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  1. Yes, I am very much inclined to agree that the juno elite crewmen are grossly overtuned for a fodder enemy. Their innate full auto aoe makes it seem like they're shooting you with acceltras, and since literally every other source of enemy aoe damage is slow or at least semi-automatic, having this be broken on a common fodder enemy of all things straight up breaks some things, being mesa's shatter shield getting bypassed and sentinels taking an order of magnitude higher damage than usual. It's not unmanageable or hard or anything of the sort, it's just incredibly degenerate.
  2. As DE adds more mastery points after MR 30 is possible, the fewer things you arbitrarily don't like will be necessary.
  3. Omegalul. Actually objectively incorrect. Protea attempts take 5 minutes for a 1 in 9 for each part. Nidus attempts take 20 minutes for a 1 in 7 for each part, all in the same rotation. Protea 5*9*3 = 135 minutes. Getting all 3 Nidus parts has an expected 12 attempts, making it 12*20 = 240 minutes. Protea's grind is downright trivial, and a non issue as you'd have to grind the weapon parts regardless if you got lucky with protea. And I say this as someone who had to try over 50 times to get the systems.
  4. Count me in-I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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