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    Warframe Builder

    The first link offers no proof whatsoever, although I did look around before posting to see what other people have researched, I found that every single test used bonus status chance, instead of simply adding statuses to increase variety of procs. After I posted I did test for quite a while, though certainly nothing too scientific or certain. I counted on an unmodded Sybaris P, Burston P, and Ballistica P. The Burston procced the least often, as expected, but I continued to see the same results on the other two, where I'd often go 10+ BURSTS with all shots hitting a stationary target, without a single proc. Of course unless it's 100% nothing is certain, but It happened consistently between procs that I'd see an incredibly long time between procs
  2. (XB1)Boreall

    Warframe Builder

    I just did a little testing and this does not seem to be the case. The Status chance listed on the weapon appears to be per trigger pull, although I do mean very little testing. With Sybaris P I was seeing status procs once per ~5 trigger pulls, Which makes sense considering a 12.5% chance per pellet, instead of 25%. I also tested with Ballistica P and saw similar results. Every ~4-5 trigger pulls, but sometimes as much as 10, to see 1 status proc. (5% Vs 20% per shot)
  3. (XB1)Boreall

    Warframe Builder

    I'm moderately confused at the moment with burst weapons and status cance, at first I thought Burston Prime had just been goofed up, but now I see Sybaris Prime is also showing an inflated status chance. Is this to account for the multiple shots per trigger pull? If so, is this a totally accurate representation of chance to inflict status? (I.E. Do I need to look at them as I would a shotgun, trying to aim for 100% before multishot)
  4. (XB1)Boreall

    Warframe Builder

    Thank you for all of your hard work Stoi, if you need someone to write mods for you, I can in my spare time (Typically Sunday/Monday) You da real MVP!
  5. (XB1)Boreall

    Warframe Builder

    Panthera does not have the Sinister Reach mod in its selection Quanta and Quanta Vandal have their primary listed as Status, not Status/Sec
  6. (XB1)Boreall

    Connection Issues (Chat, Game Launcher And Server) [Megathread]

    Good job reading the forum before posting
  7. (XB1)Boreall

    Connection Issues (Chat, Game Launcher And Server) [Megathread]

    It's down because of chat. I'm having the same issue. I believe once chat is fixed we'll get our platinum (i don't mean because of chat, just the same issue that brought chat down.)
  8. (XB1)Boreall

    Some Kind Of Auction House? [Megathread]

    I'd just simply like to suggest, since a lot of people really dislike trading in this game, a huge update to it. I'm sure I'm not the first to suggest it... but we should have an auction house! We can of course keep regular trading, but wouldn't it be easier to do bulk trades and selling off of an auction house? It could even still work off the same limited trades system, posting an auction consumes a trade, buying an auction does too. It's easy enough to keep the credit tax involved, and auctions could simply be for plat trades. I think it's a great addition to the system we have. Not to mention we already have a mail system to receive auctions and payments.
  9. I don't see how that last comment was neccesary. I didn't say a single thing to imply I thought otherwise
  10. Hello fellow Tenno community! I appreciate you taking the time to read this and i hope most of us can agree on a few suggestions. With all this talk of overnerfing, unnecessary changes, and claims that DE is trying to take the fun out of the game I'd like to offer up a few suggestions to help alleviate some concerns, and to all around make Warframe a better place to be. 1.) Firstly, I'd like to touch on the Vulklok nerfs. A lot of mixed opinions on this and with good reason. Obviously, Vulklok needed some changes, it had way too much damage output, but many agree that it was changed too much. The accuracy wasn't a necessary change and it goes against the philosophy of the weapon. Many also wanted to keep the Vulklok strong because it gave a reason to use something other than carrier. So this is really where the problem is isn't it? Why is carrier so popular? Largely because of vacuum. So i propose a rebalance of all companions, Kubrows included. I think we need to change vacuum into a companion mod like animal instinct. We can change the name to better match it's wider use, but we can't stop here because then nobody ever uses carrier again. We should balance all companions around what we should actually be using them for ... combat. Whether they're used for extra damage, survivability, cc, whatever, we should be able to choose our companion on preference of what they do. 2.) Multishot changes. These ones scare me because it has potential to ruin the game, but it could also help a great deal. I think Multishot as is, is broken. It's the single highest damage increase you can get from mods. Not to mention dramatically higher status chances. To solve this, i think causing Multishot to consume more ammo is ruinous. It will break all secondaries and most primary weapons. We should be looking to benefit from the change. That's why i think the best option is to remove multishot from the game by turning each mod into flat damage. I.e Split Chamber would be 90% damage increase. But on top of that, we need to remove it from being a mod and add it into weapon ranks. Currently you only gain mod points from leveling a weapon and that feels wrong. I think in this example, each rank on a weapon should increase the damage by 3% so at 30 it increases the damage by 90%. This will also GREATLY help newer players who are still learning and wondering why their level 15 weapon is doing the same damage it did at unranked. This way we free up the mod slot(s), and we help newer players adjust to the game better. 3.) Mandatory mods. My issue with mandatory mods is saying remove some, or rebalance, etc. But it's paradise logic. In a perfect world yes there would be no required mods, but there will always be a cookie cutter build. So either keep required mods relatively the same, remove them all entirely, or, my favorite option, consolidate them and add utility mods. Very similar to the Exilus slot, but more along the lines of the recent adhesive blast and concealed explosives. They're hardly used because they're not raw damage, but they're interesting. They change the way weapons work. We need mods that can take a weapon and change how it works. That will add variety and choice, removing mandatory mods only serves to limit choice in reality. 4.) We should be separating content better. When i first started playing i had no idea what mission was what. I had no idea what it meant by 11-13 on a mission. I assumed it was the level my frame should be, not what my enemy is, when in truth an unranked frame can do a level 40 mission if they have great weapons. I think we need to separate what's easy and what's hard. Not necessarily the rewards mind you, but at the very least the content. In endless missions you have to go through the easy content to get to the hard stuff... why not cut out the middle man and have the hard stuff available right away? It promotes progression and variety. Why not add nightmare tower difficulty where the enemies start at level 100 for example. We can also add more endless options. We can make exterminate endless, same way interception is. Reinforcements come and they're pissed you know? But that's just one example, mobile defense can be endless, rescue, capture, I'd avoid making spy endless. But we have options for making tiers of difficulty that will add a LOT to the game. 5.) A relatively simple change, but ammo pick up is weird right now. If I'm using something like Lex and i pick up 20 ammo that's a lot of shots, if I'm using Twin Grakata... it's nothing at all. I think they should all be a percentage based. Maybe 5 to 10% of max ammo. Or every pick up is half a clip rounded up. For bows and snipers you'd need a different method Anyway, just some ideas. I just want to see warframe flourish