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  1. Complete 3 spy missions Catch 6 rare fish in Plains of Eidolon Complete 3 rescue missions Use 3 forma Complete 3 exterminate missions Gild a modular weapon Complete 3 mobile defense missions Kill the Profit-Taker in Orb Vallis while playing with a friend or clanmate Kill 1,500 enemies Open 10 relics What do you all think?
  2. These rewards are god tier. The exploiter orb is the second boss that takes a long amount of time, and gives you things that make up for it taking a long time. Eidolons give you an infinite quill rep buffer and some focus coupons. The exploiter orb gives you minerals and fish. Instead of having to dedicate hour long sessions to stockpile minerals and fish, I can be rewarded through an engaging boss fight. A lot of people genuinely hate the fishing and mining mechanics, and now they've been given a way out. There seems to be a TON of misconception on how the fight actually works. The first part is incredibly fast once you know how to throw the thermia at the vents, and when outside, the coolant raknoids don't really reset you progress, as the thermia increases its rate of heat gain, whilst the raknoids just input an additive amount of heat loss. Also, yes, the orb is supposed to repeatedly reset your progress. It'll open fractures everytime it reaches half heat and reduces its heat, but the the rate of heat gain only resets upon the cinematics. I've done the exploiter 6 times solo and managed to get my time down to less than 20 minutes. That's the length of time a rotation C takes. Would you rather play this, or do survival for 20 minutes?
  3. Rhino: Once you get to the level of damage that high orb vallis bounties do, you need to use the iron shrapnel augment at the minimum so you can refresh your iron skin. There is also using max strength with ironclad charge + iron shapnel augments to get into the tens of thousands with your iron skin. Nova: Use every duration mod and the molecular fission mod so you have permanent 90% damage reduction on your health, and with every enemy being slowed by 75%, you won't die. Keep in mind that these Rhino and Nova builds are only really possible with Zenurik's energizing dash. I assume by "intros" you mean Inaros: The ultra basic Vitality + Steel Fiber + rage or hunter adrenaline + range (overextended and stretch) + the negation swarm augment with a fast melee weapon should make you not die at all. Just charge up his 4, then spam his 1 and do finishers whenever you take damage. Sniper rifles are the best weapons for the vallis and the game in general, and the kitguns are the best secondaries in the game (Any chamber except gaze, haymaker grip, killstream or splat loader).
  4. What loadout are you using? Anything that isn't tanky is going to die real quick in higher bounties.
  5. Too convoluted. Also, players must be able to leech exp to some degree, no matter what, at an absolute baseline. If someone obliterates everything in the room, you get exp. In the current state of the game "kill stealing" doesn't exist. If you can make it so one can outright rob others of affinity, the floodgates of toxicity open. Changing the way it currently is will make nuke frames an actual, objective problem rather than the subjective non issue that so many forum threads complain to no end about. Also, MR is an annoying enough grind for many people. Making it harder would be disastrous. You see those threads about toxicity? Now imagine if the players being toxic had actual, genuine justification? Talk about something nobody wants. Your changes would also open the floodgates to "productive griefing". Currently, all griefing methods work against the griefer just as much as the other players (failing spy vaults, delaying defense waves, that sort of thing). However, if someone can just play naturally, and as such get their natural rewards, in the process of griefing (In this case, rob everyone of affinity, and you literally can't ban them because they are playing the game naturally), holy jesus that would not be fun. Combine that with your suggestion that warframe ability kills contribute to gun affinity, and actual, genuine disaster would occur. Also, leeches in general are a massive non issue. There is barely anything to be gained by pubbing most missions, and as such, barely anything to be lost due to leeches. The literal only way you can notice leeches is in the open worlds or if you scrutinize the stat screen, and as such, in my well over 1000 hours of gameplay on my profile, I haven't noticed a leech once. The main contexts I hear complaints about leeching are in the open worlds and hydron. It is straight up slower to PUG bounties than solo, and with Hydron? It is a massive "your mileage may vary", and expecting otherwise is folly. Sometimes there's a Saryn who goes full nuke, other times everyone has badly modded, unleveled everything and the pod has half health by wave 10.
  6. There are holster positions of your melee that are only possible with certain holster styles. The few I got were purely for that reason. Having your galatine impale you in a certain way is always fun.
  7. In Warframe, PvP that is the basic players fight other players doesn't really work. It's fundamentally incompatible with our massive toolset and gameplay loop that our toolset lends itself to. The only PvP I'd play (and I'll go out on a limb and say a lot of others) would be PvE competitions. That is to say PvP would be competing to see who's better at playing the game they've always played, not some fundamentally separate, isolated, and to a high degree incompatible gameplay loop of players killing other players. A basic example might be 2 players on the same map, and they each try to get more kills than the other. Something like that would be more appealing alone than the entirety of conclave for a lot of people, including me. Another could be 2 players on separate maps, trying to complete some objective the fastest. There could be modes where equipment is randomized (same for each player), and they would both have to work with equipment they might not use often, making it an actual test of game knowledge and experience.
