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  1. Hmm...if we're going to talk about "irregular and unconventional weapon", what about exalted weapons? They're now able to use melee or secondary/primary as well, yes? And animation...they also have special animation themselves. However, I think I understand your point. It's just that...there's a helpful convenience that didn't break the gameplay, but improve the gameplay instead. Yet, instead of fully integrated it into the game, DE decided to take it out. There are some reasons I could think off to use melee when equipped with archgun, such as "mooks clearing", "auto-block incoming fire and fall back", etc. But now we're forced to stand our ground when wielding those heavies. I guess, I'm just peeved that our option was being taken out, for what seems to me, an unclear reason. Well, I still could live with this limitation. While it does will be more convenient to the players, perhaps DE want to prevent us from blazing through the whole mission with only the archgun. Imagine this, you're using a Larkspur, to the point of it being fully empty. Then you got yourself crowded with the enemies. If the limitation followed the suggestion, we could simply use a half magazine of the archgun to clear the room, and then disable it again to be reloaded. Basically, you could go with only the archgun through the long mission.
  2. Well, at least my Imperator Vandal could make shorter work of Nox compared to my Soma Prime, both aiming at their head XD. This is just an example, of course. While some are rather poor performance-wise, the Archgun is still a great option for periodic burst of damage. As of the moment, I'm satisfied with their capabilities despite the limitations. However... Agreed. If anything, the ability to use melee is just a convenience here (a helpful one). I honestly haven't seen any reason why it was a bad idea to keep it together. Is it so gamebreaking to use melee when wielding an archgun? Vexed as I am, I also haven't found any threads concerning this matter (unlike melee 3.0 phase 1), which only leads me to think that it was something "trivial" to the community. That it was unimportant. I just... don't get it. Can someone please enlighten me?
  3. You just tickled my funny bone XD. Well, while I understand that DE is free to make changes to the game as they please, I still would like to believe that they have better reason to do that.
  4. Yes, and this is the core of the problem... "What makes it too strong?" Purely curious here, while archgun is powerful, they're limited by inability to replenish their ammo normally, and can only does so through time gating that extends up to 5 minutes (cooldown). You couldn't expect to blaze through a long mission on archgun solely. And it's not like we don't have strong primaries that could fight on par as the archguns. From lore perspective (in my opinion), this simply proves that the weapon is not as heavy as our expectation. We're still able to sprint and bullet-jump because most of the weapon's weight has been nullified by the gravimag. Again, back with lore perspective: - The weapon itself is huge to begin with. Even if it was weightless, there's no way we could handle it normally like wielding an SMG or an assault rifle (perhaps with Dual Decurion as exception). The fact we're seemingly struggling to carry it is because it was huge, not heavy. - Perhaps you're using the moment of deployment as your source of opinion (just in case)? I got an idea about that, as well. Since it was launched directly from your liset to your frame expecting arm, i expected that it flew with quite a force from the speed. Thus, when it reached you, there's a moment when it looks like it seemed heavy to wield. If it was heavy, then it wouldn't reach your frame arm... It would slam the ground, carrying your frame with it (since the frame couldn't handle the weapon's weight under normal gravity).
  5. I thought the point for gravimag is that, though? You know, compensating for the gravity force that would otherwise makes the weapon too heavy out of archwing missions. Other than that, if it's only due to lore reason, then it's possible to change due to "The Tenno always adapt, and ever changing..." thing like when Parkour 2.0 is introduced in the game. Is there any other reason that makes archgun+normal melee will not be viable in game? Like, "if we do this, the game will be broken beyond salvation" kind of reason?
  6. At first, I thought we're able to use melee when equipped with archgun. It helped me a lot during the profit-taker fight to clear up the surrounding mooks. However, the recent patch now "fixed" it and prevented any melee usage when using archgun. While I'm feeling peeved and believe that it such a waste of potential, I would like to know beforehand why such move was made. Can anybody tell me why the melee was removed from archgun? Is there any potential for it to be gamebreaking? It's purely curiosity (I promise I won't bite).
  7. If you still have the files, try converting the existing file into standalone first. You could try checking how to convert the client HERE. After that, convert it back to steam version if you want to. Hope everything goes well.
  8. Peacemaker Mesa with melee??? How would that even work? XD But Valkyr would definitely benefit from that gun switching mid-channeling, for sure. No more playing around outside of Nullies null-bubble just to avoid skill channeling being interrupted.
  9. The laser would probably be better if it act like how grineer turret does. Imagine controllable turret that shot continuous void-based laser, can be aimed by player, and best of all, didn't cause friendly fire. And there are 4 of them in void defense. So everyone could get their share of fun as well through the long waves there!
  10. Seriously? Not Excalibur upgrade, but a different warframe with different abilities? I thought people are saying the other way around.
  11. With all the hype ever since it first released in Chinese server, I feel like it would be really a waste if Umbra ended up as just another copy of Excalibur with better stats, or just the equivalent to its prime ver for non-founder. What if DE halted his release all this time so he could be a different frame from Excalibur, with not only different stats, but also with different abilities? Perhaps it would become a similar sword-themed warframe like Excalibur, but instead of using light radiance, it uses dark force with different kind of attack. Perhaps like a darker brother of the sword to Excalibur, both using sword yet traverse different path. Perhaps the frame wouldn't be Excalibur Umbra, but simply Umbra. Adding fuel to the hype train, people~
  12. Hohohoho, that looks cool as a bat. And if it comes with a quest, then it makes it feels more worth it.
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