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  1. Please remove the auto-play sound on the site - it's wwaaaaaaaaaaaay to loud!
  2. Will we get to take Clem on camping trips and allow him to frolic in the countryside?
  3. I can't decorate my orbiter or my dojo! The controls conflict with my custom key bindings. Could you please make it possible to set our own keys/buttons for decorating? I'm a curmudgeon gamer who became set in his ways before WASD became the standard. Just to give you a taste of my weirdness - my right mouse button is move forward, and left shift is move backwards. This makes it impossible to properly decorate. I can't even remove decorations left by inactive clan members!
  4. Could we also get a slider for the mouse pointer speed in the menus? It feels super slow if I use DSR to downsample from 4k.
  5. I absolutely love Warframe. I've put nearly 2k hours of in-game time into it. I'm amazed by the quality, beauty, and the passion of the dev team. You guys are seriously rad! With that firmly in mind, I wanted to bring up a few QOL items: 1. DSR & 4K: I recently built a new PC, and Warframe is almost shockingly beautiful running on the new rig. I tried running DSR to downsample from a 4k resolution, and WF still ran at the refresh rate of my monitor and the image quality stole my breath. The only fly in the ointment is the UI scaling. I doesn't get bigger to match your resolution beyond normal 1080p. Is this an issue you could consider addressing? 2. Syndicate Operatives are the bane of stealth missions. I know you can tell them to stay put, but they always end up causing a huge kerfuffle at the beginning of the mission. Some solution ideas: Remove them completely. Give a choice to the player whether they come to me mission before starting the mission -- or through a gameplay toggle setting. Make the starting tile for syndicate missions a zone where the enemies never appear and can never be seen from. An example would be the tile in Mars where you jump down a pipe drain, or the Grineer galleon tile where you have to drop through the floor to the room below. In both of those tiles, the datamass appears in the main room, not the spawning room. Only spawn syndicate operatives in Defense, Survival, Excavation, Mobile Defense, or Hyjack. 3. Grineer Hacking: The orange-on-orange UI for Grineer hacking is extremely frustrating and gives me an appreciation for the difficulties faced by those with color-blindness. Would you consider darkening the background during those hacking mini-games to improve contrast? Please don't make that part of the color correction layer because a lot of people turn that off, myself included.
  6. Nope. Granted it's been a while since I've killed him, but it should still count.
  7. Arsenal App: Would you consider/are you considering a browser-based version of the app? Some of your most devoted fans do not own, or want to own, a smartphone or tablet of any kind.
  8. Most of my knowledge of Canadian culture comes from drunken viewings of "Strange Brew," so I can say with unfounded confidence that we're likely to see some/all of the following for the Canadian festivities: 1. Replacing the audio of "Tenno skoom!" with "take off, hoser!" 2. All kubrow and drahk being relabeled Hosehead, and DNA stabilizers to beer. 3. Tyl Regor switching careers to evil brewmeister, filling his tubes with beer. 4. The Lotus ordering us to go on beer runs between expletive filled ranting. 5. Frohd Bek creating an evil Moa hockey team.
  9. (Behaving) Like a Boss Question + suggestion How about boss fights that are tough because of their ability to command (ie cause mobs to use more clever & effective tactics)? I know Alad V commands Zanuka, and that certainly adds to the challenge. But what about a boss making expert use of their factions normal units, like a grineer boss who has shield lancers form shield walls? Could the game actually support group AI enhancements like that?
  10. The Mentoring a New Player Experience Being a veteran player helping a new player can be very tricky at times. I know a lot of focus has been put on the new player experience from the POV of the new player, and this is very important and good. I think focus should also be put on tools for veterans who are introducing new players to the game. Veterans don't know how to make progress once they've done it. PLANETS: I've been playing since update 7, and have had the entire map unlocked for ages. It's basically impossible to advise new players where to go to unlock planets without looking at the wiki. Showing the navigation links you have unlocked will help with this -- even if you just show the planet(s) unlocked by taking down a boss on his/her mission node pop-up. WEAPONS: When I'm looking in the market at weapon BPs, I have no idea what mastery rank you need to have to be able to purchase/build it. Perhaps still show the "requires rank n" but have it in green with a check mark if you satisfy the requirement. MASTERY TESTS: They are all different, and I can't recall how they went anyway. It would be really handy to be able to replay them or at least have something in my profile telling me what goes in to each rank test. Some of them are so easy to fail if you bring the wrong loadout. Tools for trading UI TAGS: Could we tag items to not be fused/sold, and also appear as a sorting tag in trade? As in right click a mod or a prime part and tag with "save for n00b_joe" and then there would be a button for that in the trade window, and you couldn't accidentally sell them without unchecking. That would really help the process of queuing up things to trade to someone who has a very limited number of trades per day. DOJO KEY GIFTS: Gifting is a super new feature you've added to the game. It seems an odd oversight that we can give someone a clan emblem, but not a dojo key. Kubrows The care and feeding of a kubrow is a minor inconvenience to a veteran, but it's prohibitively costly to a new player. This makes me a sad panda, because kubrows have a lot of character and aren't really all that powerful compared to the much easier to build/maintain sentinels. Basically they're completely perfect for getting new players excited, until they find out they either have to watch the puppy melt or put it in stasis most of the time. New players simply need all the money they make to be able to fuse mods and build new things -- and that process is already slow enough. Future future ideas -- the nice-to-have section DOJO TRAINING ROOM: An obstacle course that allows more than one person on the course at a time, allowing the veteran to show how all the ninja moves work. CLAN MENTOR/MENTEE QUESTS: Design, or allow us to design, quests intended to be played with a newb and a veteran, the one-time completion of which allows the transfer of some otherwise untradable resources to the newb from the veteran. In Closing A lot of the new content is very exciting to me as a veteran, and mentoring a new player is making a lot of the older content fresh and exciting again as well. I think putting a bit of love into fostering that process will go a long way to easing new players into the game and bring some glee back to the jaded veterans. It just feels good to be excellent to each other. Peace and Love.... (and ninjas)
  11. I really appreciate this kind of announcement, and I'm sure a lot of other major fans do as well.
  12. Getting that authentication popup each load as well. Asking for a login for dev.warframe.com.
  13. Kubrow Release I think you should be able to donate your to a shelter. Other players can then spend 5 plat to see a selection of 3 puppies and choose one, or 15 plat to select one of three random adults. The other option would be to donate directly to a clan-mate, who doesn't have to deal with the randomness.
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