  8. I assume you are saying you didn't see any animals. First, go up to the poop and press the interact button. Follow the tracks until you get to the call point, equip the proper echo lure, use it, the animal will call back, play the animal call mimic mini game, then the animal will spawn in the direction of their call, and will appear with enemy radar. If Ivara hits the animal directly with her sleep arrow and was not upwind of the animal, you'll get a perfect capture.
  9. If you equip your tranq gun, and have echolures, you will see waypoints on your map that point to the animal poop locations where you can start the animal hunt.
  10. Eh, Considering you in all likelihood will one shot most enemies you hit, and ammo restores exist (infinite gear wheel makes not equipping ammo restores inexcusable), it's a non issue. You'll likely only run out of ammo if enemies are exclusively dying to your sniper rifle (i.e. not using offensive powers, your secondary or your melee, and you're solo) and less than one enemy dies per bullet on average. It's a fair balancing mechanic, considering that sniper rifles are the highest DPS guns in the game.
  11. A +Damage +CC stat stick is good for a Khora stat stick. Atlas and Gara don't care about crit, their ideal riven is +damage +element +element.
  12. I'm not sure what you are trying to say. I think that you are saying you donated your kitgun before it was gilded because you didn't like it, and you have a problem that you were given the option to do so?? Regardless, I'll just tell you how to build a good kitgun. All of the kitgun chambers are great, but Gaze isn't really worth investing into because of atomos and synoid gammacor (If you really care, Gaze + Ramble + killstream/splat). As for the rest of the chambers, the optimal build is chamber + haymaker grip + killstream or splat loader (doesn't matter, both have the same sustained DPS). Haymaker might be the slowest firing, but any grip faster than lovetap tanks your DPS. (You can use lovetap with rattleguts or catchmoon, but don't use it with tombfinger as the fire rate gained is disproportionately small compared to the damage lost). Any loader other than killstream or splat does a great disservice to the main meta appeal of kitguns which is the busted crit stats. If you really want to go out of your way to experiment with the other parts (You shouldn't because if you are investing in a status kitgun, it has a better alternative in the form of akstilleto prime or pox, and crit status hybrid kitguns are straight up worse than pure crit in all situations), go to https://semlar.com/kitcalc/ to look at different parts.
  13. I actually loved this challenge. Before that challenge, I never did anything with conservation, as in hadn't bought a single echolure. The challenge actually made interact with the mechanic, and once I figured out all I needed to do to 100% the conservation with a booster (as in one of every plushie) was capture 3 of each subspecies, I went ham on it for a couple hours. As for the time the challenge takes, if you get pobbers, you can easily get 3 perfect caps all at once by being Ivara down wind and cap all three in quick order with the tranq gun. Once you figure out how to cheese it, it's really quick. Once you call the animal, if you have a large amount of enemy radar, you can just go in the direction that the animal called and cap them there, and if they aren't pobbers you can just use Ivara's sleep arrow and get a perfect capture.
  14. In solo, this is purely subjective. In multiplayer, this is OBJECTIVELY false. The way stasis is now is objectively better for the team, as it doesn't interfere with their ability to do stuff. In Solo? Do whatever you want (even though the way stasis is now is better for solo than how it was). This is purely subjective in the context of solo play, and straight up wrong in team play. """Needs""". The way stasis is now is objectively better in both team interaction and actual objective usefulness. The way stasis used to be was purely a debuff on yourself. There was no objective use for stopping your own guns, other than cool factor. That's fine in solo (subjectively speaking, not objectively), but again, forcing that on others was cancerous. Objectively speaking, the freezing of our own bullets was a debuff. There is no actual use case for releasing 100 bullets at once at a frozen enemy over just shooting the frozen enemy 100 times straight up. Boo hoo. Something that only worked at a superficial subjective level was changed to something that works at an objective level. This change was for the objective better. You cannot deny that. Trying to imply otherwise is the height of folly. If you hadn't said "needs to be given back" and posted this in general discussion, I'd interpret this as venting, but since you didn't, this post is ridiculous as you are trying to imply that an objective buff is bad for the frame.
  15. For the revenant neuroptics, there is a 6.76% chance on stage 4 and a 10.2% chance on stage 5. The RNG is fair. Just as you are likely to get streaks of bad luck, you'll get streaks of good luck eventually.
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