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  1. I don't understand this. Are we presented with one of option A, B, and C - in that I could get 3 Forma, and 3 Exilus Adapters, and 4 weapon slots OR 9 Rivens every 50 days? Or are we picking one of the three options from A on 1050, one of the three options from B on 1100, one of the three options from C on 1150, etc? Our feedback is intended to help ensure that these rewards, especially the 1000+ evergreen rewards, remain gratifying for veteran players (who already have endo, forma, and rivens). In order to do that, we need to be clearly and unambiguously informed about these proposed changes. If the reality is the latter situation, I feel it could be improved. I personally don't like or want rivens in my rotation. But if I'm getting them every 150 days whether I want them or not, I don't feel like I have much agency over my evergreen rewards, and when I approach them I won't be particularly motivated to login. The former explanation seems far less plausible, so this concerns me. Some clarity would be appreciated.
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