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  1. WAR-2975494 - during farming murmurs (DX12) + enhanced graphics(beta).
  2. While we are doin fixin, how about my personal best FOV bug:
  3. I second that request, it is annoying and happens every day(I use multiple accounts). Fixing it should not be so difficult. Just do it DE.
  4. @Darksouls40kThanks for the tips. Without them I could not get weakened Cresent for 2 months. I was ready to pay anybody 1000p to get one for me. Horrible hunting system on Deimos, god awful.
  5. How about the damn fixes and tweaks around Cambion Drift bounties? They still feel slow, unrewarding and overall bugged. I hardly enjoyed them, just had to go through them to earn tokens, they all feel very weak compared to Plains and Vallis. Just awful and boring as well as hunting there.
  6. Bravo for torturing us all for nothing. :|
  7. @Dezeption I'll try this right now. Will come back with a result. EDIT: You were right. Maxing other ungilded companions helped to gild others.
  8. exactly. new end mission UI sux DE. Do something about it.
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