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  1. I see it as less of a nerf to her and more as freeing up builds from relying on those auras. However I rarely see full squads of those auras, if any at all unless it's mostly a pre-made doing long ass endurance runs. I think the more people play her the less you'll start seeing those auras altogether. Just give it some time
  2. A good chunk of what you described sounds like lag, tbh. Whose end is on? No clue. But the behavior points towards packet loss and de-synch issues. The repeated grabbing can be fixed by someone else running under it. I fixed it that way 4 times already
  3. You only wondered if you could, you never stopped to think if you should
  4. That's honestly on them then. If they refuse to be situationally aware and grab the buffs in between groups then they have no one to blame but themselves. Mobility is king in this game and that includes being mobile enough to interact with your team and not just sit in one spot like a turret
  5. They are already some of the most powerful buffs in the game. Having more of them just seems over the top to me.
  6. This. And I pray to the Void that we never return to that nightmare....
  7. I get your frustration over it but you're asking for something to be changed that benefits 99.5% of the playerbase in favor of a gimmick. The real problem lies in how unreliable ember's passive is and that is what needs fixing. Trust me I enjoy gimmick builds just as much but when it falls into a situation like this where it would impede the larger gameplay as a whole, the gimmick needs to be addressed and the underlying problems causing it and not the other way around. On a side note there are other weapons which will still work. A stug for instance with the right riven mod using negative damage and fire will work just fine. Just need one tiny blob, walk on it, >>>> get set ablaze>>> ???>>>energy profit
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