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  1. This! its' one of those quality of life things that should get implemented but probably not for a while
  2. honestly that's what i half expected when they talked about those Fomorians
  3. Star Wars BatleFront 2 Space battle style? YES PLEASE!!!!!
  4. I've had that probelm recently when I got my Kestrel out again because of syndicate mods and it still happens A lot! but I found that getting knocked down and/or using a power helps loosen it up.
  5. Asynchronous communication has been the single hardest but most needed social feature in the game.
  6. I think a vertical sell pile on the right side would be the best use of space. just one row wide
  7. DE has stated before that there will not be a wipe. I don't want to go digging for it but if someone does that would be great
  8. agreed I know some people that are only rank like 8 or 10 and have been with the game for over a year. they just have the weapons and frames that they like and use them but some people see rank 8 and think you aren't skilled or know what you are doing.
  9. I all down for weapon exclusives for loylity like that but the one year anniversary already happened. I don't know if you guys knew that. this April? would be anniversary number 2 for 2 years in open beta, and you will be guaranteed a Dex weapon. oh wait, I totally read what you were saying wrong. yeah I would be ok with that if it was a different weapon.
  10. I think it's less about the name and more about just celebrating an occasion regardless of if you call that christmas, or Hanukkah or something else (santa clause day). that said.... I would never turn down electric Dreidels :)
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