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  1. Cool, we're currently building a reactor but were thinking of building a CC in a similar spot up top, might need to cancel the build and rethink if we end up with a CC we can't use one of the exits on =)
  2. Is it just the spaces immediately next to the spawn room or can you not build to the sides of the spawn room at all (like if you built 2 hallways out to the left could you then build 2 spaces to the left of the spawn room)?
  3. PPUA physics processing unit (PPU) is a processor specially designed to alleviate the calculation burden on the CPU, specifically calculations involving physics. PPU cards with PhysX support were available from the manufacturers ASUS, BFG Technologies[13] and ELSA Technology. Beginning with version 2.8.3 of the PhysX SDK, support for PPU cards was dropped, and PPU cards are no longer manufactured. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PhysX#Hardware_acceleration
  4. For Lech Kril you have to shoot his weak spot on his back then wait for him to use an ice ability, then he freezes and you can do damage, the Hek definitely damages him. The lasers is a different story, seems there are a bunch of weapons that don't damage them and a bunch that do.
  5. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/54035-psa-void-key-packs-before-udpate-805/ アップデート前に鍵パック買った人に自動的にレアーキーが配れるようになっただそうです。
  6. 今日のアップデートで必ずパック一つにレアキー1個が入るように修正されたが、既に購入した分に関しては書いていないのでサポートに連絡してみればよいかな?
  7. This is the same for Japanese, something to do with the font changes I imagine, but the planet names/info aren't present or readable.
  8. I ran into this too. I could sit there point blanking it with the hek repeatedly and doing nothing, but then my friend could hit it with arrows or I could use melee and destroy it super quick. Seems like certain damage/projectile types don't register or something?
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