOD, IT SUCKED. After prisma release it was a same crappy crap.
  5. Your Favourite Two-Warframe Power combo?

    Definitely Nova's molecular prime + Ember's World on FIre is OP
  6. I feel you, I really do and you are right, there must be other option for players like you to have easy way recruiting in clan. I think optional chat tab(which can be hidden from settings menu for player who is not interested) must be created for this purpose only. About your experience of troll players, I found MR23 player who wanted to join clan during first clan event, he was decent player with some great skills of survival but he just copied Hema BP fom dojo and blocked me from game and steam :(
  7. Could you please fix this

    Could you please fix this ASAP, it is annoying and sometimes too much.
  8. Boltace Telos, They ruined it!!!

    This game already took from me over 4 years and I am ready for such changes every second hotfix, it doesn't bother me anymore. For Telos lovers, sell it, it's garbage now. Find a new spamming weapon and this time, try without article effects.
  9. Boltace Telos, They ruined it!!!

    At lease she doesn't have particle effect
  10. Boltace Telos, They ruined it!!!

    In English, please.
  11. Last Post Wins

    We need beer
  12. Last Post Wins

    That is a nice quote
  13. Last Post Wins

    I made my clan the day this thread opened, oh the memories.
  14. Last Post Wins

    Holly Smokes. this thread is still open
  15. Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

    Stalker_Cake Is watching everyones dreams